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Mobile Legends Fate Box selection Guide By: cerealTofu


Choosing of fate box is a crucial part of magic chess. After several turns, players will enter the fate box stage. In the fate box stage, players will be given a chance to Select item or hero for their next round.

Player with lower HP will get a chance to pick their item before player with higher HP.

This is so crucial in magic chess. It is best to have a balance between your HP and your rank.

What if you and your opponent have the same HP ?

The Ai will award the player with the lesser net worth ( total hero cost) to pick first.

The first loot box

Called hero selection. All heroes are not equal ! But it doesn’t matter what you pick.

There are 3 kind of synergy.

The winning synergy : Esmeralda and mage, Lancelot and swordsman or Gusion and venom

The neutral synergy : Kimmy and gunner, Belerick and nature spirit or Lesly and Mech era

The losing synergy: Moskov and abyss, Freya and weapon master or Alucard and light born

So what if you picked a losing synergy?

Truth to be told, it doesn’t matter. what can be done is, in round 2 , you can sell a 2-gold hero for investment purposes.

For example you picked, Freya and weapon master, in round 2, you can sell Franco for 2 gold. You can start the investment process earlier.

The second loot box.

The second loot box happen after 4 rounds. In this loot box selection process there are:

  • Claude’s theft device

  • 4 piece synergy crystal ( Assassin and Wymslayer)

  • 6 piece synergy crystal ( Archer, Riverland and Light born)

  • Heroes (3,4 and 5 star)

  • All items except ( Science crystal, Venom synergy and gunner synergy.)

My Suggestion: Always pick Claude’s theft device first! ( It is 2 weapon in one. ) Next followed by 6 pieces synergy you are trying to complete. Followed by equipment. One of the equipment you should always pick first is the enchanted talisman ( mana book)

Try to pick hero last. Unless, the hero can greatly change you team synergy like a powerful 5 star hero or Aurora from Northern vale synergy. Try not to pick 4 piece synergy unless necessary.

The third loot box.

The third loot box happens after 7 rounds. In the loot box selection process there are:

My Suggestion: Always pick the science crystal first. It is crazy that there are people not choosing the science crystal. lol. The science crystals are worth about 40 gold. yes.

While people are struggling to level up their commander, you get a free slot.

Followed by Claude’s theft device and enchanted talisman. Followed by synergy if applicable. I have seen players picking synergy even if they do not have any hero to activate the synergy. I honestly suggest picking up equipment or hero. Picking up a useless expensive hero is better than picking up a synergy that your team doesn’t need.

Among all the heroes available, Aurora is still more valuable than any 5 star hero. If you know of any enemy trying to form northern vale, you can snatch it first to sell it away.

The fifth loot box is similar to the third loot box. I will not go in depth for the fifth loot box.

The fourth loot box

The fourth loot box happens after another 7 rounds. In the loot box selection process there are:

My suggestion: Before the loot box round, try to see your commander’s ranking. If it is at the bottom few, I suggest you place lesser hero in your last battle round. The science crystal is way more valuable than any item in the loot box.

Only pick synergy if your team uses the particular synergy. Picking expensive hero is way more valuable.


This is it for my guide. I hope this guide is useful to all magic chess players. I will be posting a guide on synergy’s pros and cons. See you guys soon.

Do leave a comment. I will reply to you guys as soon as possible.


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