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Mobile Legends Marksmen Tips?by toeemas

So a little about myself. I started playing about two months ago, got myself to Epic V just before the last season ended and I am definitely aiming for GL now since I have found some friends to duo or trio once in awhile. Main Bruno but willing to fill the missing role when people instant lock MM at the start.

I am creating this tips section as I am sick of filling a role and my ADC doesnt fulfill his or her role. So lets begin

  1. Mid or not? Generally I will give mid priority to a mage or moskov simply because they need to farm more and have more ability to gank. We (MM) are rather useless early game trust me.
  2. Items Theres usually a general guide to what items you should build but at the end of the day, it comes down to the enemy?s team composition. Take some time when youre free to go and read up on items and how to go about building it. If you see two tanks and yet youre not getting wind chaser, youre already doing it all wrong.
  3. Positioning Please please please stay at the backline. Please learn to use hero lock as well. Dont bother about auto locking nearest or lowest HP. Please take out their ADC or for now, Estes. More often than not, the tank will be the nearest to you, since he was the one that engaged. Why are you aiming for the tank when he has barely any damage output?!
  4. To run or not to run? During a team fight do you run when you have less than 50% HP left? Do you run when you tank is dead? Its pretty much game instinct. If you have less than 50%, and your team is all alive, please do not run. Reposition yourself. You are the one that deals the most damage (assuming you are the only ADC). WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY?!? Your tank is in the fight, your initiator is in the fight, everyone is there and you as the ADC is running away? This is the reason why I hate playing tank when I am with pub ADCs. Of course if your team is engaging during the first five minutes and you do not have damage or life steal, continue to farm and control your lane cause it matters most during mid-late game for you.

So your tank went in and died, do you run? Take a quick look at who is left on both sides, your own team and the enemy?s. Do you have life steal to trade? Do you have enough damage to take out who is remaining? Are you near enough to your tower? It will even come down to the MM you are playing. Do you have stun or slow? Are the skills on cooldown? Some common sense would save your life and even the tower at times.

  1. Farm? Lord/Turtle? Push? This is by far the most crucial part. If youve cleared the enemy team, how many more towers do you need to clear before reaching the throne? How many teammates do you have left? If your team is pushing please do not be a clown and go for lord/turtle or even worse farm. If youre doing a split push for the last tower I understand. But why lord when you can end the game? Why turtle or farm when its late game and there is no point for gold anymore?

If you?ve cleared two or three from the opposing team, keep pushing! Dont let your tank or mage push alone. They wont take down a tower faster than you. Your job is simple, assist the team when damage matters most. If you team decides to lord, then follow them because if youre caught alone pushing, youre probably f?ed and your team will push with lord later without you, which is also semi-pointless.

Farm all you want to get your items up, but some map awareness goes a long way. Dont chase a kill so far that you get ganked. Look for last known positions of your enemy.

For now thats all I want to type because its time for me to play some MLBB. Good luck to all aspiring MM and please remember, your team needs you and you will need your team too.

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