Mobile Legends Hanabi Guide By: Shinobu-Fan


Many people really don’t think that non meta heroes can be put in a team lineup and Hanabi is a D tier one since it pretty much says it all.

Lack of mobility Lack of damage early game

Well alot of things are pretty much horrid with non metas. But Hanabi can Indeed turn things around properly with good awareness.

Pros and Cons of Hanabi

Hanabi is a marksman so It’s impportant to know hee early game is one of the worst or hee weakest point but she just lacks so much damage to fight back in the early game or the ability to escape from a sticky situation meaning you need positioning or map awareness when playing her otheewise you could feed. Be extracareful when lane pushing if you see enemies missing DON’T LEAVE YOUR TOWER. Now Hanabi is great for a late gamee since her petals and lifesteal is enough to make enemies back off. But she still requires protection she is not like an assassin who can solo. Building Items for her must be proper otherwise she can lack damage even in late game.


Her 1st skill spawns a petal that will bounce to another enemy and deal 50% of its origin damage, the damage will reduce by 25% each bounce so make your basic attack have high damage. Next, it will increase your lifesteal by 2% and you start off with 8%. In total a 18% lifesteal is granted when it is max. Now another important thing to remember is evey petal spawn will deduct some of her mana. So keep it off if you are poking enemies in the early game or you will drain mana faster.

2nd skill sends a Kunai that deals damage to all enemies and slows them down, it will also take some of their mana but the mana you receive if it is mote than 1 it will be deducted half. Use it to reveal hiding enemies as the mana going back has an animation. Use it to slow enemies down and get some of their mana.

Ult makes her throw the higanbana and whoever gets catched will be immobilized for 2 seconds. It will also spread and whoever is still in the area will get trapped too. I peesonally use this to disrupt enemies and make them loose formation. This travels as fast as kagura’s umbrella which is sadly slow so be sure to use it carefully.

Her passive if her health is full makes her extra hp into shield that covers 20% of health. It increases her Movement speed and make her immune to crowd control. Make sure to not risk it just because your shield is active it is only a cover up for Hanabi if she gets caught. Keep the shield active aslong as you can.

Builds and Emblems

Many people will tell you the Scarlet Phantom, Berserker fury, Windtalker combo hurts. But I think building her wih Malefic Roar and and Blade of despair will make it more better.

The first two items has to be crit, No excuses.

Swift boots- Learn when to turn her s1 off and Swift boots is a better alternative than Demon Shoes

Windtalker- It gives her Attack Speed and Movement Speed so it’s a no brainer to pick this as your first item.

Berserker Fury- This gives her the necessary Physical attakc and Crit damage boost to make Windtalker’s Passive Hurt and Crit.

Wind of Nature- Assassins will obviously target her most of the time plus this Gives her extra Lifesteap to sustain and some attack spedd to keep the crit chances up. Not to mention wind chant gives the bonus anti physical damage for 2 seconds on marksman. Perfect for Hanabi

Malefic Roar or Sea Halberg- Malefic roar is the default to make the damage higher than usual and to counter enemies def items. Sea Halberg for lifesteal enemies, Recommend your mage to buidl necklace instead than you because it is better for you to build up damage.

Lastly, Blade of Despair for the extra Physical Damage and Of course More Movement speed. It’s passive helps Hanabi In teamfights

Once it is more than 15 mins Replace Swift Boots with Queen’s Wings fot the Anti Burst

Finally the Emblem, Your options are Marksman and Assassin.

Marksman Emblem if you prefer the Damage more. Pick Crit Chance and damage then Go for Electro Flash, Assassin Emblem if you prefer the Movement speed. With Windtalker and BOD in hand your movement speed is higher than 360+ Movement speed and Crit chance are her points and then Killing Spree is her last Point. Killing Spree allows her to sustain in the late game alot better.

Tips and Tricks

Use your 2nd skill before using your ult, It will slow down your target thus making your ult Hit with a higher chance.

Maintain your Distance when dealing damage, Assassins cannot damage you if you are far from them. Same rules for fighters.

Positioning and Map awareness is key for Hanabi.

Do not push if enemies are missing.

Keep low in the early game and prioritize minion waves more than teamfights.

Just ask for further questions.

The build is Betosky’s Idea and it eorks better than the Crit Group

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