Mobile Legends Franco Guide (Its not that long, I promise) By: Top_Explorer8821


Franco Guide Disclaimer: franco can’t “one shot one kill” 🙁

Franco is one of the most fun tanks in my opinion. If you like to annoy everyone or be annoyed with them dashing out of your hook, this is the hero for you.

Brief information Franco is a tank with good durability and handy CC skills like all other tanks. His skills can turn the tides of battle if used correctly.

Pros: -High durability -Good early game -Good at fighting single targets Cons: -Very low mobility -Hard to hit hooks -Mediocre late game because enemies have low cds on their blink skills -Low Aoe

Franco is countered easily but when he is not being countered, he can dominate and turn around a losing game with his sets

Countered by -Heroes with dash Ex. Benedetta, Chou, and Lancelot -Heroes that have skills/bodies that can block his hooks Ex. Popol/Kupa, Sun, and Lolita -Heroes with anti-cc skills Ex. Wanwan, Chou, Benedetta Counters -Low Mobility Heroes Ex. Layla, Vale, Eudora, -Heroes that have skills cancelled with supress Ex. Claude, Odette

Before we get into builds and tips, its important to understand his skillset so you will have a good idea on how to play with him. (I will try my best to make it brief as the skills can be seen in game)

Passive- Wasteland Force Franco will gain 10% movement speed and regenerate 1% Max hp per second if he does not take damage in a short time.

Skill 1- Iron Hook Franco will launch a hook at a designated direction. The first enemy hit will be dragged to Franco.

Skill 2- Fury Shock Franco does Aoe damage on the ground that deals damage and slows enemies by 70% for 1.5.

Skill 3- Bloody Hunt Franco suppresses and enemy for 1.8 seconds and hacks them 6 times dealing damage.

Prediction Tips Franco relies on prediction a lot and without it, he is almost useless.

Try to see what is the best choice for the enemies. If they are escaping and have used all their blink skills, just do a simple hook once your near. If the enemies are anticipating your hook then try to predict their direction and how far their blink can reach. Remember that missing is fine and Franco can not hit it 100%, just keep trying and eventually you will get a feel for it.

Combo Tips 1-3-2 The basic 1-3-2 combo that can almost guarantee a kill on any squishy hero as long as you do it near high damage allies.

Flicker Hook Combo 1-Flicker Back-3-2 This combo maximizes the distance of your hook. A good combo if the enemy is durable or wanting to inflict turret damage on enemies.

Front Flicker Combo Front Flicker-1-3-2 This combo is very risky and I do not recommend it if you are not confident with your hooks. It is used to reach enemies out of range so that your allies can swoop in for the kill.

Flicker Suppress Combo Flicker-3-(2-1)Vice Versa This combo is situational but is mainly used for reaching enemies when your 1st skill is on cooldown. If the enemies are pretty close but too far to hit with your 3rd skill, this combo will help you reach them and hopefully get your allies a nice kill.

Build Ideas Like other tanks, Franco build depending on the enemy tram composition.

Courage Mask- A great item for engaging and escaping. It is also a good speed boost for Franco to hit his hook if the enemy is running away.

Rapid Boots- I choose this over Magic Shoes because I feel like the extra 40 speed boost is more important than 10% CD Reduction as 10% will not make much of a difference but the speed boost will help with chase, escape, and rotation. The speed boost can also be a make or break of a hook landing or not.

For the last 4 items, it will depend on the enemy team compostion but here are some reccomendations

Oracle(Magic)- A good item for his passive as it increases his regeneration.

Dominance Ice(Physical)- An item that will slow down enemies in turn landing him more hooks.

Brute Force(Physical)- This item is good as it grants movement speed for his engage and initiating.

Antique Cuirass(Physical)- Nothing to do with Franco in particular besides the extra HP regeneration. A good item against burst heroes.

Emblem And Spell For emblems, I recommend the support emblem with Pull Yourself Toegether as well as movement speed.

As for spell, flicker is the best in my opinion for combos and escaping.


Early Game Franco shines here as he usually help get the first few kills with his hook. The flicker combo really ensures those first kills as the enemies take turret damage >:) Basically you want to just help your core clear the jungle at the beggining of the game the immediately gank to other lanes that need help.

Mid Game During the mid game, you want to help secure objectives such as the turtle or lord by providing vision. Try to protect the carry as much as possible as they are crucial to securing objectives. Try to predict the next teamfight and come early to give vision. You can use your hook to fish out enemies one by one but mid game is where Franco kind of declines as enemies get lower cooldowns on their dash skills, it will be harder to hook.

Late Game Franco is pretty tanky in the late game and can sustain lots of damage. In teamfights, you want to hook as much as possible as your cooldown would be low by now. Missing a hook here will not matter but hitting one and shutting down their carry can decide the game. You should prioritze their carry heroes with your ultimate for a quick shut down.

Thanks for reading and keep hooking 🙂

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