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Mobile Legends Gord Build?by andbacktohellandback

Here?s the Gord build I?ve been using:

  • buy 2 mana necklace @ start
  • if enemy keeps chasing after you, or you died, buy Rapid Boots. Otherwise you can buy the tome (sub item of enchanted talisman, i forgot the name) first so you don?t have to go home every few minion waves and keep on spamming 2nd and 1st skill without worrying about mana. Then buy Rapid Boots. (by 2min, if you?re lvl 4, you can go for the turtle with at least 1 teammate. Use ult, spam skills).
  • complete Enchanted Talisman. With this item you have spammable skill 1 and 2
  • farm Ice Queen Wand. With this item you?ll be the most disruptive in team fights. Just throw your skill 1 and 2 separately and the enemy will find it hard to defend their turrets if you?re pushing as a team.
  • buy Glowing Wand. This item melts the tankiest of tanks that your teammates can?t burst down fast.
  • Optional, if team doesn?t have Deadly Blade, buy Necklace of Durance as your 5th item. Helps in bursting down the enemy as it destroys their lifesteal and regen effects. Plus, the 5% cdr is useful. Otherwise, buy Holy Crystal. This makes your spamming skill 1 and 2 way better. Destroys everything faster. (I still throw skill 2 first since this makes the stun easier to land).
  • Last item is Devil Tears. You can utilize this item?s passive if you position yourself correctly.

For tricks, stay behind your team, but not too far behind as the assassins that go around hunting you might get the kill. I personally use the skill Weaken. With Rapid boots and Ice Queen Wand, any assassin or even chou can?t chase me. Fanny and chou can try but with your teammates around you they?ll be melted down before your HP reaches 50%. It just wastes their time chasing after a Gord with no flicker.

Also, stay away from enemy Chou + Cyclops. As soon as they reach lvl 4 you should just go roam and gank middle instead, or you?ll be an easy walking food.


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