Mobile Legends Outplaying Your Opponent Guide


Mobile Legends Outplaying Your Opponent Guide?by lockpick4862

In my experience it takes more than skill with a hero to keep winning. There are things you pick up along the way that you can?t exactly put into words, but help you win that much more often. I have beaten a Lolita with Cyclops, come back from 15 deficits (too often unfortunately) and won despite 4v5s and even 3v5s (once, but lemme brag lolol). Maybe some of the stuff listed here are common sense for some, but for those inexperienced with MOBAs, they might help so be nice!


There are basically two kinda of lanes:

a) Kill Lane b) Push Lane

In Kill Lanes, you are either confident or have a chance of getting a kill. For example, against a Layla solo. Against a Balmond and Alucard duo. Basically a lane where your opponent has low kill potential and almost zero escapes. Of course, you have to have a hero with high kill potential as well, like Miya or Clint or Freya or Chou. The examples are limitless, and for some professionals, every lane is a kill lane. However, assuming you and your opponent have about the same skill level, whether or not you can secure a kill or not depends on the kit your hero has. In kill lanes you do NOT want to push the lane, instead go for jungle often and let the lane push to your tower, so you can BAIT the opponent in for a kill.

The opposite is a Push Lane. For example the best Push Lane will be a Bane and an Estes. You will be pretty much unable to die (2 heals) while Bane?s kit puts insane pressure on the opponent even under tower. Again, skill level does come in to play? but more often than no heroes like Estes and Bane and Raf and Ruby and Mino etc generally have low kill potential. As such, in Push Lanes you should always push as hard as you can, aiming to either take the tower ASAP or force them to bring allies from other lanes, allowing your teammates to dominate their lanes.


There is a psychological phenomenon, where you can CONDITION a subject to repeat certain behavior through consistent punishment or rewards. This can be applied to the game.

For example, your lane opponent constantly goes to jungle after pushing the lane. Instead of defending you head into the jungle and kill them. They try it again, and you kill them again. Most probably your lane opponent will then sit like a good boy in lane, fearing that you will come for him if he tries to jungle again.

This is a very basic example. Another would be if you know that a opponent Yunzhao/Zhaoyun loves to do that nasty split push, designate your Natalia or Freya to be prepared to go kill him while the rest of the team defends. Eventually that Yunzhao/Zhaoyun will realize split push only makes him feed, and either you get a free kill or he decides to just join the teamfight instead. Or if you know a Katarina loves to hide in the bush at Bot. Send your skillshots into the bush when you?re pushed up to opponent tower and she?ll stop hiding there.

TLDR; recognize opponents? behaviors and punish them accordingly.

  1. BAITING Say you are at 1/4 health and there is an Alucard and Aurora in lane against you. Sure you can recall and lose your tower. But if your roamer/jungler is in the bush, or a teammate from another lane is coming, you can bait them into diving the tower for you, getting a double kill. This requires you to know your survivability and if you can juke the opponent. As a Johnson, how much damage can your shield take? As a Ruby, how much lifesteal do you have?

Another instance is if you get caught in top and 3 enemy heroes are chasing down your 1/3 health Eudora. Sure you can (as most often is the case) run back towards your tower. But they might dive anyway and you?d still die. One option might be to lead them towards mid where two of your teammates are as you keep poking them down along the way. You might die, but your teammates will probably be able to clean them up for a 1 for 3 trade.

Essentially, assess your situation calmly instead of panicking and you may turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Alright I?m sure thats not an exhaustive list and I look forward to learning from any tips and tricks you guys might have to outsmart the opponent!

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