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Hi guys!

I know someone has already made a guide for this but I just want to share mine. We all know that there is a new Epic Showcase which is the “Grand Collection”. It is quite expensive since the chances on getting SRs were pretty low than the last Epic Showcase from my experience. And if you really are planning on getting it on the first day, you’ll end up spending 6600 diamonds to say the least.

So this is when my thriftiness came in and used my little brain for a while. Upon reading the Rules, I already saw an opportunity on saving a lot of diamonds with the daily discounts plus the free tickets that may acquire daily. And then I did the math the help of Excel lol

r/MobileLegendsGame - "Grand Collection " savings

Thank you MS Excel

Knowing that there are only 21 days in the calendar showcase, I watched YouTube videos with regards to this collection. I found out that you need to roll at least 36 times just to get everything. So what I did is to subtract 21 from 36 and that is why I rolled 15 times on the first day (But since I’m not really good at math I know I messed up a little bit here. I believe you need to roll 16 or 17 times to save more).

But my point is that I only need to spend 1615 diamonds just to get Wanwan or whatever skin I like (I’m getting Chang’e btw since I don’t like Wanwan in general lol.And because I have patience, and I’m stingy af lol). But also because I’m going to use the daily discount to save diamonds. And if you look at the table, you can also get daily tickets to serve as another way on getting a discounted price. You can get up to 135 (110 on the screenshot since I assume the agility of everyone is different from others and internet connection also matters here) tickets everyday for this.

Conclusion: If you rolled 15 times on the first day, get the daily 50% discount up until the last day, and if you use the 110 tickets Moonton is giving you everyday, you’ll save tons of diamonds. That you may now use for the Party Box event LOOOOOOOL

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