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Mobile Legends [Guide] Yve 101 By: 0kills


Pro: Really short cast times on s1 and s2, has a slightly longer range than gord’s ult, ridiculous mid~late game damage with proper ult usage.

Con: Very immobile mage, very reliant on others to engage and keep enemies there (A pharsa you ain’t), not much build diversity.

Passive: Just hit enemies and it’ll increase your ult’s maximum number of hits you can throw out.

s1: damage the ground you’re aiming at, anyone at the center takes additional dmg

s2: drop a crystal, then aim again to deal significant damage. Slows enemies down the more they’re in it, has 6 damage ticks.

s3: Yve makes a huge box in front of him, then you tap on the grid for single-target damage, or swipe around it to create a damaging zone.

Overall playstyle: Just hang back and zone enemies as much as you can with s2 and s1 until a teamfight breaks out in which case you can start using your ultimate from a safe distance and do as much damage as you can before the enemy even notices you’re hiding somewhere.

Why glowing wand / ice queen wand?

1.) Yve benefits greatly from having increased movespeed and his spells (with the exception of pressing instead of swiping during his ult), all hit multiple times, so it’s a lot easier to stack the wands’ passives. As a result, I usually fare better with support emblem since it gives everything you’ll need early: sustain from the hybrid regeneration, damage from hybrid penetration, more kiting capabilities too thanks to the 10% movespeed. I prefer starting with s1 as well since s2, while has better wave clearing capabilities, has a significantly longer cooldown (which means enemies can simply avoid it and they’ll know your damage will be ass for the next 14 seconds). I typically go with mana boots as well since yve’s early game is all about starting aggresively, and then immediately playing passively after the next 1 minute or so, since lancelots, fannies, gusions, etc. will always decimate a slightly damaged yve, and then going back to being aggresive when the jungler’s in another lane. Demon shoes help his early game spam.

2.) I usually recommend ice queen wand as first core item simply because the slow and spell vamp greatly help you win your lane matchups. Glowing wand has more theoretical damage, but the utility from slowing an enemy down even more with all your skills is too good to pass up.

3.) Once you have both, you want to get to 40% cdr asap. You’ll find that it will be easier to just kite as much as you can and stay in the bushes while maintaining a respectable distance with whoever in your team’s going to engage first. My preferred items to get 40% cdr are enchanted talisman into fleeting time. The latter is also crucial since yve’s ult has a long cd.

4.) 6th item will almost always be a defensive item. Once enemies catch on to the fact that you are a long-range threat, they will 100% do their best to hunt you down always. Truncheon and immortality are decent equipment. If you want slightly more movespeed (gotta go fast), brute force’s pretty decent too.


Thankfully they’re very easy, mostly.

S2 and slow an enemy from afar, walk forward and s1, then if they’re running away, use your ult and swipe in their general direction (DO NOT SWIPE A BIG LINE, just make it small), and keep tapping on the target.

For the lulz You can jungle with him using jungle emblem. His clear speed’s very good with s1, and then moreso once you have s1 and s2. HIs ultimate is very good at doing turtle since you can just poke it to death. He ganks really well with s2 and red buff’s slow stacking too.


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