Mobile Legends Quick and Easy Guide for New Players By: neo_genesis_


So recently, my fiancee decided to try this game which I have been playing for more than a couple of years already and she found herself enjoying it. With this, I wanted to coach her so that she can become better but I thought that instead of just coaching her alone, why not just make a guide for other new players as well? I will try to make this as short and easy to digest as possible without too many advanced terminologies and mechanics so that new players can have a stable footing on how they can get better.

Before we begin, one must understand that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is designed to be enjoyable for all new players since they are made to fight against bots in their first few matches. This is an excellent game design in my opinion since it helps capture the player and make them stay by letting them have fun with easy games that they can dominate and win. The real battle starts when the new players are pitted against other human players as well, which can be a roller coaster of games. It is important to remember that not all new players are just that – a new player to the game. Some are despicable smurfs (veteran players who create new accounts to dominate low ranks and new players) and some are long time players who are just stuck in their certain rank due to their current level of play. With that in mind, we can now discuss what things a new player should know, understand and practice in order to improve their gameplay.


First thing’s first: Team Composition. Before you auto-lock your favorite hero and wonder why you don’t win games anymore and is stuck with your current rank, you first need to understand what a good team composition is. Below is an example of what a common and effective team composition is:

The above team composition is pretty basic but it scales pretty well throughout an entire match because of its early to late game scaling.

  • EARLY GAME – From the beginning of the match until the Second Turtle Spawn

  • MID GAME – From the Second Turtle Spawn until the Luminous Lord (12 mins. in-game time)

  • LATE GAME – From the 12-minute mark onwards

Junglers are what you would normally call a CORE role since this role is the one that dictates the tempo and pace of the match. This can be easily be seen as the most difficult role to play since a perfect balance of farming, securing kills, objectives, and pushing needs to be mastered in order to be an effective jungler. This role is also in charge of killing the key enemy heroes who need to be prioritized and taken down first in order to win a team fight.

Marksman’s are generally used to secure the late game in a match. The main responsibility of a Marksman is to not die as often to secure the necessary gold and levels to end and win the game for the team. The Power Spike (a level or point where a hero is considered online and can join team fights) of a Marksman is usually at a later time than other roles that is why they mostly shine during the late game. Most marksman heroes are also item dependent which means that they cannot do much without their key items which would usually be three to four full item builds.

Fighters/Tanks are a pretty dynamic role to fill because it can be the fallback role that can help carry the game if ever the jungle or marksman fails to secure their farm and levels. This is also one of the most difficult roles to play since players in this role need to assess properly whether they should just push or join team fights. More on this aspect will be discussed later. Generally, fighters are durable heroes who can duke it out with their opponent in the lane. This is why either fighters or tanks are used to fill this role.

The last two roles are the mage/support and tank/support tandem. These two roles would usually go together with the jungler to secure kills and objectives around the map. That is why it is important to have good synergy for this pair such as Vale and Tigreal whose ultimates go perfectly with each other. Although the Tank is generally the one who has to roam around the map more to give help wherever needed. This goes without saying that the Tank role is the least preferred role by new players since it does not give the same sense of fulfilment in a match due to having the least amount of farm and kills. However, no one can argue that a good tank is really vital to a team since they will be in charge of leading the way and checking bushes to make sure that it is safe for the team to secure objectives and push. Props to those players who selflessly choose this role. Salute to all the frontliners.

One key thing to remember if you watch the professional scene of Mobile Legends esport is that they will have unique team compositions and strategies compared to most of the player base. As much as it is entertaining and tempting to imitate, I would strongly suggest NOT doing so because the one’s executing the lineup and strategy are professionals and they are professionals for a reason – that being them having a better understanding of the game and exceptional skills to pull it off.


Most players even at high levels have difficulty deciding when to farm or to push which can usually lead to losing the game in the end. In my opinion, there is only one question that one should remember to help them decide:


With this question, one can determine if they should prioritize farming or pushing. However, if ever your team has a significant lead in gold and levels, it should be automatic to try and end the game if possible to take advantage of it. Although in cases where your jungler and marksman fail to secure decent gold and levels, it is best to play it safe until they are ready to take team fights and easily push turrets. A good strategy to use in this scenario is to have the rest of the team defend and keep the enemy busy while the heroes that need to farm and push do so.


The small mini-map on the corner of your display screen is a very informative tool to use and master scanning. All players, in my opinion, can use this effectively by doing a simple task – COUNTING THE NUMBER OF VISIBLE ENEMY HEROES ON THE MINI-MAP. If you see that there are five enemy heroes on the far end of the map away from you, then this should automatically signal you to push the lane and secure a turret if possible by using skills on the lane minions and turrets (not all skills work on turrets). The concept of counting the enemies on the mini-map can be easily mastered so this should not be a reason to hold you back from improving and climbing the ranks. Furthermore, the mini-map can be used to aim your long-range skill shots such as Layla’s ultimate or the Flameshot battle spell. An ‘X’ marker on the enemy hero icon in the mini-map means that your skill will hit that unit in its path.


The laning phase of the match is probably something that most new players don’t give much attention to but it is one of the most important things to master to help increase your chances of winning. The basic rule of thumb here is to SURVIVE TO EARN GOLD AND EXPERIENCE. It is important to have self control by not attacking or using your skills on the minions, only on the enemy hero to harass them out of the lane. The gold and experience that lane minions give off when they die only has a limited range which means that if you are too far when a minion dies, you will not get any gold and experience from it which will automatically put you at a gap against your opponent. However, if ever your opponent knows how to control the lane properly and zones you out of the gold and experience range, then there is no harm in playing it safe and just hugging the tower (staying right beside or within an allied turret’s attack range) even if you miss out on the gold and experience. As I have mentioned earlier, what is important is to survive and not give any gold and experience to the enemy by dying. On the other hand where you know your heroes strength well and can easily harass your opponent out of the lane, always do it. Only attack or use your skills on the minions to get the last hit. Just keep in mind that a lane will push faster if the opposing minions are attacked pointlessly by a hero. So if you need to control your lane and want the enemy minions near your turret where it is safer, NEVER attack the minions unless it is to secure the last hit. When you want to push the lane, attack and use your skills on the enemy minions to kill and clear them faster.


Some skills and recalls can be heard even when not in sight as long as they are within your camera point of view. It is best to play with headphones on or your volumes at a loud or audible level to make sure that you can hear when an enemy is near you and aiming their skills. This goes without saying that if you can hear an enemy’s skill effects or recall, then they can hear yours too.


No, the settings button isn’t only for initiating a surrender. Some settings in it are actually very useful and can help the quality of your game and controls. Below are some of the settings that should be adjusted to have a better game experience.

  • Graphics: MEDIUM / HIGH

    • If you don’t have a high-end phone for gaming, then I highly suggest only setting your graphics to Medium or High to prevent FPS drops, game stutters, and overheating issues. The Smooth setting has an audio bug where you cannot hear some of the Battlefield Voice Signals and other stuff.

  • Controls, Aiming Method: ADVANCED AIM

  • Target Priority: LOWEST HP PERCENT

  • Hero Lock Mode: ON

    • This setting will display enemy hero icons near your skills icons so that you can specify which hero you want to target for your attacks or skills. Simply tap on the enemy icon to make them your target before you using your spell. The enemy icons will only appear when they are within your heroes vision.

  • Camera Shift: ON

  • Auto Upgrade and Buy: OFF

  • Speed Mode: ON/OFF

– –

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone who is reading this that Mobile Legends, at the end of the day, is still just a game, and games are made to be enjoyed. If you find yourself getting toxic and rude towards others because of this, then it is best to stop playing in the meantime and cool down. Likewise, if you encounter such players in a match, then you can always choose to mute and block them after the game. The real world can be harsh and cruel already, let us not bring that inside the game where some players use it as an escape to unwind and have fun. I hope that this simple guide can help new players get more wins and more stars.

Good luck and have fun!


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