Mobile Legends Natalia Solo Queue Guide


Mobile Legends Natalia Solo Queue Guide?by blueanoobie


I am a Natalia Main with 200+ Matches with 57% Win Rate mostly on Solo Queue. If it sounds so low, I boosted it from a lowly 43% winrate to what it is now. Plus Solo Queueing will make you match with newbs most of the time. So if your teammates are newbs you have to play to your 150% potential no kidding! Because a single death from you may cost the game. There was one instance of ranked game where I got a bit reckless and my bloodlust got the better of me and attacked 2 squishies. It was my mistake admittedly as my bloodlust beast mode activated and swooped in and died. My (somewhat newb) teammates follow suit and walked to the enemy, one by one, to which I kept on spamming ?Retreat?. The horror as they one by one walked towards the enemy instead of by a group.

Hopefully this guide will help you know when to pick her and when not to. Know what kind of play you will do.

When To Pick Her

  • When you have great map awareness and have an understanding of the map
  • When there is at least one Tank or two Fighters in your team
  • When you aren?t afraid to farm on enemy jungle

When not to pick Natalia

  • When you are the only melee on your team
  • When your teammates autopick Markman and Mages (3 Teammates autopick range heroes is a bad sign, pick another hero instead)

Advantages of Natalia,

  • Hard counter to Moskov and other ADC
  • Your enemies will tremble at your exclamation point
  • Can go around the map unseen

Disadvantages of Natalia

  • Squishy, susceptible to CC
  • Estes might outheal your damage (depends if you have DB or not)
  • You have only 2 Seconds of Silence before mages can use their spells

Enemies weak against you ? Moskov

Enemies To Watch Out For (Not Necessarily you are weak against them, just be careful when facing them)

  • Karina (she can skill you down no problem, but depends if you can kill her in the 2 minute silence)
  • Saber (You can?t keep invisible once Saber starts his whirling blade)
  • Nana (she can break your rhythm with her skills if you can?t kill her within the 2 seconds silence)
  • Any one with Heart of Steal and Dominance Ice. Crits are your main source of burst damage. -25% to your crit strike rate is a big blow. Less crits mean less damage you can deal. Be careful with dealing damage with heroes with these items.

What Skill To Pick

Retribution (First Choice) Boosts your jungling and has the lowest cooldown. Not to mention you can use it without breaking your invisibility and steal enemy jungle stealing of them of exp, gold, and possibly the buff.

Stun If for some reason you don?t like Retribution, use this. It stuns the enemy for .5 Seconds then slowing them plus raising mana cost. It also has a good low cooldown

Those are the spells I use with Natalia, feel free to use others depending on your playstyle. Always remember that using spells will not break your invisiblity

Early Game: Early Game may make or break you, be sure to farm at this point. Always buy Jungle Knife first

If you?re in Top Lane;

Check if there is another Natalia in the team, if yes, go to your lane as usual then jungle later. If not, Level up claw dash first and get the blue buff.

If you?re in Bottom Lane;

Check and possibly steal the Enemy Blue Buff using an invisible retribution, stealing the jungler of Exp, gold, and the buff but check first if the enemy farming it has retribution. If they have, go back to your lane and defend.

When and Where to Gank;

This early game, you are weak and squishy. Farm till you get Rapid Boots, Scarlett, and BoD. Unless it?s a coordinated gank with your teammates (which rarely happens in Solo Queue), only check the other nearest lane. Don?t go too far off, otherwise you miss precious gold and EXP from killing enemy minions in lane just running towards a far off lane. So in summary early game should be defend, farm your own nearby ungle and the nearby enemy jungle if possible.

Mid Game;

This is the time you get more aggressive, This is the time you got your core of Rapid Boots Scarlett and BoD, gank whenever possible, be more aggressive in farming the enemy jungle. Because with those items you can kill squishies possibly within your 2 seconds of silence.

Where to position yourself in a teamfight;

Do not go straight in the front line! you are NOT a tank. Go unseen to the enemy?s backside.

All Lone Squishy must Die!

All loner squishy hero must die. Give Natalia the name of that squishy hero and she?ll give you their blood. Do watch out of the heroes I mentioned earlier as it could backfire on you.

Stall Them. I?ll steal turrets;

If your map awareness senses that the enemy is on the other side of the turrent then this may be a chance to steal turrets on the other map. Unless they have Arrival or is cheating, you will deal a significant amount of damage or even destroy the turret before they get there. Remember that you are the best in stealing turrets because your passive, 1st, and 2nd can all be used as escape.

Late game;

This is where bulk of the teamfights happen. Like I said earlier, you are not meant to be a frontliner, sneak back and kill that Layla or whoever is that squishy at back.

Do Not Initiate unless you can escape;

Do not initiate the team fight, let others do it. Only initiate when you can escape or you are well coordinated with your teammates (rarely happens in Solo Queue)


Core Items;

Jungle Knife;

The first item you should always buy

Rapid Boots/Swift Boots (Your Choice)

It depends if you want attack speed or more move speed but I always go with Raoid Boots

Deadly Blade (Situational);

If there is an Estes on the enemy team it is recommended to get a deadly blade otherwise he will just out heal your damage.

Scarlett and BoD;

Crit is your main burst, without it you?re weak.

Late Game Items

Wind Chaser;

Situational, depending if there are alot of Tanks

Blade of Despair;

Great item as it gives you everything from Damage to additional critical hit rate.


Good item but I prefer Magic Blade tho

Magic Blade;

Not too bad. Gives you a shield and damage.

Thor Sting;

Get this instead of Wind Chaser if there are no other tanks in the enemy team.

In the end I always end up buying Wind chaser and Blade of Despair but feel free to mix and match with the Items I shared above.


What to level up first;

I prefer levelling up Claw Dash first. Then after 3 levels of Clawdash, I level up smoke bomb as priority. Why? Because the hogher the level of Smoke bomb the faster attack speed it gives.

However, maxing claw dash can be good too just remember that higher levels of clawdash can take a toll on your mana.

Depending on your play style you can also level up smoke bomb first then choose Fury as your spell. This was what I used with natalia during my early days. Layla goes from full to half during early game even without items.

When to use your ulti;

First of all your ulti damage SOCKS this is NOT meant to be used to deal damage to the enemy 1 on 1. But rather to more than 3 enemies WHILE your team mates pummel then. This is a team fight tool or to slow down enemies especially when they are at low health preventing their escape but NOT meant to be used as damage dealing tool.


Either use Roaming or Physical Assassin. Your choice, Physical Assassin gives you a little more damage early game while Roaming gives you a little more cooldown rate and movement speed. I tend to prefer the physical assassi n tho for better damage early game so I could kill minions and jungle monsters faster

So There, a Simple Natalia Guide for SQ people


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