Mobile Legends Harley Quick Guide



Mobile Legends Harley Quick Guide?by kaylankonnor

So I bought Harley on Advance Server, and seeing he?s out now you guys might be thinking if he?s worth the buy or not.

Team Role:

Harley is a lot similar to Cyclops with great farming, mobility, and 1v1 potential (even against Karrie). His ulti can be used to single out an enemy during a team fight. He also has strong AA with magic damage.

My item builds:

-The Duelist- (a.k.a Cyclops build)

Enchanted Talisman, CDR Boots, Calamity Scythe/Holy Crystal, Concentrated Energy, Feather of Heaven, Blood Wings

-The Magic Support- (a.k.a. Tickling role)

Enchanted Talisman, CDR Boots, Ice Queen Wand, Feather of Heaven, Glowing Wand, Blood Wings

-The Off-Tank/Bait/Support- (When your team has too many squishies and need a tank)

Enchanted Talisman, Warrior Boots, Concentrated Energy, Courage Bulwark, Thunder Belt, Immortality

Skill combo:

Skill 2 to pop in ? Ulti ? Skill 1 ? Escape with Skill 2 or Auto attack/Kite ? Skill 2 forward to chase fleeing enemy or blink backward to escape

Unlike Cyclops, his ulti is mostly not for reap/last hitting. It deals 40% more damage based on the damage you deal within the duration of the skill, so use it first.

You want to pop in teamfights when your tank and charger have used their skills. Your ulti?s main target should be the enemy marksman (or whoever the main damage dealer). Position is important, you don?t want your cards to be blocked by the enemy meat shields.

Harley vs. Cyclops

-Cyclops has two spammable skills, so he deals more damage during teamfights. Harley is a better duelist.

-Comparing their 1v1 potential, Cyclops damages slowly, while Harley burns the target fast.

-Both heroes can effectively be an off-tank, since their skills require them to be in front of the enemy.

Will You Buy Harley?

It?s up to you to decide! Personally I think he?s fun to use, but wouldn?t rank him very high in the current high ELO meta.

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