Mobile Legends New Player Mistakes to Avoid



Mobile Legends New Player Mistakes to Avoid?by mrminibagel

Hey there! If you?re reading this, you?re probably on a 4 game losing streak and wondering why? It?s almost certainly not that you?re just ?not good enough.? MOBAs are a mind game and based largely in strategy, and just by remembering these basic tips you should be able to vastly increase your win rate.

You?re not farming enough:

This issue is especially common with people who are new to MOBAs in general. Many new players seem to think that the best way to win is to kill the other team more than they kill yours. Because of this, new players will often abandon their lane in the early game to assist a teammate with a kill. While occasional ganking in the later stages of the early game is fine, if you?re getting into team fights in the first 5 minutes of the game, you?re doing something wrong. The early game will have little effect on the late game outside of money/exp. You will get these things much faster from farming minions than by going after kills.

Not pushing enough

I?ve lost many games due to scenarios like this:?There was a teamfight and your team won. Your team has a tank, ADC, and mage left, while all members of the other team were killed except one, who?s retreating back to base at low health. Instead of pushing turrets, killing Lord, etc. your ADC decides to chase after the enemy hero. While the enemy is eventually killed, by the time the deed the entire rest of the team has all respawned. The tank and mage tried pushing, but because of their lower damage were only able to get one tower.?This mistake is unfortunately common, and can turn easy victories into defeats on its own. It?s important to remember that kills don?t win games, objectives do. Super minions and lane control will make future pushing even faster. This is especially true in the late game.

Fighting outside of towers for no reason

Don?t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when it makes sense to fight far away from your towers. For example, when pushing lanes you don?t really have the option to stay near towers. Same goes for team fights over Turtle, Lord, etc, or when your team is down and desperately trying to farm. However, towers can be a massive help in team fights. It?s like having a 6th player?s worth of damage present. Usually just after losing a team fight, a new team will run down midlane into the jungle looking for a fight, which they then lose. In situations like this there?s no reason not to step back a little bit and gain a massive advantage. The same can be said for bushes. Surprise can be a massive advantage. Use it when you can instead of just stumbling into an impromptu team fight.


This is probably the most common mistake on the list. Usually players will find a hero they like, make a nice build, and pick this player within a second of the pick screen coming up. Sometimes it?s better to play a hero you?re less familiar with than picking a 5th ADC. Seriously, if you do a 5 ADC game in ranked, you will get destroyed pretty much constantly, guaranteed. So next time instead of rushing to pick Layla or Bruno before your teammate does the same thing, stop and wait until you know what your team needs. While it?s nice to get mad at your teammates for not picking the tank, it?s easier to just bite the bullet and do it yourself instead of spamming it in chat until someone reluctantly picks Tigreal.

Those were my tips on how to break your losing streak and dominate Master IV. Post anymore you can think of in the comments.

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