Mobile Legends Kagura Equipment Guide and Tips! By: kennyrwan63


I apologise in advance for formatting because I’m typing this from my phone.

I decided to make a Kagura guide-ish post because I saw that she was getting more and more popular, and with the upcoming revamp she is definitely gonna see more play. So if you’re looking to get into her, read on 😉

I am a Kagura main, with over 450 matches and with a 67.1% wr. She’s my most played hero, and I may be gay but she’s my wife anyway <3

I’ll start off assuming that everyone knows her skills and basic combos already (e.g B1>P3>P1>P2>B3, etc.) Note: iirc in her revamp she’s getting a faster moving umbrella, and her ult no longer tethers to enemies, it’s a circle AOE now. But the effects are identical I would say. So really not much of a difference, but I’m glad that she’s getting attention from devs.

So for builds; Personally this is how I build her, Magic Boots, CoD, LT, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive/Genius Wand, Blood Wings (flex slot). I take the mage emblem (magic pen, and movement speed) with mystery shop (because duh right) and always flameshot, never execute. I prioritise building elegant gem first before anything, and I pick up power crystal (the one that gives mana) before heading to lane. Elegant gem is very important for Kagura’s early game, you’ll realise that mana will eventually become an issue otherwise. Continue on with building boots and finishing CoD. And generally speaking if everything is going well (or not), you can just continue on with auto finishing the build.

I take cd boots on her mostly because of how lacklustre the other options are, if you take the mana boots her mana won’t run out. But generally speaking, you won’t even have enough cd reduction/low enough CD to warrant building mana boots. Arcane boots are a popular pick now, but honestly speaking with the nerfs and the fact that you are going to be building divine glaive later anyway, I don’t see why there is a need to build the magic pen boots. Since flat pen and percentage pen don’t stack. (Flat pen will take effect first before percentage pen, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s how it works)

With CD boots, you can really feel the difference when playing her. Her skills are more readily available, at full build and max emblem, you’ll be at 25% CDR. And with CoD and LT, mana shouldn’t be an issue unless you are missing your skills, or you’re just having back to back skirmishes/team fights.

I believe CoD, LT, and Holy Crystal don’t need any explaining. Very straightforward. But I’ll explain why unless you are done with these items, you really shouldn’t be teching against enemy build unless absolutely necessary. Kagura excels in escaping as is, but if you decide to tech against enemy early by building NoD, Winter Truncheon, or idk some defence item, you will really fall behind damage-wise. Honestly, not worth it. She is a late-game carry with a very annoying early game presence, but she needs these items ASAP to really shine. If you find yourself needing to tech against enemy team, try to do it only after building Holy Crystal.

For divine glaive or genius wand, just see whether enemy has any magic defence items. If it’s just the tough boots, go for genius wand. Most of the time though you will find yourself having to build divine glaive because athena is popular and also if you want to contest with tanks.

Blood wings makes her damage sky rocket plus shield is great for extra aggression. But it IS a flex slot, so do feel free to build whatever you want at the back depending on enemy team.

As for the emblem and battle spell, magic shop honestly is broken lol has been broken for so long people don’t even realise it is anymore. And please please take flameshot, never take execute. Why do people feel the need for execute with Kagura? Flameshot is such a flexible spell, offensive and defensive. A ranged execute and a powerful disengage with Kagura’s kit. Execute does not RELIABLY guarantee kills, and it serves no other purpose if it DOESN’T kill an enemy.

She has a built in low cd purify already, she has a built in blink, with proper positioning you really don’t need the other spells like Aegis. Basically, all the other spells don’t synergise with her kit.

In terms of gameplay, she really is a freestyle kind of hero. Kind of like Fanny. A lot of us have our own combos and habits, but it’s important to keep an open mind in the battlefield. So I’ll just list some of my own habits, and you guys can maybe treat them as tips to improve your Kagura.

  1. Always keep almost max distance from your umbrella. Very important. Stay far away so you can hit enemies but they can’t hit you. Kagura has range, and versatility with her umbrella, since the umbrella moves off of wherever it was since the previous cast. Keeping the umbrella at a distance also allows for easier passive proc for escapes.

  2. Always keep an eye on passive CD, don’t just blindly perform your combo expecting your P2 to stun enemies. It’ll end up killing you sometimes.

  3. Be aggressive with poking early. Don’t expect to get kills easily early game, just pressure whoever you are laning against to either go back to base or overextend then go for the kill.

  4. Be an assassin mid game. Hide in bushes and perform your combo with lightning fingers, try to not let your enemy react. Trust in her damage. If you fail to kill, idk maybe tanks or tanky fighters, Kagura has crazy escape potential anyway. Don’t be afraid.

  5. Late game and really throughout the whole game, always keep an eye on the map, and be involved in team fights and try to sweep enemies that are escaping. Using B/P1 and P3 followed by P1 is devastating in team fights.

Well. That seems to be it for me right now. If anyone has any other tips or questions, I’d love to hear them.

Have fun with Kagura in the Land of Dawn 😉

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