Mobile Legends Little tidbits about Yve By: ice00monster


Hi. This guide is from what I experienced from Yve. It might not be relevant to you, but yeah, just sharing random stuff (because solo-queue seems to have so many throwers who would pick Dyrroth with Golden Staff lately, I might do something else worthwhile instead).

BUILD: My core build goes like this:

DEMON SHOES – Mana regen, obviously
FLEETING TIME – Yes, I take it first. I need it to spam the ultimate, and seeing that her skills actually deal good damage at early game, I take this first. And yes, I acknowledge the Fleeting Time bug when you use it with the ultimate, though (I spam S1 and S2 too, and any cooldown reduction for the ultimate is so welcome).
LIGHTNING TRUNCHEON – Burst damage. Typically, I can deal massive damage with this and S1, and with S2 it’s an annoying pokey tactic as well (the LT burst with the slowdown thing is really funny to see when it lands on the enemies)
ICE QUEEN WAND – Slowdown. It allows me to make it more difficult for the enemies to break away from my attacks, and increases my movespeed by a good bit too.

From here, normally I check enemy compositions. But my most general build track goes like:

DIVINE GLAIVE – I’m still used to calling this as “Devil’s Tears”, lol. Anyway, by then, normally enemies would be building magic resistance from all my harassing. So, yep.
GLOWING WAND – For more DPS and movespeed. Also very good for clearing minions.
NECKLACE OF DURANCE – Anti-lifesteal, and more cooldown.

No, I don’t run COD, nor do I run Winter Truncheon. I don’t run COD because I find the LT burst sufficient, and I don’t run Winter Truncheon since I’m pretty much confident about my positioning (and personally I don’t think it’s a good idea to have one, since you’re pretty much a sitting duck already with your ultimate).

SPELLS: I only run one spell on her, which is SPRINT. Why? Because it allows you to cover more distance as compared to Flicker. Also, she does not as easily disrupted like Pharsa or Odette by CC, and if the enemies somehow end up near me, it’s my fault for not positioning well.

EMBLEM: Might look weird, but I actually run the Support emblem. Prioritize cooldown, PEN, then the thing where you get back on game faster when dead. Similar to the old Pharsa, Yve is an extremely powerful defense hero. Getting back quick after dying is a really good thing to have.

PLAYSTYLE: Actually, my playstyle with her is a spammy zoning type. I can’t really tell how to play it, just bring the maximum annoyance to the enemy while staying at the back. Maybe I’ll just give a few tips:

  1. At max cooldown (40%), S1 is at 1.5 seconds. Spam it. And it really hurts, especially if you have LT with you. The burst is so massive that you can actually manage to steal the Lord with it.

  2. The crystal (S2) can actually function as a ward. Use it so you don’t get ganked too often, however its short deployment range may be an issue.

  3. S2 + Ice Queen Wand = super slow minions, and effective zoner. Probably something to think about. Also, you can position the second phase such that it forces your enemies to move at a certain way that it would expose them, or something.

  4. Common tactic for ganks and clashes: Slide first before tapping! This allows you to hit your tap-tap attacks more often.

  5. Base defense mode: SPAM SLIDE!! Please, please do NOT try tapping when you’re trying to defend your main tower. I’ve seen this a lot and it’s horribly, horribly stupid. The AOE is so small and the taps take too long to kill or waveclear effectively. Just slide repeatedly on the incoming wave then activate S2 to slow them even more, then just spam the spammy S1. Hopefully you have Glowing Wand by then, and I’ve base-defended successfully against at least three people while doing this.

  6. Zoning: Do small slides, then just spam TAPS! While the sliding attack looks like a zoning skill, no, it is NOT, it does horribly little damage to be an actual zoning attack. Say when your team is trying to secure a turtle, just do small slides from where the enemy would be most likely coming from, then tap-tap as if you were spamming the old Feathered Airstrike to prevent them from getting near the turtle. By the way, that big rocky wall beside the bush (on your team’s side, near the buff) is a very good position. Just put S2 on the bush before you aim your grid attack.

  7. Position your ultimate such that there’s no means for the enemy to go behind of you easily. Unlike Pharsa, her ultimate’s firing range is only ‘in front of you’. So what you can do is to stick beside a wall, then angle your ultimate from there.

  8. Pick her wisely. One enemy blinker is fine. Two, you need to position really well, but it’s still serviceable. Three blinkers, just don’t pick her.

  9. Do not be so stingy with the use of the ultimate. Unlike the old Pharsa which is so reliant on the ultimate (but is actually spammy), Yve’s S1 and S2 are very good. So if people are trying to run from your team (I mean, so far from you that you won’t be able to do good damage to them), just use the ultimate to slow them down (Yve’s ult border has this annoying Estes-like effect). Go chase and use S2 to prevent them from moving even more, but please don’t go tunnel vision and end up in front. If your team kills the enemy, Fleeting Time should trigger cooldown reductions.

  10. So when do I begin… running? This is actually the most common question I get. My rule of thumb with her is that from the farthest row, my enemies can only stay from that farthest row until the third row. If they’re getting closer than that, I cancel ultimate, double-tap S2 (it normally ends up with the ones trying to get near you), then gtfo.

  11. My best teammates? I find it to be Minsitthar, Franco, and at a lesser degree, Angela.

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