Mobile Legends Kagura complete guide! Tips and tricks By: kaguragamer


Hey guys! Welcome to a detailed kagura guide that I will be making. Just a bit of background info, I am mythical glory in NA server and my highest rank with kagura is Canada’s top 23 kagura, and I have approximately 600 games with her at a 63.4 percent winrate. I would not be the most experienced kagura player here since there would be lots of players ranked above me and have a better knowledge at her but i am going to try and give you a detailed guide onto how she works.


Lets start with the basics- I’ll give you a summary of her skills to give you a simple idea what she does

Passive: When kagura recovers her umbrella after throwing it either by picking it up, the umbrella returning to her after a range , or teleporting to it , she would gain a small shield and stun nearby enemies for a short period of time. Know the range of her umbrella and when it comes back to you so it can come in handy, this is very important later when using her skills because you do not want to accidentally press her second skill that dashes away instead of teleporting to the umbrella because the umbrella came back to you, this mistake can be extremely costly and thus i would reccommend you to memorize the range of the umbrella.

1st skill: Kagura throws out her umbrella if she has it, without it, she would just move the umbrella from its current location to that location, dealing damage and a small amount of slow. Know that the speed is not that fast so it can be easy for enemies to dodge it so keep that in mind.

2nd skill(with umbrella): Dashes in a direction and leaves her umbrella behind, purifying all the stuns and knockups except chou’s knockup(damage still there), khufra’s ball skill, saber knockup, and franco’s and kaja suppression, im not sure about ruby’s hook though.

2nd skill(Without umbrella): Kagura would teleport to the location of the umbrella dealing damage and stunning enemies, however if you had already used her passive before this and its on CD, there wouldnt be a stun so keep that in mind.

Ultimate(Without umbrella): Kagura’s umbrella deals huge damage and will extend a link to the enemy. You can then move the umbrella one more time to hit the enemy as the first skill CD would be refreshed immediately. After three seconds, if the enemy still hasnt broke free of the link, he will be pulled back to the umbrella, or to you if you have teleported and have the umbrella.

Ultimate(With umbrella): Honestly this ultimate kinda sucks for kagura so if you arent using it with combo, its not really useful, it just deals a small amount of damage and pushes nearby enemies back.


I would really reccommend you take retri as kagura almost cannot survive without the blue in early game and has to snowball in order to deal damage. Her mana burns fast and if you play her as a support, you would be realising that she doesnt have that much damage so thats why I dont really reccommend you to play her as support.

Flameshot or execute if you still decide to play her as support

Flicker if you dont have the hang of using her skills yet.


Jungler build: Jungle item tier two then buy arcane boots for magic PEN then buy lightning truncheon, upgrade the jungle item into star shard, then buy cOd, after that buy holy crystal and divine glaive or glowing wand. If you do really get to late game, sell the jungle item and buy something like winter truncheon for defense or immortality or blood wings.

In summary- Cursed sword- Arcane boots- Lightning truncheon- Upgrade star shard- Clock of destiny- Divine Glaive or glowing wand and holy crystal(any order works fine), then blood wings if game doesnt end.

Against tanky enemies: Jungle item tier two- Arcane boots, Lightning truncheon- upgrade the jungle item-glowing wand- holy crystal- genius wand or divine glaive- then sell jungle item and go for a defense item or blood wings.

Against sustain-heavy enemies: Replace the glowing wand with Necklace

Support or mid mage build: Mana boots, lightning truncheon, necklace or glowing wand, holy crystal or ice queen wand,divine glaive, winter truncheon

I dont really play support kagura because as I said she doesnt excel as much as a support so my build for her support may be wrong, you can adjust it a bit, I dont reccommend building clock of destiny on her sup build because it would take a very long time for her to start dealing serious damage without the farm and snowball so I would get something that raises her early game damage by some degree.

As for emblems, any emblem talent is fine though I use mystery shop to get items faster and if im playing as a support then I’ll go for impure rage.


Kagura is extremely versatile, so you can practically do any combo you wish that suits you but the one you should learn first is 1-3-1-2-3-2-1 basically throw umbrella, ult, move the umbrella closer, teleport to stun them, use your second ult, and dash back to purify and stuns, then the link will pull the enemies back to the umbrella where you should be able to deal another hit with the umbrella.

When doing counter attacks you can do 2-1-3-1-2-3-1 when you are extremely positive you can emerge victorious or your allies are on the way, basically dash away, poke several times, then ult, move umbrella to the enemy, teleport, ult again, then umbrella. This is quite risky but if you can master it you should be able to do some good plays.

For poking, its generally 1-2-2-1, throw umbrella, teleport and stun, dash back, and poke again. Rinse and repeat, just know not to teleport if there are a lot of enemies or they have heavy cc, in that case just keep poking them with skill1 and until they have used up skills or got low, you can then use the first combo to finish them off.

When escaping, I see newbies make the mistake of dashing with the umbrella then teleporting back. That would not work in most cases especially if you are outnumbered, so what you should do is move your umbrella using s1 to a spot lets say over the wall or into your turret, then teleport using s2 and dash away using s2 on the umbrella.

Dont be afraid of using ult even if it seems out of range if the enemy hero is really low, just ult and with the range, should hit the enemy and even if it doesnt, you can move your umbrella once more and then teleport and kill them

Tips and tricks

Early game: Regardless if you are a support or jungler, your first step should be checking the bush with your umbrella, regardless if you hit the enemies or not, you would gain vision of the entire bush. Be careful if enemies have early game damage heroes such as selena, franco, grock or khaleed and jawhead. After clearing the minion wave, if you are a jungler, buy the jungle item and proceed to farm the lithowanderer if you have it on your side, if it is on the enemies side, unless you have utmost confidence you can steal it or they dont have early game damage heroes, just go start with the blue buff.

If you are a support, you should safely poke the enemies if the litho is on the otherside and if it is on your side, zone them with your umbrella and pokes. If you are feeling daring enough and have enough early game damage, you and your tank can harass the enemy’s buff and force it to reset or use flameshot and attempt to steal it, it doesnt matter if you are successful with stealing the buff, what is important is to delay the enemy jungler’s farm. Just dont commit too much just for the buff as if you see the bottom lane coming for assistance then just retreat, dont give them free gold by dying in a 2v3 or 2v4 and blaming your jungler for not assisting you.

After that, continue clearing mid as a support and providing vision in bushes while your assassin farms.

If you are a jungler however, just continue rotating and farm fast till you are level 4, go bot and farm those monsters, take the red buff if you can ,though i face trouble quite some time because either the marksman refuses to let me take it and starts red buff at the start of the game or he is a really red buff dependent marksman that needs it such as claude. If that is the case, rotate top or bot and clear the jungle along the way and take the crab.

Ideally, if things go according to plan, after taking red you should be level 4, go on and gank the marksman lane(prioritise this to delay the farm of the enemy mm) or on whatever lane if there are fighters that needs heavy amount of farm such as aldous where it should be an easy kill or if your teammates need assistance. Avoid the lanes that have heavy sustain heroes such as uranus or hilda or ruby if possible unless you have utmost confidence they can be killed, otherwise, you have just committed all of your combos and they arent killed or even if they are, the enemy heroes would come to backup and you have no skills against them, leading to the wipeout on the lane. Thus you should also always be aware of the enemy jungler’s movement and rotate efficiently.

If however, you are a support, just go assist your marksman in their lane or if you are doing the 1-1-2-1 formation, travel to the lane where they require the most assistance or the lane where the enemy jungler is at. Ping at the lane and try to get your jungler to help if they are already level 4 but if they dont, just provide assistance carefully to that lane and if its a losing cause or your fighter is dead, stay mid and defend or travel to the second turret to defend.

Always have your umbrella on whenever you are unsure of enemy’s position or the enemy has a huge cc and burst potential like aurora. Safely check the bush at a distance

Mid game:

As a jungler kagura, ideally with the mystery shop talent you should be able to get lightning truncheon in the 5min-7 min mark if im not wrong, at this point you should be going more aggressive and doing your combos but take care care not to die since you need quite a bit of farm to snowball. Jungler kagura should be playing somewhat like an assassin, burst down the enemy core or mm and leave or do more ranged poking since you have the advantage of range unlike a normal assassin.

Once you get clock of destiny, one umbrella damage should at least chop off a tenth- eighth of the enemies health unless they are a tanky fighter or tank, go more aggressive but join teamfights late in order to bait out enemy skills first. If you do not decide to play her as an assassin but more like a mage in the backline when the teamfight starts, which is more common, then do not waste your ultimate on lets say the tank or fighter that initiates or if your franco hooks someone and you have teammates that have enough damage to burst them down. Ult only and do your combo once you see that the enemy marksman or assassin have used their mobility skills or cc and only teleport if you are certain that they do not have heavy burst.

If you are a mid mage kind of support, continue rotating and placing pressure around the map with the tank or yourself by zoning enemies and allowing your jungler to farm, do not commit everything before the jungler arrives in the team fight and just buy time. If you have execute or flameshot, dont steal the kill from your jungler if lets say the enemies cannot escape but only use those if your jungler does not have the capability to chase or kill the enemies.

Once you get holy crystal or divine glaive, a simple 1-1-3-1 combo can already take out most if not all of the squishies health.

Always have your umbrella on whenever you are unsure of enemy’s position or the enemy has a huge cc and burst potential like aurora. Safely check the bush at a distance

Late game:

When the enemy marksman or core is a late game farmer and you have somehow not ended the game already by which you should have, just play safe and dont teleport to your umbrella unless it is really safe because you are going to get melted.

Hero matchups:

Kagura is good against most squishy marksman or mages, with a few exceptions such as a a good pharsa due to her extremely long range ult that takes off half your health in one shot. If you do get closer however, its game over for her.

Kagura would have some difficulty dealing with these heroes.

– Natalia( honestly a pain in the fking arse, nat does so much damage with just one basic attack early game and if she know how to harrass you, its definitely gonna be a hard game. Even if you purify using your second, she can just use her ult and silence you again. The only way to counter this is to perhaps use your umbrella to predict where she will be coming at you(learned by experience) on the ult if you are facing her and you have no one near(which technically shouldn’t happen) and damage her enough to get her out of invisibility saving you from huge damage. Also, remain as close to someone that can cc and save you if nat attacks and check the bushes before a team fight to ensure she isnt sneaking up on you.)

Roger( tanky as fk, slippery as fk)

Pharsa( As i said, because of her extremely long range and huge damage when ulting, try to sidestep it but with the enormous slow it doesnt really do much so just go in when her ult isnt up and do your combo fast enough so you can stun her in bird form(which doesnt happen commonly) or you can sneak up to her and use ult and stun her to break her from her ult.

Ruby( Ruby’s hook is quite sudden so there isnt that much time to avoid it, just stay away from a safe distance if possible, im not sure if you can even purify it with her second because the hook will just pull you back if you dash. Even with antiheal, she is extremely hard to burst down, take care not to focus on her and do not teleport if she is near unless your team has your back.)

Harith: I really hate going against him as kag, early game he’s easy peasy, but mid game with that amount of shield and mobility plus damage, its almost impossible to put a dent in him or burst him down and you would need someone to cc him to hopefully kill him but otherwise, if you are stuck with harith with no help mid-late game , you are almost guranteed dead.

Esme: Same with harith, but more prone to cc and if she gets into close range you are kinda dead.


There are a lot of things i think I have left out because I dont know how to express it, but you will hopefully know what situations to engage and whatnot from experience of playing her. I’d say she does take a minimmum of 100 games to get the hang of playing her but she’s ultimately one of the most fun mage i have ever played and she is always a hidden gem and good if you master her. I hope you have a fun and nice day! Thank you! Feel free to add things in the comments

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