Mobile Legends NEW OP BANE GUIDE (guide in comments) By: 0kills



Why: S1 range buffed, Passive attacks HURT a gazillion if built with physical items, Does a crapton of mixed damage even if built physical, Ult is a godlike CC + dmg, also demolishes towers even without minions around, strong at all phases of the game, can fill all roles

Why not: Dies if you get stunned or knocked up without defensive items, no dashes or blinks to get you to safety.


1.) Get support emblem with a crapton of hybrid regen, penetration, movespeed, and +10g everytime you hit an enemy champ. UNLESS you’re jungling, if you get jungle, use jungle emblem instead. Spells are purify / retribution.

2.) Start with s1, and max this asap. With support emblem, you’ll see you almost have infinite mana early game lulz. Always target the minion closest to the enemy, then laugh when it bounces for a truckload of damage. If doing blue buffs in jungle, make sure to always aim s1 at the little guy first, and position bane so that he’s in between those two so you can keep spamming s1 on the little guy (to destroy the big blue buff monster faster, you can also do this with lord when the little river monster is very near)

3.) If you’re near any enemy, always attack after casting skills. That passive is busted.

4.) S2 heals a percentage of max health LOST as well, so early game, just get your health to say 85~90%, then only use s2 when you get chunked down to a comfortable % you think you can safely go by. This thing, unlike s1, eats mana if you spam it. However, if you need to get health back up fast, feel free to just do s2 and release s2 asap. It’s also a huge movespeed boost, so if you really want the movespeed (which you will for a lot of reasons), hold that s2. It deals more damage when fully charged but it’s all magic scaling, so you don’t benefit from it as much when you’re using a purely physical build.

5.) Since physical dmg s1 spamming banelord has no mana issues, spam s1 to your heart’s content. You can zone an enemy out of his minion wave by staying close to it (no need to always push), and let s1’s bullet bounce on it for more dmg. If you kill the minion with s1, the bounce does even greater dmg. It’s so good.

6.) Your ult is godlike. It travels slow but it covers a HUGE distance with respectable GIRTH. It also knocks up enemies it hits for a bit (which is useful when you need to peel for your carries and/or CC a group of enemies OR just zoning them out of objectives / escape options). Use it to kill, save your allies, or kill enemies AND save allies. This thing stops approaching Fannies, Guins, paquitos, Gusions mid jump etc.

7.) These 4 items, in order, are non-negotiable to make this build OP as feek: Bloodlust Axe (cause you spam skills and sustain so much from them), Endless Battle (for the movespeed boost and true damage based on physical attack + better mana regen), Thunderbelt (for additional slows on your spammable skills as well as hp + armor), Oracle (this gives health + magic resist, and increases all the regen you get from spellvamp, lifesteal, as well as s2)

8.) Pick your boots according to what you need to protect yourself against. You want bane to have a durability item early since your first 2 priority items will be all offense and less on survival. Your damage with passive + Endless battle’s true damage just melts all targets, and heavily dents tanks.

9.) Your last item will be very situational. Blade of Destruction for even more damage, Antique Cuirass vs physical teams, and Immortality vs Magic-power burst enemies.

10.) Bane is simple but super strong. No thinking required. Spam s1 whenever it’s up (which will be on a very low cd thanks further to your AD being very high), and if done correctly, you should always be MVP with highest damage without a doubt.

11.) I mean it when I say this bane can play all roles. The hilarious thing is whatever your role will be, your core items will always remain the same. It’s THAT good.

12.) Spam s1 to deter enemies from staying close to minions. just spam it so much. You have infinite mana.

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