Paquito is an aggressive fighter with a versatile kit to help him win against the odds. His punches might be straightforward, but his approach is what makes him dangerous! Paquito can sustain really well gaining the advantage in a lot of 1v1s with his CC and shield, his cooldowns are pretty low added to the fact that his enhanced skills have no cooldown making him capable of sending a barrage of attacks to overwhelm the opponent. Just like real-life boxing, there is a rhythm to how you should move, and a Master Paquito will never stop moving. Once you – the player – read through this guide, you too can learn to become a boxing champion.

Feel free to skip to the sections that matter to you**, this is an open book guide :))**


  • Fast Casting: Skills can be pressed in fast succession to surprise the opponent.

  • 1vMany Potential: Beginners can potentially take on 1v2s, while experienced players (in the right conditions) can go up to 4.

  • Great Sustain: All skills are AOE making him great in teamfights and in laning.

  • Slightly Durable: Fighter stats and shields can stack to save you from considerable amounts of damage.


  • Close Ranged: Vulnerable in fights that include a mage or marksman.

  • Sustain Dependent: Relies heavily on sustain in prolonged fights, 2 hard CCs are enough to take you down.

  • Skill Level: Not knowing your combos and missing your skills can leave you like a sitting duck while your skills are on CD and giving an opening for the opponent to counterattack.


(Granted you go XP Lane) Paquito at peak performance can take on nearly any fighter. I’ll give a brief marker to signify his chances against the hero in a 1v1 from early, mid to late stages of the game respectively like this: A | E | D (early goes first, late goes last). A stands for ADVANTAGE meaning you’re likely to win, E stands for EVEN meaning the better player will win, and D stands for DISADVANTAGE meaning you’re likely to lose. These markers are generalized for Paquito, end results are defined by the player and enemy’s overall skill.


Aldous (A | A | D): Never reach late-game with an enemy Aldous, bully him as much as you can when he’s trying to farm minions. His 2nd skill will give you difficulty activating your passive as well as dealing damage. You can dodge his 1st with your ULT or 2nd if you’re fast enough.

Alice (A | E | D): Alice is still a mage meaning she isn’t very durable early game. Bully her whenever you can when she tries to farm minions for stacks. Late game her large health pool and constant damage will shred through your shield and sustain making it difficult to kill her.

Alpha (A | E | D): You can dodge his skills with your ULT and 2nd while being able to do continuous burst damage. Once Alpha is fully built they’re really durable making your sustain weak against him. Don’t let him activate his passive on you or else you’ll suffer from his true damage/slow.

Alucard (A | A | A): Alucard heavily relies on his sustain or burst but since his weakness is CC (or shields) then you can always win against him.

Argus (A | A | A): Argus’ burst damage and ULT are problematic but is weak to CC. Poke/Burst him down until he uses his ULT, use your 2nd to run then finish him off after his ULTs finished.

Badang (E | E | A): Badang has consecutive CC skills as well as a ranged attack that can cancel your ULT animation (his passive can cancel your ULT when timed right). They don’t often build sustain and focus on their DHS to meltdown groups of enemies instead of sustaining in prolonged fights. Shield/sustain through Badang’s combos and use his cooldowns against him.

Balmond (A | E | D): Balmond’s durability paired with his crit/sustain will shred through your shield and health bar. Often Balmond players will be moving making it easy to miss your skills if you’re too hasty. You can use your ULT to cancel his 2nd but it will only be a short while since Balmond’s basic skills have a very low cooldown.

Bane (A | E | A): Magic or Physical Bane players will often try to keep their distance to poke you down. Their weakness is CC so it’s better to jump them instead of approaching them directly since the obvious action for them would be to back. Bane’s ULT can cancel your ULT animation, be wary of it in team fights.

Barats (E | E | D): Barats will continuously poke you with his 1st while gaining stacks to make him more durable making your sustain weaker. It is less likely that one of the two parties would kill one another but if a prolonged fight happens, Barat’s ULT can put you in a disadvantageous position.

Chou (A | E | E): Chou players can dodge as well as immune your ULT making it easy for you to miss. Chou loses in a prolonged fight against Paquito so poke him down before going all in. Chou players will often utilize their ULT to kick you in their turret or when you’re low so be wary of your condition and position.

Dyrroth (A | A | A): Yet another champion weak to CC. His 2nd will shred your defense so be wary of your condition. Dyrroth’s ULT may be a threat but it is easily cancelled by your ULT so punish them as often as possible for trying to do so.

Esmeralda (A | E | D): Esmeraldas are weak to CC so use your poke, burst, and CC to bully them in lane. Never use your 1st against her since she’ll ignore and steal your shields. In late-game, she’ll easily be able to negate your burst with her constant shields so don’t let the game drag on.

Freya (D | D | D): Constant shield and fast attacks paired with her 2 CC skills make it impossible to win against her in almost any trade. Freya’s ULT also increases the range of her basic attacks so retreat is also unlikely. Hug the turret and poke/stun her whenever you can.

Gatotkaca (A | A | A): Gatot’s 2nd forces you to stack passive. His burst can be negated with a well-timed shield from your 1st and his low mobility lets you push him around with your ULT.

Guinivere (A | A | A): Guiniveres will always initiate with their 2nd skill, time your ULT correctly and you’ll always cancel her knock-up making her ULT less effective especially in a team fight. Guiniveres will never engage with you in lane and will poke you down with their 1st before going all in. Bait her 2nd to catch her in your combo but beware of the consequences when you fail to cancel her 2nd.

Hilda (E | E | E): Hilda’s constant shield and healing in laning are enough to make your trades early game worthless. Use your ULT to push her out of the bush and overwhelm her regen with your CC and burst.

Jawhead (E | E | D): Jawheads will always try to throw you in their turret or hold you in place with their 2nd and ULT so be wary of your position. Jawhead’s passive also makes it dangerous to exchange blows so it’s better to jump them. Don’t engage in a prolonged fight and poke him down before going all in.

Kaja (E | A | A): Kajas will try to pull you in their turret so be wary of your position. His laning mainly involves poking you down before going all-in so you should close the gap whenever possible to negate his damage with your 1st skill. Poke him down before stunning him and going all in.

Khaleed (A | A | A): You can dodge both Khaleed’s ULT and 1st with your 2nd, preventing him from spinning any further will give you a window of opportunity for a counterattack. You can cancel his 2nd using your ULT.

Lapu-Lapu (E | E | D): Your reduced damage against Lapu in ULT form will put you at a disadvantage especially when he uses his ULT. It is better to jump Lapus while they’re in normal form or punish them while they’re charging their 1st during ULT form. Lapu players will often poke you down with their 1st before using their ULT to go all in.

Leomord (A | E | E): Leomords constantly move during their ULT form making it possible to miss. Punish Leomords for charging their 1st while in normal form or jump them while they aren’t in ULT form. Leomord players will often poke you down with their 1st before using ULT to go all in.

Martis (A | E | E): Martis’ 2nd can cancel your ULT animation when timed right. They will often poke you down with their 1st and will 2nd whenever you try to get close. Martis will often land more basic attacks than you because of his passive. Your chance to beat him is when his 2nd is on cooldown.

Masha (A | A | A): Masha can cancel your basic attack with her 2nd. Always have skills ready against her and you’ll always have the advantage since her main damage comes from doing basic attacks.

Minsitthar (A | E | E): Minsitthars have no mobility and sustain making him hard to miss and weak to CC. His only threat is his ULT. When caught in it, use your 1st to reduce any incoming damage and try to escape as soon as possible.

Paquito (E | E | E): Whoever strikes first, knows their combos better, and has more stacks on passive will have a higher chance of winning. Missing once could result in you dying.

Roger (A | E | E): Less likely you’ll ever meet him in XP lane since he’s a Jungler/Gold Laner. His 1st in wolf form can make you miss your skills and it’s just better to jump/attack him while he’s in human form.

Ruby (D | E | A): Rubys will constantly poke at a distance before going all in. Ruby’s passive makes it possible to miss your skills easily. Her 2nd and ULT can cancel both your 2nd and ULT animation. It’s less likely one would kill the other due to both having insane sustain but if a prolonged 1v1 occurs, Ruby loses.

Saber (E | E | A): Sabers will poke you down with their 1st before going all in. His full combo can easily kill you when you’re below half health. Saber’s ULT can cancel your ULT animation.

Silvanna (A | E | E): Silvanna’s 1st can cancel your ULT animation. Your ULT can cancel Silvannas 2nd. You can dodge her 1st with your 2nd. Punish Silvannas who trap you in their ULT by cancelling their skills and stunning them.

Sun (A | A | D): Doing basic attacks on Sun’s clones gives stacks. Do not get surrounded and focus on one Sun, instead, line up Sun and his clones to catch all three of them in your ULT, this will not only guarantee that you hit the actual Sun but will give you extra sustain. Late game Suns will melt you the moment your skills go on CD so know your combos to prevent that.

Thamuz (E | E | A): Thamuz’s poke, sustain, and true damage passive becomes a threat early-mid game. Use your ULT to prevent him from picking up his scythes. Out-sustain Thamuz by using your 1st and ULT to prevent him from healing through spell vamp and life-steal.

Terizla (A | A | A): Terizla’s slow skills make it possible to negate the incoming damage with sustain. You can cancel Terizla’s 2nd with your ULT. The pull and knock-up of his ULT can cancel your ULT animation. Either party will have difficulty killing the other because of their durability but in a prolonged fight, Terizla loses.

Uranus (A | A | E): Uranus is still a tank meaning he will be hard to kill. His sustain and 1st skill make him dangerous in a prolonged fight but luckily, this level of threat only becomes relevant late game. Use your 1st to negate the damage from his 1st and 2nd while using your 2nd and ULT to overpower his sustain.

X.Borg (A | A | A): You can easily break his armor or dodge his skills by using your ULT or 2nd. Close the gap whenever he tries to use his 1st against you by using your 2nd before stunning him with your ULT. The trick is to break his armor as much as possible to prevent him from using his ULT (since it is still a threat) and to keep him exposed.

Yu Zhong (E | E | D): Don’t let him stack his passive on you, the damage ignores your shields. Poke him down while avoiding his skills as much as possible before going all-in with your CC and burst. Use your 2nd to dodge his 1st and 2nd. You’ll be at a disadvantage when he is in dragon form and you’ll have a short window to stun him the moment he goes out of dragon form.

Zhask (A | E | E): Doing basic attacks on Zhask’s spawn gives stacks. Use Zhask’s spawn to your advantage to gain stacks and close the gap. Zhasks are still mages meaning a full combo can easily kill him. Zhask’s ULT isn’t a massive threat early game, force him out and kill him.

Zilong (A | A | E): Zilongs are squishy and weak to CC making them easy to kill. The threat of his burst grows as the game gets longer. Use your ULT against him whenever he uses his 2nd to get close. Beware of Zilong when you are below half health.



Passive – Champ Stance: Each time Paquito damages an enemy using his basic attack or skills, it grants him 1 stack. At 4 stacks his next skill will be enhanced and will grant 60% movement speed as well as consume all stacks. His basic attack is 85% effective.

Tips – Basic attack only grants stacks against enemy players. Enhanced skills have no cooldown. It’s a good idea to insert basic attacks between skills to save yourself from cooldown and to make your own combos.

1st Skill – Heavy Left Punch [ Buff ]: Paquito punches in a small area in front of him, dealing normal amounts of physical damage. If an enemy is hit, Paquito gains a shield. When enhanced this skill will deal (~45%) increased damage while the shield he gets will increase by a certain %. Normal and enhanced shields can stack and each shield lasts for 2.5s.

Tips – This skill is instant and great for playing defense especially for 1v1s or negating damage. Stacking two enhanced shields from your 1st won’t work.

2nd Skill – Jab [ Burst ] [ Blink ]: Paquito dashes in a specified direction then deals heavy amounts of physical damage to all enemies in an AOE area in front of him. When enhanced this skill will deal (~100%) increased damage. The dash will not do damage and will immediately stop when hitting an enemy hero or jungle monster.

Tips – It’s Low CD and ability to go through walls makes this a great mobility skill. You can pass through the thick wall by the sidelane’s 2nd turret if you position yourself directly parallel to the jungle monster. The range of the aoe is farther than you might think, use this advantage to poke enemies from a short distance.

ULT – Knockout Strike [ Burst ] [ CC ]: Paquito dashes forward dealing normal amounts of physical damage as well knocking back enemies caught in the dash to the skill destination. He then does heavy amounts of physical damage whilst slowing down the enemies hit by 75% for 1 second and immediately afterward, dashes back. When enhanced this skill’s heavy damage will deal (~50%) increased damage and will knock the enemy airborne.

Tips – This skill’s 2 hit damage makes it one of Paquito’s main damage skills. This skill will not dash through walls and will instead slide along the terrain when aimed at an angle. Use this skill’s displacement/knockup to cancel or interrupt certain skills used by enemy heroes (I.e Odette ULT, Franco ULT, Guinevere’s 2nd, etc.)

Skill Path: 2nd » ULT » 1st


The key to playing Paquito effectively is knowing, landing, and managing your combos, especially because he’s the hero with one of the most combos in the game. Experienced Paquito’s are able to make their own combos without leaving an opening after their attacks, letting them reposition or retreat. Knowing when to also weave in a basic attack between skills and combos will make a massive difference in a fight.



Legend: (1)st Skill, (2)nd Skill, (3) ULT, (BA) Basic Attack, (») Next, () Enhanced, (!) Situational / Difficult

Basic Skills

  • Block: 1

  • Poke / Dodge: 2

  • Push: 3

1 Bar Combos

2 Bar Combos

  • Connector: 2 » 1 » 2↑

  • Double Dip: 2 » 1 or BA » 3↑ » 3

  • (!)Deep Dive: 3 » 3↑ » 2 » 1

  • (!)Takedown: 3 » 3↑ » 2 » BA » 1 » BA » 3↑

3 Bar Combos

4 Bar Combos

  • (!)Full Defense: 1↑ » 3 » 2 » 1 » 1↑

  • Hard Chase: 2↑ » 1 » 3 » 2 » 2↑

  • Knockout CC: 3↑ » 3 » 2 » 1 » 3↑

  • (!)40% CDR Flex: 3↑ » 2 » BA » 1 » BA » 3↑ » 3 » 2 » BA » 3↑

Builds, Emblems, and Spells

Paquito has many items open to his loadout to pair with his kit. These Items can include Physical and Defense items to strengthen his capabilities as a fighter.

Recommended Physical Items:

  1. Bloodlust Axe (Core Item) – Sustain and CD

  2. Blade of Despair (Snowball) – Stronger Damage, Shield, and Sustain

  3. Hunter Strike (Budget BoD) – Minor PEN, CD, and Speed Up

  4. Windtalker (Situational) – Movement Speed and Faster Passive

  5. Rose Gold (Situational) – Against Magic Lineups

Items like Endless Battle or Heptaseas are also viable but will trade your sustain for burst*.*

Recommended Defense Items:

  1. Bruteforce Breastplate (Core Item) – HP, Hybrid Defense and Speed Up

  2. Queens Wings (Core Item) – HP, CD, DMG Reduction and Sustain

  3. Immortality (Revive) – HP and Armor

  4. Oracle (Situational) – CD, Magic Res, and Stronger Shields/Sustain

  5. Athena’s Shield (Situational) – HP, Magic Res, and Anti-Magic Burst

Items like Antique Cuirass or Cursed Helm are also viable when going for a Tank/Support Build.

Example Builds:

  • Standard: Warrior Boots, Bloodlust, BruteForce, BoD, Queens Wings, Immortality

  • 40% CD: Warrior Boots, Bloodlust, Hunter Strike, Oracle, Queens Wings, Immortality

  • Magic Res: Tough Boots, Bloodlust, Rose Gold, Oracle, Athena’s, Immortality



  1. 1/3 Firmness (Armor) | 2/3 Shield (MagRes)

  2. 3/3 Invasion (PEN)

  3. Talent – Festival of Blood (Spell Vamp)

  1. 3/3 Agility (MovementSpd)

  2. 3/3 Bloodthirst (Spell Vamp)

  3. Talent – Killing Spree (Heal)

  1. 3/3 Vitality (Max HP)

  2. 1/3 Fortress (Armor %) | 2/3 Purity (MagRes %)

  3. Talent – Concussive Blast (Damage)


Picking / Drafting

As tempting and fun as Paquito maybe, when it comes to draft picking take a look at the enemy’s lineup and think if picking Paquito will help you win lane or the whole game (in other words, are you picking him because you want to win against your lane matchup or because you could use him to your advantage against the enemy lineup). Picking him against lineups that mostly consist of ranged heroes would be risky since you may have the advantage early game but you will most certainly be at a disadvantage later on; hitting them with your skills will be a challenge and poke-burst skills will be your greatest problem even before initiating. Pick Paquito against lineups that consist of at least 2 or more frontline heroes (i.e Tanks, Fighters, Hybrids).

Early Game

Use your 2nd as much as possible to get to lane before your opponent, hiding in the bush will let you have the chance of poke-bursting them as well as having the first hit. Constantly poke them down or cancel their regen with your 2nd before making distance, the trick is to make the enemy hug turret or recall to lose XP. Punish them for overextending with your burst + execute combo and get a gold lead to snowball or win lane by pushing their turret (see Matchups for more info).

Paquito’s playstyle is to be aggressive but don’t forget to recall when you’re low as you will be ganked for overextending by the enemies that are rotating.

Mid Game

By this time you need to have at least two core items (see Builds for recommended items). Buying two attack items can serve Paquito as a glass cannon while buying one defense and attack item can significantly increase his hybrid capabilities as a fighter. During this stage of the game you need to clear your lane’s enemy minion wave as soon as possible to be able to rotate and help gank at mid or jungle but never the opposite side lane (unless necessary), join any team fights that occur nearby and catch as many squishy heroes with your ULT as possible. You’re not only going to be able to kill some enemies with your burst and CC, but you’ll be useful to your teammates by holding the enemy down momentarily. Rotate back to your turret as soon as possible to prevent the enemy laner from pushing and use every opportunity to push the enemy lane turret whenever you see your enemy laner pop up on a different lane.

Be sure you don’t only focus on your enemy laner since his teammates can also gank your lane.

Late Game

Coordinating with your teammates as well as knowing when to split push are the most important things to note during this stage of the game. Minimize your chances of death as much as possible since respawn timers become a huge factor to defending or pushing to win – avoid going solo and stick with your team. When a team fight breaks out, be the one to either take out the enemy DPS or disrupt enemy skills to support your teammates and prevent them from being killed. Paquito during this phase of the game can both be a semi-tank and a bursty-fighter depending on how well you support and synergize with your team.

Synergies and Counters



As you can tell from Paquito’s kit, he is a high sustain, AOE-burst fighter and does well in a lineup that can mutually complement his kit. Paquito’s synergy lies within heroes that have setting skills that clump enemies together, burst skills that follow up with his CC (Any DPS), and buffing skills that can enhance his mobility or durability.

  • Ideal: Tigreal, Khufra, Atlas, Angela, Rafaela, Ruby

  • Great: Gatotkaca, Aurora, Vale, Estes, Diggie, Chou


If it wasn’t obvious by now, Paquito’s disadvantage is mainly when he’s not able to hit the enemy or when he misses his combos – in other words, range and precision. Heroes that can interrupt (CC), make him miss (Blink), or cancel the sustain from his combos (Anti-Heal or Burst) are the key to giving a Paquito player the regret of ever choosing him over other fighters. If you yourself are playing Paquito and see any one of these heroes coming after you in a 1v2 or team fight, your best action would be to retreat or reposition.

  • Early: Khufra, Baxia, Franco, Freya, Selena, Harley, Lunox

  • Mid/Late: Akai, Hylos, Karrie, Kimmy, Aurora, Harith, Cecilion

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