Mobile Legends Guide – Vexana The Necromancer Queen By:Sea_Sapphire_2168


Role: Mage – Cost/Crowd Control

Vexana is a (little underrated) mage. She is a very good support mage in team fights and laning thanks to her passive and high magic damage. She is an early-game hero.


  • – Strong magic damage in a single attack

  • – Magical chain explosions (useful in team fights and laning)

  • – Her ult allows her to turn an enemy into an ally

  • – She can immobilize enemies with her S1, helping for defense as well than offense


  • – Low mobility (no escape mechanism)

  • – Low health and defense

  • – Long cooldowns

  • – Her S1 and S2 abilities are easily avoidable (precise aiming required)

  • – Playing solo and jungling alone is difficult with Vexana

  • – In early game: huge mana consumption


– Enemies with low HP and/or high damage, since Vexana can deal a huge amount of damage to them in a single blow with her S2. She can also attack them with themselves as her puppet.

Heroes to counter Vexana

  • – All assasins.

  • – All heroes with high damage level and mobility. Examples: Hanzo, Karina, Cyclops.

  • – Heroes having long-range powers as Cecilion or marksmen, preventing Vexana from escaping or her attacking at time.


Passive: Necromancy Spell

Vexana can mark her enemies, enemy minions and monsters with a curse when they get damage from her powers or abilities. The mark lasts for 5 seconds and will cause that an explosion is unleashed once the enemy dies. The explosion deals 220-500 (+50% of total magic power) damage to those around the explosion. The damage increases with Vexana’s level.

S1: Charmed Specter

Mana consumption: Regular – Range: Long – CD: 8.5-11 seconds

This skill unleashes a beam that will make the enemies dance (coff coff, immobilize them) for 1 second, stunning them. The attack deals 250 (+60% total magic power) magic damage. This ult stuns the enemies, allowing Vexana to cancel several heroes’ ults as the ones from Tigreal, Pharsa, Atlas, Odette’s ult, etc. It is recommended to save this power for crucial times, since it can be as well for offensive than defensive effects, giving time to escape. With a good aim and predicting the enemy’s path, this skill can be powerful.

S2: Nether Snare

Mana Consumption: High – Range: Long – CD: 6-8 seconds

This skill is the one dealing most magical damage in one blow. The skill will appear as a dark circle in the ground that will take 2-3 seconds to detonate. Perfect to deal area damage and combines well with the passive. This ability deals 500(+200% total magic power) magic damage.

Tip: Try to use S2 after using your S1 since it is easy to dodge. Also, try to predict where the enemy will go according to the 2-3 seconds cd. SPAM this against minions to farm quickly $.

S3 (Ult): Cursed Oath

Mana consumption: High – Range: Very large – CD: 60 seconds

This skill will leave a curse to an enemy and deal them continuous damage, giving 250(+80% total magic power) magic damage at first strike. Then, the enemy will continuously receive 75(+25% total magic power) magic damage for 8 seconds, until a puppet spawns from them, or when the hero dies… Note: This curse cannot be removed with “Purify” or any other power. The range of this skill almost reaches the whole screen of the player.

If Vexana is alive, the puppet will appear at her side. Vexana will be able to move around the ghost (with a cooldown of 2 seconds for each movement) and set the puppet in 2 modes:

– Standby mode: The puppet will remain on a single spot and attack all enemies coming nearby. Note that if the ghost gets far away from Vexana’s sight the puppet will appear at her side again.

– Attack mode: The puppet will follow Vexana attacking all foes nearby. The difference is that the puppet will now attack monsters and the towers Vexana is aiming at.

The puppet can only use the passive attacks of the original hero. The puppet lasts 20 seconds maximum and deals 5% of its total HP as magical damage around themselves. It inherits 70% to 90% of the original hero attributes depending on the skill level.

Note: Each time the ghost is moved, the mode will be set back to standby by default.

Since this power has a quick execution and a large range, Vexana can use it for enemies escaping with low HP, giving then the fatal blow. Also, she can use it in TF for extra damage without much effort.

Most beneficial targets for the ult:

  • - Tanks – due to their high resistance, they can defend your team and deal extra magic damage in the middle of team fights.

  • - Assasins – They have strong basics and speed, which could allow you to kill escaping enemies and quickly jungle some monsters.

  • - Fighters – Strong passive and can add offensive power to your team.

To avoid: mages and supports (weak basic).


Attack mode: 3-1-2

Against a few enemies or in TF, Vexana can start by using her ult, dealing damage to a target, meanwhile using her passive and immobilizing the enemies with her S1. At last, unleash S2 and deal crazy magical damage, blowing up as many heroes as possible. Get a puppet and continue the fight.

Surprise combo: 1-2-3

Against a single or few enemies, Vexana can ambush them by using her S1 to immobilize them and use S2 to deal massive magic damage. Use her ult at the end to deal more damage to the enemy. Works very well if the enemy escapes with low health.

The best would be to have a fighter or a tank by your side since Vexana would have to retreat after this combo, due to her cooldowns. Try to not use S3 at first, since if you are hiding in an ambush, the enemy will spot you and probably get you before using S1.

Tip: With multiple heroes, try to target minions nearby to deal extra area damage.

Builds – Recommended Gear

The best items for Vexana are those that help her increase her magical power, increase her mana/HP regen or defense and magical life-steal. Recommended items: Concentrated energy, Genius wand, Holy Cristal, Oracle, Lightning Truncheon, Arcane boots and Glowing Wand.

Emblem and Battle spell

Battle spell: Flicker, it’s a Yes or Yes choice since Vexana has very limited mobility (Layla dejavu?).

Emblem: All magic emblems, better if they are set to add magic penetration and power.


Vexana is a laning hero. With her passive she can clean minions quite quickly and makes her ideal against multiple enemies at once. DO NOT go alone against assasins or another of her counters. DO go with someone else, preferably a tank, fighter or support. DO NOT farm with Vexana in early game!!!, since her powers have a long CD, the monsters can deal a lot of damage to her. I suggest farming when her S2 is powered up enough or with your puppet. DO gain experience quickly to reach level 4, which will allow you to invoke puppets for defense and lane surely. DO NOT become a target: try to stay hidden or out of reach as much as possible. DO keep an eye on your mana consumption (gear as Oracle or Elegant Gem recommended). DO use S1 to ambush enemies with your team.


The best would be to stay back behind a tank or fighter, supporting them with S1 and puppets. She can also ambush heroes with her 1-2-3 combo. She is a mid-lane hero.

Team compatibility

Vexana is best with short-range teammates in front while she stays behind dealing damage. Recommended for frequent team fights and laning if she is not alone. She is quite dependent on teammates during the game, making her a support-like mage.

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