Mobile Legends Lane Management Guide


Mobile Legends Lane Management Guide?by 0kills

I?m going to cut to the chase and give some random tips on how to win your lane.

Last hit if you can

This gives you extra gold, and according to others (but I haven?t verified) more exp. You get 20~30% more gold per wave this way.

Push your lane, then farm the jungle

This is the most basic way midlane marksmen, with miya being the most notable example, farm super fast and get their levels up too. Done correctly, this forces the enemy laner to stay in their lanes lest they lose out on juicy exp and gold

If you have a strong lvl 1 melee champion, try proxying

So the term ?proxying? has various meanings depending on what kind of game you play. In general though, it?s when you bypass the enemy?s turret to farm faster and/or force enemies into a ?lose-lose? situation.

In top lane, for example, you can sneak past the buff camps then head to the bushes. If you do this at the start of the game ASAP, and start attacking the creeps behind enemy turret, it tends to make enemy laners either leave their lane (and therefore miss out on your minions as they head immediately to enemy tower) in an effort to stop you.

The best heroes I?ve done this with include Chou (frst skill), Balmond (spinnaroonie) and Fanny (beyblade). I have lvl 47 physical emblem and sword start so I can solo the wave faster than other champs.

If done solo, your hero immediately reaches lvl 2 and can escape (chou can reset his dash, balmond can dash, fanny can cable out) OR even skirmish well against most champs thanks to the level advantage.

Out of all the strategies mentioned, this one is the riskiest but also the most rewarding when pulled correctly.

It?s a lot easier to do with another ally of course.

And then what happens from there is either stealing the enemy?s jungle or continue proxying. When I did this with a good teammate, he followed me throughout the first 3 levels of the game so I shifted my strategy towards stealing all their camps.

A simple way to counter this is to just stay in your tower first, but again, the tradeoff is that the enemy proxy can steal your jungle easily instead.

Waiting at the last possible moment, instead of immediately heading to another lane to clear off a huge wave

So this one?s a bit complicated and requires a certain degree of map awareness. What this basically means is that so long as the huge wave heading to one of your lanes isn?t anywhere near the tower yet, you can focus on other objectives then head there later.

A huge minion wave makes it so that the other team?s wave gets demolished faster. This means the lane pushes and so long as there?s no other champion there, they?re missing out on a buttload of exp and gold.

Again, you have to have good ~ great map awareness because you?re technically predicting what?s going to happen in the next few minutes.

The last thing you want to happen, for example, is to have top lane getting risked of losing a turret and lord/turtle spawning at bot lane. Unless your team has fanny, improper lane management can lead to the loss of one (or even both).

Those are the ones I can think off from the top of my head. If you have any inquiries, just let me know 🙂

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