Mobile Legends Kaja Guide By: 0kills


Why: Suppress is a game changer, decent sustain, wave clear, enemies don’t want to get near you cause they’re afraid your ult’s up.

Why not: 60 second cooldown on ult jesus this needs to be adjusted, ult range is atrocious


0.) Support emblem’s great. Avarice and hybrid pen and also hybrid regen helps a lot early game especially since you’ll have the least gold in the team.

1.) Rush Demon Shoes with conceal roam option if you’re supporting. Use conceal to position yourself easily for ult OR better yet, use conceal after ult to get that insane movespeed boost to drag an enemy further (just don’t hit with your s2 or you’ll lose the boost.). Otherwise, no need to use roaming boots.

2.) Rush Concentrated Energy. 500g for the spellvamp component works really well with your passive attack, and the additional sustain helps you regenerate hp from just spamming s1 and passive. The 700 hp early also slightly helps in preventing you from getting bursted down.

3.) Create Fleeting Time next. The cd reduction on kills/assists aids your ult uptime. The more you can have ult up, the scarier you’ll always be.

4.) Enchanted Talisman + Durance to get to 45% cdr.

5.) Get your 6th item, normally I get Ice Queen Wand just for the additional movespeed and consistent slow procs from s1. Cuirass for anti-physical, Athene or Radiant for anti-magic.

6.) Sell your mana shoes for something else. You don’t run out of mana anymore.

** General gameplay tips: **

1.) Hit anything whenever your passive’s up, it helps clear the wave and aids your sustain. The only time you don’t want to do this is if you’re zoning the enemy laner out of minion exp.

2.) Your s1 reduces your passive whenver you hit stuff with it. Aim to hit as many enemies as you can. This thing is pretty godlike when you hit 2 champions and a whole minion wave with it because it instantly refreshes your passive again, LULZ. It’s also godlike when you’re swarmed by enemies i.e late game when your 3 towers are down since you can also clear huge waves and regain a crapton of hp back with s1 and passive spam.

3.) Your “in the bush” kill combo is ult, s2 then s1. Dragging the enemy to s2 leads to decent damage. Add an auto attack there somewhere for your passive.

4.) Feel free to pick from flicker, purify and sprint. They all have advantages.

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