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Mobile Legends Gold lane role guide By: krldrive


What is the gold laner role?

The gold laner is an offlaner that specializes on dps rather than lifesteal and sustain. They act as a secondary core just in case the jungler goes to a point where they cant put out sufficient damage

What does a gold laner need?

A gold laner has to have solo potential, good snowballing and good late game but not too bad early game. They should benefit more from items rather than levels

What to do if im being ganked in my lane?

Best option is to tower hug and don’t let the enemy get to you, but if theres too much people, just get out of there and give the turret, its better to give one away than to give TWO away.

Early game:

At the start of the game go hide in the bush and depending on your hero and the enemy’s hero, do this

If you’re a ranged hero, harass and make the enemy gold laner’s hp low enough that he has to tower hug, then proceed to clear your minions

If you’re a melee hero, hide in the bush and let the enemy gold laner clear the lane and let the minion wave flow to you

AND WHATEVER YOU DO, dont take the green jungle camp near you, it wont give that much exp and gold and it will just take time, give it to the jungler. Its best to keep farming the gold lane as it gives so much gold to just waste it

ALWAYS HELP ANYONE THATS NEAR YOUR LANE, you may be an offlaner but you’re a team player too, if someone is invading red or blue buff or whatever buff is nearestto you, go there and assist the jungler against the invader and if its time for the turtle to spawn at gold lane, get ready and target the enemy jungler as he is the only threat to the turtle and so that he cant use retri to the turtle

Best heroes for Gold Lane

Harith – Amazing dps and good survivability and can win so much clashes

Lunox – Can shred the enemy tank and can heal herself and be immune just in case the situation gets worse

Pharsa – everything you would want in a marksman but its locked behind a skill. Long range that can 3 shot squishy enemy heroes

Claude – good escape skill, fast movement speed, fast clear and has good late game dps

Chang’e – good wave clear and zoning skill, basically a magic marksman

Kagura – her late game burst is amazing, its similar to pharsa and she has a purify and juking skill

Chou – can win his lane easily once he lands a good kick, is a threat to the enemy cores once fed, this guy is very bannable

Esmeralda – good shield, immobilize and plain annoying to go against

Alice – basically an exp laner but in gold lane where she can clear minions fast, be tanky and be annoying

Hayabusa – the counter to many gold laners, good at objective taking and can act as a secondary jungler

There are more but these are the meta gold laners right now

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