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I am HUGE Jojo’s fan. My favorite part is Stone Ocean. (I know a lot of people hated that part but that’s fine. A lot of people can be wrong, too.). With those said, one thing that I loved about this part was that it had one of my most favorite stand in all of Jojo, Made in Heaven. The design is just effing cool. The clock on the face. The feathers around his neck. And the literal HORSE c***.

So, in celebration of the Stone Ocean anime coming out this December, I decided to make a tribute guide to my fave stand of all time. This guide will be on our fave crippling depression loving emo horse man, Leomord, ML’s version of Made in Heaven.

I do not claim to be a total Leomord expert but I’ve played enough games to know he works.

NEW FOUND GLORY (Summary of his backstory coz it’s too effing long.) Long ago, Vexana’s kingdom was a beautiful one. However, she got corrupted by the abyss and transformed a once beautiful kindom into hell on earth. She became dark and evil (Like your exes). Due to his loyalty to Vexana, Leomord could not find the strength to go against his queen. Hence, he took his own life out of hopelessness amd despair.

Flash forward to the present, Tigreal, accompanied by his army, stormed Necrokeep. Little did he know that Vexana was able to bring her loyal knight back to life and was willing to die (again) for her and the kingdom. Leomord was angry due to what happened to his people but in the end he still swore loyalty to the dark queen.

A huge fight erupted that lasted hours. Both men’s armies gave all their souls. Eventually, Tigreal and his army retreated as he has witnessed so much of his men’s blood spilled on his hands. Leomord knew he can beat him but he decided not to because he saw so much of himself in Tigreal.

Now you all know why he is so emo.


The Oath Keeper (Passive) – Leomord deals CRITICAL DAMAGE when oppoments are under 30% HP.

Momentum (1st Skill) – Leomord thrusts his GIANT weapon against the enemies, dealing 360 + 140% Total Physical Attack. This also slows enemies by 40% for 1s. He also gains a shield that can absorb 150 (+ 150% Total Physical Attack) physical damage.

Decimation Assault (2nd Skill) – It’s bad enough that this knight boy loves thrusting his long sword into people. With his second skill, he’ll be able to penetrate the enemies himself. Leomord charges in a direction, dealing 300 (+ 50% Total Physical Attack )Physical Damage. This also slows them downby 30%  for 1s.

Phantom Steed (Ultimate) – Summon your horse, Barbiel, and force your enemies to see their fates like Father Pucci did in Jojo. Barbiel is summoned in a linear direction, which can knock back enemies, dealing 350 (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. If Leomord is able to ride his horse, he will be in a mounted state, giving Leomord new skills 1 and 2 to use which are:

Phantom Stomp (Enhanced Skill 1) – Barbiel stomps the ground beneath him, causing a cascade of Earth to emerge in a line, dealing 300 (+120% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage which also slows enemies by 40% for 1s.

Phantom Charge (Enhanced Skill 2) – Barbiel leaps forward and drags enemies with him dealing 300 (+ 50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

In addition to the enhanced skills, Leomod’s basic attack becomes circular in motion, which can deal a ROUND of hurt. (Get it?)

THE USED (Emblems, Battle Spell and Builds)

For emblems, you can either go Fighter or Assassin. Fighter allows Leomord to sustain and add damage during battle.

Put all points in Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Festival of Blood for that sweet HP sucking action.

Assassin allows you to instantly regain health tahnks to the 3rd talent. Select Killing Spree and put points in Movement Speed to watch Barbiel go whip and neigh neigh on enemy asses and either Spell Vamp for some more sustain or Crit Chance to get your enemies to 30% quicker.

For Battle Spell, there are many options but the one I use is execute, which works REALLY well with the Assassin Emblem skill Killing Spree. Other battle spells can be Vengeance for the additional survivability, amd Retribution if want to feed Barbiel faster coz horses need them nutrients fam.

For the Builds, you can go with the following:

Warrior Boots – if going against Physical Damage Bois or Tough Boots – for going against Magic Damage Bois plus less time getting CC’d Bloodlust Axe – the connouiseurs’ choice. Adds spell vamp and CD reduction. War Axe – the connouiseurs’ other choice. Adds more physical damage and penetration for every damage dealt and has movement speed boost at full stacks (8) Endless Battle – Pretty much the dream item for fighters. CD reduction + Movement speed + Physical Lifesteal + True Damage + … need I say more? Blade of Despair – additional physical attack when enemies are under 50% health. (Essentially a second passive for Leomord). Also it has the word despair which Leomord really likes. Thunder Belt – if you’ve mastered Leomord, this is is the ultimate troll weapon. Allows you to slow down enemies using basic attack after using skills. Has low cooldown so you can spam this as much as you want. OR Berserker’s Fury – This complements your crit based passive. Beserker’s adds MORE crit damage to your basic attack, which will allow you to kill enemies faster.

OTHER ITEMS: Sea Halberd – use against pesky high sustain bois and healers like Esmeralda, Estes, Esrafaela, est cetera. Malefic Roar – if for any reason the enemy team has many tanky and semi tanky allies (screw the PH server), used this to get additional penetration.

SIMPLE PLAN (Gameplay)

Unfortunately, I have not yet used Leo as a jungler. I apologize to those expecting a Leomord jungle guide as most of my EXTREMELY TALENTED teammates can “carry” me to a good game and decide to take the initiative of being the jungler. Like that one Fanny with a KDA of 1 7 3 or that Lancelot that dashes on an invisible Natalia. So, this part is mostly gonna be a Leomord side laner gameplay guide.

  1. Go to XP lane and GET TO LEVEL 4 ASAP. Leomord without Barbiel is as useless as Johnny Joestar’s legs. Harass your counterpart with first skill. Try to aim for all the enemy minions and use your dash (if possible and safe). This will hopefully be enough to activate your crit passive and one shot the minions for quick wave clear.

  2. Look at the map to see if teamfights are about to start. Unleash Barbiel and drag the skills in a direction of your choosing by dragging (pls drag this and not just press it) it to an enemy crowded area. Use 2nd skill to get nearer to Barbiel and use 1st skill to deal damage before mounting Barbiel. (Warning: Not sure if this is a bug but Leomord will only be able to mount Barbiel once the 1st skill is completed. This will cause a delay in your ultimate form so be careful as enemies can drag you away from the horse.). By this time, you’d have dealt enough damage to get near to 30% as much as possible. Use enhanced 1st skill to slow enemies and drag them back to your teammates using enhanced 2nd skills.

  3. Always help with objectives. If needed, you can use your horse to help in getting objectives faster.

  4. Rinse and repeat until you get your core items. Never be afraid to 1v1 (Or if you’re REALLY good, 5v1) your enemies’ asses since you have INCREDIBLE sustain and crit on your side. Always keep in mind Leomord’s goal: Get them low as much as possible until you can crit their butts.

Good Charlotte (Tips)

  • Member what I said about Leomord’s circular basic attack when mounting Barbiel? This can be useful in teamfights since it can affect MULTIPLE heroes. Also, the crit damage will take effect on heroes who are not yet under 30% as long as there are enemies who do. You do the math, my guys.

  • Take advantage of Leomord’s knock back when summoning the horse. You can use this to disrupt pain in the horsebutt skills like Pharsa’s ult, Silvanna’s 2nd skill, Odette’s ult (before revamp T.T) or Tigreal’s ult.

  • Do not underestimate Leomord’s 1st skill. It is extremely versatile. You can use it to gain a shield for additional survivability, a makeshift retribution for getting jungle like crabs, or a poke skill for low HP enemies.

  • Play Made in Heaven by Queen in the background to feel like a true powerful priest with a horse.

JIMMY EAT WORLD (Final Thoughts) Overall, Leomord is an overlooked fighter since there are better fighters like Phoveus, Paquito. But given the right situation, the horseman of the apocalypse can conquer all with his mughty Oath Keeper and loyal steed barbiel.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if y’all want another guide or if you have any additional info about our undead horseback rider.

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