Mobile Legends [Guide] How to kick butt by punching face with 2Paq By: 0kills


Why: You like punching things, you know who 2pac is.

Why not: You suck at combos.

My credentials: My rank doesn’t matter because I used to go enchanted talisman with Sun. Hit me.

Paq nerfs: (-) Can’t stack on basic attacks anymore (-) very slight cooldown nerf on s2 (-) S3 only gives 1 stack

Paq buffs: (+) CAN STACK ANYWHERE, no need to hit anything (+) only needs 3 stacks to get champ stance (+) No longer needs auto attacks to get stacks

So, in a nutshell, paq is just like 2paq the rapper now. I highly advocate a hit-and-run play style. Do not stay in fights for too long because paq’s strenght now lies in his drive-by potential (much like how 2paq got… jk. I’m a terrible human being, but so are all paquito mains.)

Your lvl 1 trade is amazing, spam s2 to head into lane faster than other laners, use a quick s2 into punch or follow up with another s2 to keep chasing (or s2 out). Don’t bother fighting while your s2’s on cd. Hit and run.

Your lvl 2 trades are more hilarious too. Just get 1 stack anywhere, then s2 into s1 then s2 out for 0 dmg trade, or s2 s1 s2 to chase, or s2 s1 then another s1 to obtain more shields and keep fighting if they’re not retreating.

Your lvl 4 trades are equally hilarious. You can opt for the old paq combos that weave autoattacks in between the skills (to maximize dps) or just skip them all entirely and do s2 s1 s3 s3 at 0 stacks for a no-brainer double ult combo with no counterplay whatsoever. At full stacks and in bush, you can do s3 s3 s2 s1 s3 for amazing burst and still be safe to run away after. At full stacks, you can also do (s2) s2 s1 s3 just to reach further for less overall dmg, but better range (very important when you just want to reach an enemy and damage them too.)

For roaming, since you’re accumulating stacks everytime you use skills, you can now just s2 s1, then accumulate third stack into another s2 for double dash purposes. This buff to paq gives him so much roaming / escape potential, it’s absolute bonkers.

Losing stack accumulation on his autoattacks may seem a bummer at first because it prevents brain dead paquito players from snowballing or doing lvl 1 1v2’s now. And honestly, it does affect his old pro af combos (no more s2 auto s1 auto s3 s3 at 0 stacks or the dreaded s3 s3 s2 auto s3 in bush when max stacks, but I can’t really complain.) Anyone who plays paquito knows how horrible it feels when you miss hitting an enemy and get 0 stacks. This new paquito rebalance is a godsend for imperfect combos. Anyone who tells you they land paq’s combos 100% of the time never got past epic, trust me.

If you master this new hit-and-run playstyle, you’ll pretty much beat every fighter in the game. I saw some comments saying paq vs aldous isn’t the best anymore, but in reality, it’s still completely in paq’s favor. Hit and run, wait for cooldowns, hit and run again.

Also best part, since paq accumulates stacks freely, he can jungle slightly better now.

ITEMIZATION: Rush warrior boots for some armor (ALTHOUGH going cdr boots is pretty decent now too, more cdr = more early game trades but you’re more vulnerable to burst as well). Get blx, the sustain helps so much in lane. S3 into s3 vs minions gets you a ton of health back. BFP next item to get mixed defense, hp and movespeed. War axe is okay but hard to maximize stacks (since you’ll be spending most of the time roaming around and helping secure kills with his new 3-stack buff). I go oracle myself for more cdr and less likelihood to get bursted by arcane boots + genius wand rushing mages. Thunderbelt for slow and more armor, or endless battle for a bit of true damage on auto attacks after each skill + movespeed always helps. Your priority is to maximize CDR while not dying in one shot.

Also roaming paquito can be a thing now. I won a game where I went roaming boots and supported a tp-spamming chou. It was glorious.

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