Mobile Legends Masha Critical Build Guide By: PswrdBlobfish


Hi everyone!

My build is all about the Crits – “Critical Damage Build Masha” – with Battle Spell Flicker

With the crit build, especially as soon as you completed the item “Berserker’s Fury” you are a monster.

I have only 850 matches with Masha with a WR of 62,3 % and I am currently world rank 271.

I have a habit of explaining things a bit too complicated, please bear with me.

Currently I am at Mythic II rank.

So now with the introduction out of the way, we can get into the guide!

How to play

You try to steal the red buff if you go top lane. Then you’re even scarier than usual.

Try to dominate your lane, always get the crab and then slay all minions, that way you usually get more gold than the marksman in gold lane.

Health management and knowing when to regenerate with skill 4 and when to engage is crucial. That comes with experience.

Always look for heroes that are out of position, always look for opportunities to take the objective.

Push towers, steal the turtle and lord. Ping your jungler to help with the early turtles, do that between the minion waves.

Masha can’t contribute much in a teamfight. She is better off split-pushing and creating openings in the enemy’s forces.

You split push, so one enemy comes to defend. You can often take them out, because Masha shines in 1v1 situations. That creates good opening for your team.

Knowing when to steal objective and when to help the team is key.

Don’t completely ignore teamfights, help out from time to time and switch from helping out to doing splitpush to confuse the enemy.

When you help in a teamfight, don’t initiate the fight!! Basically play like Karina in teamfights. Wait until the enemy’s skills are exhausted, then jump in.

Focus the enemy marksman (disable their basic attack with skill 2), go for their assassin and mage.

If your team lacks the courage and / or heroes to initiate team fights, then you’re in a bad position, but that job is yours now. Just deal some damage and pull out when you

reach the end of your 2nd hp bar. That’s a general rule for teamfights. If the enemy’s CC spells are exhausted, you can try to kill them all with only a little hp left.

Masha is really bad at defending! Usually you’re better off to splitpush to break up the enemy forces. I have also done lord countless times while our inhibitors

were under attack – that jutsu is called “defensive lord”. It’s a forbidden jutusu and only reserved for true masters 😉

Masha is both team-dependant and farm dependant! Don’t neglect your farm, you are useless without sufficient farm.


• steal objectives fast (by clearing minion waves and turrets you also farm – so it’s kill 2 birds with 1 stone)

• steal lord – use even the slightest opportunity to steal lord – you can take on lord solo (theoretically even at level 1)

• jump in at teamfights, deal massive damage, flicker out, regenerate and go back in

• 1v1 situations, especially when you use the assassin emblem with “high and dry”

• strong throughout the whole game (decent farm needed)

• If both teams are balanced, Masha can secure lord easily, giving her team an edge

• there’s no hero, not even a jungler marksman, that can take down lord as fast as a stacked Masha

• Masha is the best hero at creating pressure on the enemy team – use that to your advantage

• Masha is by far the strongest hero at level 1, possible even at level 2. You’re free to challenge me to a 1v1 if you think otherwise. We go to the pit where turtle spawns and use it as a

fighting arena at level 1 😉

• no need to recall – just take a small camp jungel monster, use life recovery to get health back


• very weak when you initiate teamfights

• if your team gets dominated, all you can do is split push

• very weak at defending against a group

• athough you have 3 hp bars, you can get burst down easily by a group

• Masha is a team-dependant hero – you can win your lane and even go legendary, but if all of your team are duds, you still will lose the match.

Imagine all your teammates going suicide one by one into an enemy group – masha can’t do much to defend against 3+ enemies.

It’s recommended to have at least a dependable marksman (possible an ingame friend) to counter that team-dependancy


I suggest you read everything basic ingame.

1st skill “Wild Power” – Your most important skill that makes Masha a beast – insane damage and movement speed, it also lets you take down lord fast.

2nd skill “Howl Shock” – very important and unique in the game – always aim it, autoaim usually misses. Good when you hit Wanwan so she will stand still dumbfounded, same with Claude during his ult.

3rd skill “Thunderclap” – either use it to engage or to prevent the victim from running. Also note that you get high incoming damage reduction after using your ult, so ult early when you expect the

enemy’s skill combo. You can also use it to dodge CC skills, but it’s usually not easy.

4th skill “Life Recovery” – replenish your HP. Remember your mana fills the fastest by attacking heroes – jungle monsters fills it quickly also. Use the skill to dodge enemy skills!

It takes 5 seconds time to stay ouf combat to use Skill 4 – run into the bush at that time to avoid damage.

Skill Combo

Combo1: Toggle Skill 1 to on, run towards the enemy and attack. Use skill 3 and immedeately afterwards skill 2, then finish off with basic attacks

Battle Spell

Flicker – strongly recommended

This spell basically has 4 main uses:

• catch an enemy that dashed away

• get out of combat or escape multiple enemies chasing you

• first flicker then use ult to delete low hp enemies far away (note that while you fly with ult you have CC immunity)

• blink towards an emeny marksman to negate their range advantage

If you hate flicker for some reason, here are some battle spell alternatives:

• Execute: really good at the early game to secure first blood, at lategame the spell becomes almost useless (imho)

• Purify: if the enemy composition is full of CC skills, go with Purify

• Arrival: you can play Masha as a pusher, too. Remember that your team usually has to be on the offensive for this spell to be good.

Don’t try to go with Retribution and be the Jungler – Masha is really made as a sidelaner and there many better junglers than Masha. You can take down jungle monsters later in a few hits anyway.


I recommend the Assassin Emblem put points to “Agility” and “Invasion”, use talent “High and Dry”.

You get a 6 % damage boost when facing a solo enemy, which is ideal for Masha. Also the movement speed is great to attack, escape and get around the map fast.

Use this if your team is light on CC, because you need to rely on your speed to catch enemies often.

You can also use the marksman emblem. What?! MM emblem?? Yes. It increases your crit chance and gives you tons of extra damage.

Use points on “Fatal” (Crit Chance) and “Doom” (Crit damage) and use talent “Weapon Master” (extra damage).

Use that if your team has a lot of CC skills, so that you can focus on damage. You will lack a bit movespeed, keep that in mind.

Item build

Build #1 – use against tanky and / or lifesteal opponents

Warrior Boots | Windtalker | Scarlet Phantom | Berserker’s Fury | Demon Hunter Sword | Blade of Despair

Start with boots and then go from there. At timestamp 4:00 – 5:00 min you should have Windtalker. If you farm well you complete Scarlet Phantom at minute 5:30-7:30

and complete Berserker’s Fury at minute 10 or even faster.

Build #2 – use against a lot of magic damage and / or more squishy opponents

Warrior Boots | Windtalker | Scarlet Phantom | Berserker’s Fury | Rose Gold Meteor | Blade of Despair

Go with this build if the enemy has a lot of magic damage type heroes, Rose Gold Meteor gives good magic resistance and a shield.

The boots are to boost Masha’s poor physical resistance. If the enemy has mainly magic damage, use Tough boots instead.

This build doesn’t have any defensive items. A German proverb goes “The best defense is offense”. You just dive in anyway, deal a lot of damage and get out to recover health. If there are only a

few enemies, you can rely on your lifesteal.

Early game

You want to go XP lane and have your marksman go gold lane, but sometimes the team has no marksman. Then Masha is more than happy to go gold lane. Usually, as a fighter,

you want to go Xp lane. If your designated lane is top lane, you should try to steal the enemy’s red buff right at the start. Buy boots and use skill 1 to get to the bush

near the mid lane small camp fast, then use Life Recovery. At second 22 start going to the red buff. Masha is probably the strongest hero at level 1 and level 2.

Other contestants for that position are Khaleed or Freya, but those 2 stand no chance in early against Masha.

If you are contesting the enemy’s red buff, you will get a first blood or even double kill most of the time. It can happen that 3 enemies come to help while none

of your team responds to help pings. Use flicker to get out of the way and quickly get to your lane.

Always buy boots first and always prioritize skill 1. Skill ulti whenever available.

A very important thing in early is health management. Use life recovery (skill 4) a lot.

Always try to be at the 2nd health bar.

Masha can win the lane against most heroes. It is improtant to know your enemy and how their skills work.

Help the jungler do the turtle between waves and always get the crab. It also helps to be very agressive, because then ganking becomes easier for your team.

Perfect early game is steal their red buff, get first blood, get all crabs nad all waves and the 360 tower gold, then smash the tower and roam. (Note: Even with all of that, you can still lose

if all of your teammates mess up, so never think you got this game in won already because of a good early game)


I consider midgame from minute 7:30 to minute 11:30.

On the best-case scenario you have won your lane and are already splitpushing and ganking. On worst case scenario you struggled a lot on your lane, possibly got ganked a lot and you still haven’t

cleared any turrets.

Continue to farm, know when to help the team and when it’s better to splitpush. It is of upmost importance to steal the enemies’ mid tower in that phase or better even before, because that opens

up the map a lot for your team.

If the enemies are distracted or the enemy jungler is dead, you can also solo the turtle. That is not optimal, though, because you will miss out some of the minion wave. Masha can delete the 3rd

turtle alone, though.


Push and Splitpush – when an enemy comes to defend, immedeately run away to help your allies in small team fights. That way you can outnumber your enemies.

Quickly alternate between helping your team and splitpushing, eventually you get all inhibitors.

Do lord at even the slightest opportunity. Don’t push together with the lord, but in another lane. Always clear the enemy minions if you are on the offensive, so that they get pressure from all

3 lanes. If one enemy is even slightly out of position, punish them immedeately. That way you can get an edge to outnumber the opposition.

Advanced tricks for Masha users

• playstyle depends on situation – adapt: for example in my last game we had no tank and 2 marksmen. In games like that you gotta adapt and defend the squishy Layla. The crit build still works

fine, but prioritize the security of the damage dealers if there’s no tank. When your team picks 2 mages and no marksman whatsoever, but another 2 fighters, you are in a bad spot. That means

you are the ADC (attack damage carry) and you can’t do splitpushes very often. You gotta be the main source of damage in teamfights, which is not optimal.

• use Skill 2 to poke the turtle or lord, to come down to you, so that the enemy won’t see the hp

• bait opponents with your low hp, then use health recovery and rip them to shreds “‘Sike! That’s the wrong number!!!”

• use health recovery to dodge a good number of effects, such as Aldous flying into you, Selena’s stun or Franco’s hook

• camping – it’s a cheesy tactic, but it can win lots of games. Just wait in a bush where you expect an enemy to come.

Preferably by a jungle monster camp or a minion wave. If the enemy comes near, use skill 1 and hit them with 2-3 basic attacks, before they can react, then hurl skill 3 & 2 at them

• Quickbuy: what’s that you ask? Buy equipment immedeately, even and esecially during fights. It can give you an edge. I have done many maniacs by buying “Blade of Despair”

in the middle of a fight, gaining 25 % damage increase when the enemy hp was below 50 %.

• always keep an eye on the minimap – extremely important for splitpushes. Know when it is safe (for example when there is only 1 possible enemy coming for you) or when to hide.

check the minimap every 2 seconds – that goes for most heroes, but for Masha it’s important.

• health management: when all enemies are distracted, you can push until you reached the last health bar, because you deal more damage the lower your hp is. Otherwise always maintain a

high hp (bar 2 or 3).

• remember her passive: when you’re about to lose one HP bar, the next damage is blocked. If that damage is connected to a CC skill, that CC gets engated, too. It’s good to know that you are

immune to a Franco hook, for example

• speaking of immune, use skill 4 to dodge certain skills, such as Aldous crashing into you

• again, if your team is bad and you are losing, the best thing you can do for them is doing Splitpushes, that opens up the map, divides the enemy and enables them to win teamfights

• use battle emote to create confusion: I bought the AURA FIRRREEEE emote, which is loud af. It is fun to scare the enemy on the lane with it when you come out of the bushes with the emote.

In a chaotic teamfight, the loud noise and blocked view can make the enemy panic or lose focus. Just use a loud special emote when you used your skills and are hacking at an enemy.

Sounds weird but it works.

• don’t always use skill 1 when you attack, sometimes you use the normal basic attack against a minion wave to preserve HP

• use your ult to make you immune to CC while flying towards your target. Good to dodge slow CC skills like Lolita’s ult or Yu Zong’s stun. Just use ult immedeately before the stun hits you.

• sometimes it’s best to sacrifice yourself during the last push – for example you tower dive the enemy marksman with your ult, use Skill 2 immedeately and kill him. The enemy will have no

more damage to defend. Sometimes you can Flicker away before the last turrent shot is fired.

Good matchups

• most marksmen, because you can disable their basic attack with Skill 2

• most non-tank heroes without a dash skill are easy prey

• all immobile mages are basically free kills – pounce them in an ambush or pick them off during a teamfight – priority usually is the enemy marksman, though

• Gatotcaca: hack at the poor guy, until he has 10-15 % hp left, then use Skill 2 and he can’t do anything

• Roger: he can’t beat Masha in a 1v1 (considering equal gold), don’t fall for his hit & run tactics and just let him flee while you take objectives. He can get an advantage by switching to a

ranged attack while you chase him.

• Alucard: the king of lifesteal gets dethroned and put in his place easily by skill 2

• Freya: she is also very dependant on her basic attack – without it she can’t do anything, so use Skill 2 at the right time

Bad matchups

• Xborg: his annoying skill 1 makes it hard to use Life recovery or to push – not all hope is lost when hes at your Xp lane, just recover your health a lot when you trade blows.

• Thamusz: same as Xborg

• Wanwan: her dashing around makes it hard to hit her with Skill 2. Flicker away when she ults you.

• Jawhead: his CC and damage spell makes him a tough opponent. If the enemy Jawhead is on your lane and he’s really good, you better request your team to switch lanes.

• Paquito: not easy to deal with in 1v1, you need to retreat and use life recovery to have a chance

• Granger: his blinks and skill 1 aren’t good for Masha, because Masha comes directly at him, so he can shoot a whole clip at her if she chases him.

• Rafaela: her annoying damage skill + basic attack prevents you from properly staying out of combat to use Life recovery. Rafaela is also hard to kill and very annoying to deal with.


• Masha and Karina together can take down turtle and lord extremely fast. They both can ambush exceptionally well with a combination attack. Good coordination is required, though.

• Masha’s best friends are heavy CC tanks such as Tigreal or Atlas, because they tank damage and control the enemy damage dealers while you rip them apart.

If you want to see that playstyle in action, watch the YouTube channel “24strangers” for Crit build Masha gameplay. She changes the build often, but most videos are crit build, splitpush Masha.

That’s pretty much all I know and I hope you made it until the end without going nuts. Most of the splitpush tactics work for many other Fighter heroes, not only for Masha.

If you have suggestions, if you spotted some mistake, please let me know. Also I’m very open for constructive criticism.

See ya around guys!

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