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Mobile Legends Picking Your Main Role Guide?by LGRSalt4Dayz

Picking your main role is essential in Ranked Games as a player who is proficient in one role can beat a player who plays all roles. Maining a hero is also essential since the more you practice a hero, the more you get better at it.

Finding your main role requires quite a lot of testing of heroes in match up mode. Whether you spam a certain hero or spam the same class of heroes, it requires time to fully understand the role and be comfortable on your performance of the said role.

Anyways, what are the roles in the game?

Fighters ? This role is a mix between doing lots of damage or tanking lots of damage. This role is rather versitile and the heroes in this role is rather easy to use such as Hilda but others require quite a lot of practice and game knowledge such as our fellow wolf loving red riding hood, Ruby. Or you can use the best fighter atm, which is the immortal Chou.

Marksmen ? This role focuses on dealing lots of physical damage in a distance. This role is argurably the most picked role in the game due to the sheer impact it has on matches yet they are very suspectible to ganks from Assassins if left alone. Also, they need to maintain farm to actually be effective in the game. Marksmen like Moskov and Miya require positioning and timing to prevail on a team fight.

Mages ? This role focuses on CC and high damage output using skills from their aresenal. Think of them as Marksmen throwing skills as they are pretty much the same as both roles are squishy and deal quite a lot of DPS. Mages can shift the tide of a team fight with their CC or just the raw damage output they give. Mages like Eudora, Vexana and Aurora give raw damage output yet not really mobile unlike the umbrella wielding Kagura, who has both yet requires a rather high skill cap.

Tanks ? This role focuses on soaking up lots of damage as much as possible for your team. You just need to peel for your Marksmen and Mages with your skills and focus the opponent fire on to you. Tanks such as Tigreal or Johnson are good examples of this style, both are exceedingly good at tanking damage ans giving slows and stuns to the opponent team. Unless you wanna hook someone with Franco?that works too.

Supports ? This role focuses on supporting your fellow team mates via healing, shields or buffs. You make one of your team mates fed and keep them from dying in order for them to curbstomp the opposing team. You don?t deal a lot of damage like tanks yet you aren?t as tanky as them?well for the selective few they are but the only two true supports are Estes and Rafaela. Rafaela with her tempo control and stuns and Estes with his super heals. Just beware of Deadly Blade though as it literally shuts you down if you use the heroes above.

Assassins ? This role focuses on bursting a specific target down with your hero. They usually gank lone opponents and kill them before the opponent reacts. They are also key in a team fights as they kill the opposing Marksman, Support or Mage for the ally team as to win the team fight easily. Assassins also split push, secure objectives and deal tons of damage to the opposing team if they need to. Assassins such as Natalia and Karina are good for bursting a guy down or a whole team down and escape with relative ease. Hayabusa can kill one and escape easily with his shadows or just spam shuriken and ultimate on a team fight. Map awareness is key to be a successful Assassin.

I would elaborate more on each role as I have plans to make individual role guides in the future, including each hero usage and such. Stay tuned for those. 🙂

Anyways, the roles here are straightforward in picking them.

Wanna deal a lot of critical damage behind your tank, helping with pushes and securing objectives while positioning correctly on a team fight? Be a Marksman.

Wanna tank a lot of damage and dish out in return, tower diving enemies and bursting them down or helping your team to burst them down? Be a Fighter.

Wanna take lots of hits, peel for your carry, have lots of CC to use and survive? Be a Tank.

Wanna burst people down and escape freely, securing objectives fast and get lots of kills? Be an Assassin.

Wanna deal lots of magic damage to the point of killing the opponent?s backline and doing a lot of CC? Be a Mage.

Wanna just help your team with buffs and slows while maintaining a bit of damage output? Be a Support.

It is just that straight forward. Well, It might be?too?straighforward but you get the gist of it. I may think that everyone already knows this as it is literally as basic as it could be yet I just wanna make this just for people to learn more and possibly give more opinions to people who starts up on that role.

It is also needed to be proficient in other roles as well. Your role might be picked first or you need to balance the team out. MOBA games need adaptability in order to be a successful player.

That?s the preeetty much it, see ya next time! 😀


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