Mobile Legends Faramis Guide – Alchemist By: Sea_Sapphire_2168


Role: Support, Mage – Guardian/Charge

Faramis is a support-mage that has a weird and cool mechanic with deaths and team support. Quite literally, death is part of his mechanics, allowing allies to resurrect with his ult and reduce his spawning time with collected souls. He also has a good explosive damage.


  • – Can resurrect his allies to win team fights

  • – Can reduce his spawning time, making himself available and ready for battle constantly.

  • – Can chain enemies, to either capture them or get them far from allies


  • – Lacks a CC power (which defines him as support…). He has no ability that could bring the “Fatal blow” to an enemy.

  • – His first ability can leave him defenseless once stunned (basic attack not available).


How to counter Faramis

  • – Heroes that have good stunning abilities as Aurora, Selena can counter him easily, since they can immobilize Faramis during his S1, making him an easy prey.

  • Heroes with regenerative powers or high resistance as Yu Zong, which could survive the continuous attacks of Faramis and his allies once resurrected.


Passive: Vicious Retrieval

When enemies, minions or monsters die near Faramis, they will leave blue flames that Faramis can recollect. Each collected flame will heal him with 150 (+60% total magic power) and reduce his spawning time by 5% to 7% (up to 90% and it increases while leveling up).

Try to farm minions to collect as much flames as possible. The best would be to get 10-20 flames (depending the level) before participating in team fights and ambushes. In case you die, you will respawn quickly.

S1: Shadow Stampede

Range: Short – Mana consumption: Regular – CD: 10 seconds

Faramis will become a ghost and his speed will increase of 70%, with a bonus of 50 defense points (both physical and magical). This ability lasts 3 seconds and will allow Faramis to “hunt” enemies. When he collides with the enemies, Faramis will deal them 325 (+60% total magic power) damage points and chain them. If the enemies stay in Faramis’ range they will be dragged to him, dealing an extra 325(+60% magic power) points. If that happens, Faramis will heal with 160(+50% magic power) points. Use this ability to drag enemies towards your allies or far away for defense.

Note: Faramis will not be able to use his basic power while being a ghost, he will only be able to use his abilities (which can leave him defenseless). Also, Faramis can only chain heroes (no monsters or other mobs).

S2: Ghost Bursters

Range: Medium – Mana consumption: Regular – CD: 3.5 to 5.5 seconds

Faramis will launch an attack of a fan-like shape which will deal 330 (+120 total magic power) to his enemies. The attack will bounce once for minions and monsters and bounce up to 3 times between enemy heroes (while the targets stay nearby). This is the most powerful ability of Faramis, very useful in team fights or near multiple mobs.

S3(Ult): Cult Altar (o.o)!

Range: Large – Mana consumption: High – CD: 50 seconds

Faramis will invoke an altar, raising a giant circle in the ground, which lasts 10 seconds. If Faramis or an ally hero die inside the circle, they will resurrect with their original attributes, power and 80% of their health (will go up to 100% with leveling). The resurrection lasts 10 seconds or until the hero dies. The hero can actually resurrect multiple times, there is no limits about that while they stay inside the circle.


Attack Combo: 1-2-3

Faramis can use his 1st ability to chase enemies with low HP, use the second ability to deal damage and cause the extra magical damage bounce. Use his ult in case enemies ambush you (the enemies may do it since they try to defend their allies). Trick: Equip “Shadow Mask” to ambush the enemies without being noticed.

Resistance combo: 3-1-2

The following combo is very useful in team fights: First invoke his ult to revive his allies, use S1 to deal damage and chain enemies towards you and deal a lot of damage using S2, including the bouncing effect.

Tip: Always collect the blue flames to reduce your spawn time and heal yourself. The healing increases with the total magical power.


Being a support and mage, buy gear that will increase Faramis’ speed, magical power and perhaps his resistance with a shield. Recommended items: Shadow Mask (surprise attack), Courage Mask (full support), Magic boots, Lightning Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, Divine Glaive, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal.

Battle Spells and Emblems

Battle Spells: “Purify” is recommended to avoid stuns and use your ult in time, during the enemies’ heavy attacks.

“Flameshot” is also a good choice to deal damage in a wider range. This ability can also move away enemies and slow them a bit, allowing you to escape. Other spells as Aegis and Healing are good choices.


  • – Support Emblem: Speed and cooldown runes.

  • – Magical Emblems: Use magic damage runes or mobility runes.

  • – Tank emblem: Add magical and physical defense to have a better resistance. It will help you resist enemies attacks while using S1.


Faramis is pretty versatile and can adapt depending the situation: he can go with the marksmen to defend and support them, go with full magical damage with a tank, participate in team fights and clear lines easily with his S2. DO NOT attack alone with Faramis since he lacks of a “definitive” attack that could deal heavy damage to an enemy. Being a support, he has the resurrection altar instead of a mage ult as Aurora or Cyclops have. DO please be sure to collect a fair amount of blue flames before entering a team fight or to attack. This way you can be sure to respawn quickly and assist you team again. DO NOT forget to buy magical equipment to increase your healing and S2 magic abilities. DO practice to time well your ult, since it lasts 10 seconds and your allies can easily die before, or after the ult is activated.

Team compatibily

Faramis is great with heroes as marksmen and fighters, which he can assist and drag the enemies nearby them. Good support for teams that often group together and good partner lane.

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