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Mobile Legends Lolita Guide?by 4682848780

Since Lolita?s ulti bug has been fixed, here?s my way to play Lolita 🙂

I usually build Lolita as CDR Tank. I go for Magic Boots > Oracle > Dominance Ice > Courage Bulwark (you could skip this and get Heart of Steel) > Bloodthirsty King > Immortality. Your goal here is to deny ADC damage with your shield and continue to soak up damage until it goes back online. Spam your rockets to stun, not really to damage, and use ulti to force them to reposition and/or in synergy with your teammates like Alpha and Freya.

If you have a dedicated tank, you could get magic damage. Magic Boots > Oracle > Guardian Relic > Courage Bulwark (you could get Immortality instead of this) > Astral Wand > Blood Wings. Your goal here is to protect your ADC at all costs, use your slow/stun/ulti to prevent fighters/assassins to reach your ADC (most assassins/fighters are slightly squishy so you and your ADC can manage to kill them)

You can go ultra tank with Warrior Boots > Blade Armor > Demon?s Advent > Saint?s Robe > Heart of Steel > Bloodthirsty King when they have only 1 mage. If they have more than 1 mage Warrior Boots > Cursed Helmet > Demon?s Advent > Saint?s Robe > Heart of Steel > Bloodthirsty King. I prefer armor than raw HP so I tend to get Bloodthirsty King last. You basically act like an actual tank and soak damage, but if you?re doing this, just go get Johnson.

With itemization, I really want to buy things like Fleeting Time and Enchanted Talisman here but I find that the added mana and mana regen to be useless. You could Dominance Ice for the unique (the -35% atk. speed, -5% movespeed, and 15% CDR) even though the added mana is useless. I get Oracle a lot since I benefit from everything in it and I also get Courage Bulwark a lot since the team buff it gives really helps since you are probably alive the whole fight.

My favorite enemies are Cyclops and Moskov, since I can block anything they do. Saber flying sword and Eudora?s stun is easily blockable. Blocking stuns are important. Remember that you are invulnerable during ulti charge, use it to your advantage even if it ends up not finishing charging. For example, you have low life left, but your ADC can still kill them, use your ulti to soak damage. Another example is you can only live for a few seconds longer but your shield is still in CD, use ulti to live a little longer so you can use your shield. Having a low life makes them target you, being invulnerable for a little bit really helps buy time for your team to kill them. Also it returns to full charge after cancelling, so you could ulti with almost 0 charge, and get interrupted, then you get full charges instantly.

I use Flicker to easily reposition and I use Roamer Emblem. I use her sometimes in Ranked, but a lot of people really use Tigreal so I don?t get to use her as much anymore.

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