Mobile Legends Guide to Playing 5D Chess as Yve By: ScrEnd


Often it is quite tricky to master a character freshly introduced into the game and the same can be said for Yve. The plethora of builds, MPL playstyles and specific compositions she’s often fitted into in pro play are head scratching and sometimes misleading.

However no need to worry as this guide from a Yve simp will set you on the right track and help you achieve swift mastery of the Astrowarden, Yve. It will also guide you on how to properly assist and combo with a Yve player.


At heart, Yve is a mage but her playstyle is a mixup of mage and support truly. The highlight of her kit is her ultimate skill and slowdown ability that can poke and zone opponents for you or your allies to finish them off. She can act as a semi-carry or counter-dive.

She’s meant to play the midlane but she can also be used as a ranged bully on the offlane.

Note: People often compare Yve to other mages, especially Pharsa, throughout the time you may spend playing Yve, NEVER associate her playstyle with that of Pharsa’s.

  • Pharsa is a BURST mage with semi-zoning abilities. You use her to quickly burst out a priority target or pickoff but may sometimes zone an enemy out of turrets and objectives with the ult.

  • Yve is a ZONING mage with DPS capability. You use her to skirmish, poke, disrupt people’s positioning with slows and take control of the battlefield with her ultimate.

Pros and Cons


  1. Yve has insane slows, she can slow enemy heroes upto 85%, basically gutting their movement speed.

  2. Yve has amazing poke ability, her skills have low cooldowns and are very spammable making her a truly blood boiling opponent.

  3. Yve can build semitank, her skills have sufficient base and damage scaling alongside good cooldowns to build a couple defense items, making her less susceptible to assassins and burst mages.

  4. Yve is the best zoner in game, period. It’s like she was born for the role. Yve can zone enemies away from objectives like turtles, buffs, jungle, turrets and even from your own teammates.

  5. Yve is highly effective at all ranges, her ultimate has a large area of damage, her skill 2 reaches till mid-range and her skill 1 can slow down and chip enemies towards melee ranges, though a tip mentioned later on in this guide will help you be effective at close range.


  1. Lack of good early game, unlike most of the other mages in game, Yve’s early game is highly unimpressive, her slows aren’t upto mark, her damage is low and she only has 2 spikes which I shall elaborate on later on.

  2. Lack of consistent mobility, a lot of mages nowadays like Chang’e, Pharsa and other midlanes like Mathilda (Support) have inbuilt mobility to evade enemy ganks and assassins. Yve has no such mobility. However there IS a way to make your Yve glide around the battlefield which is related to the recommended build path.

  3. Lack of proper burst, Yve’s damage isn’t burst en proper, it’s more DPS oriented as she is, as I had stated before a semi carry mage with supportive capabilities.

  4. Lack of heavy CC, Yve has only slows and a small immobilize when enemies escape her ultimate, and thus she has lack of solid crowd control like stuns and immobilises that some other mages have.


Yve counters no heroes yet she counters all heroes in a sense, her slow is equally deadly to all heroes whether they have dashes or not as her slow is long ranged and can mess up the positioning of some heroes that need to setup skills.

However, some heroes are especially effective against a Yve some being:

  • Esmeralda, a love hate relationship that would make Khufra burn with jealousy, you either counter the other or get countered depending on the situation, Yve’s ultimate shield is ineffective as a clutch tool vs Esme, however Yve can easily slow an Esmeralda to a crawl for a finishing blow.

  • Claude, Claude is outright a bad matchup for Yve as he can jump in and burst her down within seconds while she can’t target him properly in general, also semitank Yve doesn’t save her from a Claude.

  • Hylos, This one is used sometimes to reliably escape or engage into a Yve ultimate and can easily be quite the pain for a Yve player at times.

  • Selena, Yve needs good vision to truly bring out her control abilities, Selena can easily land a stun to disable a Yve ultimate and the vision from her trap prevents a Yve from obtaining the high ground for a well positioned ultimate.

  • Kaja, Kaja can easily disable a Yve ultimate and burst her down in seconds.

  • Benedetta, Benedetta’s ultimate can force a Yve to disengage her ultimate in turn

Assassins can also easily burst a Yve early on however it gets more dicey of a matchup as she gets defense items.

Skill Analysis

Note: This section is not made to explain how Yve’s skills work but how you’re supposed to use them. If you haven’t already read Yve’s skill descriptions or have never played or considered playing Yve before this please do go and read her skill descriptions FIRST then return to this part.

Initiative to teach is only complimented by an initiative to learn :’)

  • PASSIVE: GALACTIC POWER, Keep poking with Yve’s other skills to unlock the full potential of her passive when using her ultimate finally.

  • SKILL 1: VOID BLAST, This skill is your main poke damage, use it whenever an enemy enters it’s range to get in damage. Try to never autoaim and always try to land sweet spots.

  • SKILL 2: VOID CRYSTAL, This skill is your main slow/zoning ability, it cripples an enemy’s movement by a lot and you should always use it when up in combination with skill 1 to poke or before ulting to set up a good ultimate field. This skill can also be placed in a bush or in a blindpot as a ward to gain vision.

  • SKILL 3: REAL WORLD MANIPULATION, The highlight of Yve’s kit, you use this skill to bash heavily wounded enemies to a pulp with a huge chessboard that stretches 2 turret ranges in area while they run for dear life while their HP slips away from their bars as sand from an hourglass as Yve is the reaper and your time is her playground, running is useless and only prolongs your life. Drama aside, use this skill to finish off enemies that have already been wounded from previous fights or targets that misposition really terribly. Try to use slides into taps always. Never overuse your slides to maximise your damage output. Try to use it on objectives for quick secures or on sieges of enemy turrets. This skill can also be used as a sudden Aegis skill when being dived under your turret because of the shield. Make sure to bait enemy dashes out before ulting and try to position them in the middle of your ult.


  1. Demon Shoes

  2. Glowing Wand or Genius Wand (DPS)

  3. Ice Queen Wand (Slow Utility)

  4. Brute Force Breastplate (Movement Speed and Defense)

  5. Winter Truncheon (vs Assassins or Bursty Pickoff Heroes)

  6. Blood Wings or Holy Crystal (Bridges your damage in late game)

Spare Equipment: Necklace of Durance (Antiheal), Athena’s Shield (Anti-mage)

Emblem and Battlespell

The recommended Emblem Setups are:

  1. Support Emblem: (High Movement Speed + Mana Regen)
    3/3 Movement Speed (Mobility)
    3/3 Hybrid Regen (Mana)
    Avarice Talent (Hit item power spikes faster)

  2. Mage Emblem: (Medium Movement Speed + DPS)
    3/3 Movement Speed (Mobility)
    3/3 Magic PEN (DPS boost)
    Mystery Shop Talent(Hit item power spikes faster)


  • Purify (vs cc)

  • Aegis (vs low cc and burst)

  • Flameshot (to self peel and finisher)

  • Flicker (bro it’s an extra dash and you’re immobile before BFB lmao)

Tips and Tricks


  1. Midlane: Focus on hitting your level 4 first, try to poke out enemies frequently while clearing waves, try to rotate for ganks upon hitting level 4 or seeing low HP enemy offlanes. This is pretty easy to do.

  2. Sidelane: Focus on heavily poking out your lane opponent and spamming request backup for a gank, poke them frequently with skill 1. Zone them with skill 2, use it frequently in bushes when the enemy could be ganking you to get vision, NEVER let a melee matchup get close to you. Try to force them into their turret and get an ult to finish them off on level 4 or rotate to mid to secure a teamfight with the ult. If you get dove on, use the ultimate to survive onslaughts of damage. Your goal is to not die. Good luck, Soldier.

  • Use skill 2 often in bushes to gain vision.

  • Don’t conserve your ultimate too much but never use it hastily in situations where you may get collapsed on by assassins or when you may not get any kills or objectives secured.

  • Try to always stay with your tank or support when playing midlane or under turrets when playing offlane till you hit at least one defense item.

  • Don’t be afraid to deal damage to enemies.

  • When you begin to master Yve’s ult you might miss a lot of taps but seriously, never try to handicap yourself by settling for spamming slides. It’s dumb and I see literal fellow global Yves doing it. It’s stupid unless you want to set a kill or peel for an ally.

  • Never autoaim s1, only use manual aim and if you follow my first tip, you should be aiming at the edge of the skill where your aim gets more accurate because of lack of wobble (Aim at the circumference/edge of the range and always try to land sweet spots.

Team Compatibility

Yve syncs well with heroes that need to land skillshots as she slows enemies down to easily aim at them. (eg. Granger)

She also syncs well with heavy setters as she sets the high ground for them to engage. Best examples are hard engagers like Atlas or Tigreal.

However, she needs peel coming from your side so use a good peeling tank/support like Rafaela

With this I shall wrap up this Guide for the Astrowarden, Yve do consider playing her and joining the Yve simp gang 😎 😎 😎

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