Mobile Legends Guinevere Guide By: Shinobu-Fan


This guide is basically for those who wants to beat enemies using Guin, Knowing how to play guin efficiently allows you to easily counter hyper carry heroes even when they have their purify skill. But its important ti remember that the early and mid game is guin’s most important stages of the game as this is the part where she is best played

For starters lets get onto her role and how she is usually played

Most of the time Guin will be a sidelaner either gold or exp, Then if not sidelane then most likely a midlaner, if not midlane then jungle but this happens rarely, note that guinevere has good jungling capability far surpassing that of a standard assassin

She is a fighter so remember your job is to disanke as many enemies as possible and let your teammates handle the rest

Now that that’s out of the way lets go to her skills

Passive: Her passive is the red bar under her hp bar this red bar fills up as you attack enemies either with basic or skills. Hitting an enemies a total of 5 times will fill the bar and then activate her passive which is an enhanced basic attack that recovers 8% of her lost hp. Guin can sustain essily at the early game with this and all enemies that are knocked up guin will deal higher amount of damage. Use this to harass the sidelaner as its aoe so it affects those behind of its target. Also aslong as the enemy is knocked up guin will automatically deal more damage even if the knockup is not from her

1st Skill:This is basically easy to use it just makes a ball travel to a direction and it deals damage to any enemy hits now remember once this skill hits an enemy it will disappear so try to aim it at the carry as much as possible. This skill also reduces the cd of her skills by 1 second but only if you hit an enemy. The reason why is because her base skill cooldown is very long so keep spamming this if her skills are in cd to be able to use it faster

2nd skill: Her main Skill, this skill is the key to joining her combos together and making it very deadly. So try to aim it where they will most likely go. Use the bushes when you try aiming it because this skill has a delay in knock up and will stop if you get cced so by using the bush the enemies wont see your dash coming. Guin is an ambush type of hero so revealing your location to the enemies will make them more cautious of you

Now this skill is a two time use skill meaning after using the knockup it will give you another dash, this dash allows you to go to another area snd you become untarggetable when dashing, she also leaves a clone of herself. This clone deals damage to any enemy that damages it and it also explodes in 1.5 seconss also dealing magic damage. This clone is very good because even with hero lock the attention will be directed to the clone and not to you so it can also save your life. It also blocks one hit projectiles like lesley’s ult

Ult: a small aoe range that deals magic damage to any nearby enemies. This skill knocks up the enemies for 2 seconds if they are already knocked up. Again the enemy just has to br knocked uup for it to knock them up again. Her ult also has 500% magic damage bonus so build her with holy crystal ,now she is also immune to cc when using this but only when she is using her ult this does not act as a purify skill.

Build: Build always depends on the situation but here is the standard build i use that i got from another guin user Called Kaze(just a small yt but his guin skills are impressive)

Magic shoes:i personally use this more than arcane boots considering her skills again have long cooldowns but you can also go for arcane boots if you prefer to have the extra damage

Concentrated Energy:Her most important item, this gives her high ammounts of sustain that when using her ult she gets alot of hp back. Plus when she kills an enemy it gives her hp back this is also useful as guin is squishy herself she us more squishy than most fighters

Calamity Reaper:Another item for her, i personally use it for the true damage and again cd to help guin against those heroes using athena shield.

Her third item will depend on the enemy Use Glowing wand if enemy has high HP Use Genius wand if they have items with magic def Use Holy crystal if the enemies have athena shield. Holy crystal gives guin more magic samage which in return calamity reaper can benefit from with a higher amount of true damage, completely defeating its Magic damage reduction passive

The last two slots are for defense items Queens wings is good for guin considering she dives alot in teamfights this will prevent her from dying easily

Then either oracle if you want more heal or Immortality if enemies are a one time burst heroes

Change your items according to the enemies comp like Change CE to NoD if enemy has lifesteal heroes like esme or ruby

Battlespell: I know most guin users user Execute, this is to secure kills easily but learn to adapt and change to the situation, enemies have burst heroes?go for Aegis, Enemies have Funnal mm? Go for vengeance, enemy has cc and you cant dash? Use purify

Lane: Quite the obv one just go to the exp or gold lane

Emblem:Mage Emblem is the best, for talent go for CD, Magic Lifesteal and then Mystery shop as guin needs those items fast to snowball

How to lane early game:take your first skill and head to your lane, if your enemy is chou font be afraid to go all out on him as guin deals more damage than chou can in level 1. Aswell as xborg. Be cautious of Yu zhong, Khaleed, and Barats as these are the ones guin has a hard time facing off

You can either get the firstblood or get the siege minion early for the extra exp, ignore the towers and take the small crab instead since you have alot of time to take it anyways.

Once you get to level 4 roam around and try getting a kill rotating, after a kill go back to your lane and try pushing it. Enemy comes to defend and you cleared wave? Rotate again and get kills, repeat till the turtle spawns

Mid Game: your strongest point, use the bushes to your advantage and gank incoming enemies preferably the hyper carry. They are guarded? Aim your second to where you can secure both of them

Push more and try to end the game fast

Late game: Her weakest point in the game. Try to prioritize splitpushing more than killing now. But go for the damage dealer as always in teamfights.

Tips: Decide when to use second. Enemies low hp? Use your second to chase them, enemies way too strong? Go to a wall and dash using your 2nd form of your second skill

Your jump fails and enemy is alone on the lane? Fight back

Its all about reading the situation properly and knowing how to respond.

Use your 1st skill on bushes and if it disappears mid aay theres an enemy, it continues smoothly? Its safe

Half hp only? Take the small creep and regen your hp with your passive

Ask me more questions if youd like

For enemies with purify skill dont be afraid to dive em since using purify is being left alone with no anti cc for 90 seconds that gives you plenty of opportunities to attack them. Wanwan? Early game and mid game dont be scared of her. Late game? Counter with queen’s wings and dominance ice

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