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Mobile Legends How to counter mage synergy in magic Chess ( A play through plus position guide.) By: cerealTofu


I have to get this out of the way. So many people whining about mage synergy. LOL. ( I still think Mech Era is more powerful.) But fine. I will provide a guide on countering mage. Let the complain begin.

That was me last night and today morning. Talking to people on mage synergy.

So I bet you guys are like:

“Who give this guy permission to make guide? He is not a mythic player. I bet he is grand master or something.”

and you are right. New season new rank. To be honest. I dun care much about rank. But I still have to flex and be honest with my current rank and win rate. I have 2 account in fact. I experimented on weird build on one of them and played seriously on my second account which belong to my girlfriend.

If you see this piplup, that is my account. I am from singapore a beautiful busy city.

I experiment on a lot of commander and hero. Thus the massive lose rate. I even tried to win using Eva skill 3. ( Which need to be fixed.)

This is my girlfriend’s account. She wanted to try magic chess and gave up. She bought PAO as her first hero. I swap my account with her and play magic chess on her account. I Won alot of matches. Stop at Mythic.

Pao skill 1 and 3 is really worth farming for. I would have lost more matches on my girlfriend account if I continued in mythic.

So Who is in the mage synergy ?

One of my favorite quote in life is:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Because Magic Chess is not about what you plan, it is also about knowing your team and your enemy team.

A very common synergy. Has strong early game presence.

Which hero receive the most benefit from Mage synergy ?

Northern vale is one of the most common supporting synergy for most mage players. Franco benefitted from the mage synergy too.

These are heroes that uses magical power in battle. The mage synergy enhance their powers.

Some players are really flexible with their built. I have seen one players uses Mage synergy and Targeman. That player got 4th place. Not bad.

Now we go to the main topic. How to Counter mage synergy.

Step 1 Choose the best commander with the best skill.

If we want to go out all out at destroying mages, we have to make sure we make the right preparation.

Pao’s third skill is one of the best in the game. He is worth farming.

So after the third loot box, Pao will unlock his third skill. He will show you 4 options for your team. You can pick one of them.

If we truly want to defeat or counter the mage synergy, we have to increase physical and magical defense by 35.

Eva skill 2 helps to increase you team defense by 35 too. But you need to complete a 6 pieces synergy. ( Mech Era is best for Eva skill 2.)

Pao’s first skill is helpful. It makes it hard for mage uses to infllict damage to your team.

Eva’s first skill make sure you do more damage to other mage users. While Benny’s King of the beast gives you early game dominance. ( Mech Era plus Siege weapon.)

Step 2 planning well

I will show you my gameplay. A little unlucky in this one. I was hoping I can get the 2nd or 3rd place but 4th is fine. All is well.

I was given the Mech Era in this game. I like early game dominance. So I go for Mech Era plus gunner.

I try to make sure I collect interest. Like above 20 gold. I try not to level up as much as possible.

When you level up, you will get higher gold hero but it will be hard to find lower gold hero.

I try to max out some of my hero before I level up.

As Mech Era, I try to make most of my cheap hero 3 star. For Astro, I mostly focus on the 3 gold hero like Lancelot and Karina.

Always check your enemy team and synergy. If my team is now mage, I might have to change the build. From Mage to venom or light born. Try to avoid popular synergy in the game.

With 8 rogers, I try to use my magic crystal. I always pick magic box after creep round. I felt it provides me better value.

Do not worry about your health. The lower the better. If you are the lower 2 you get the extra space. Really helpful. I think I removed roger in this match

Try not to focus on building only 3 star hero. Synergy is important in a game too. Be patient and calm. Try to limit yourself to 2 to 3 Re-Roll. Bad behavior at my part. LOL.

I was unlucky in this match. I got a useless synergy haha. I dun really need a gunner blessing. LOL.

I came back with an extra slot. Even though my hp is 15. I am not worried. My team is decent and ready to go.

Always take Science crystal ( Free slot . Worth 40 gold). Do not miss it.

when your commander spell is correct and team is strong….. even the unbeatable pao is nothing to your team.

Creep number 4. Finally I got my 3 star Hayabusa. To be honest I am grateful to be at top 4. No deduction in points.

Always. Always Check your opponent. Learn about their Team. Power doesn’t mean anything here. A 3 star kimmy = the final winner.

I made a lot of mistake here, but it is still a good game. My biggest mistake is to focus on having 3 star hero rather than maximizing and completing my team synergy.

Final step Choose your team position well.

Most of the time, people lose to mage synergy due to their poor positioning. They kinda gave Odette and Aurora the free pass to massacre their team.


I will discuss about the Hero placement another time. Take care. All the best. Thanks for reading.


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