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Mobile Legends Roger Guide?by 0kills

TL:DR version:?Build as a marksman, turn into wolf form when you?re going to assassinate stuff. Use your transform skills to run or chase.

Passive:?Human form attacks reduce movespeed by a little. Wolf form attacks increase in damage the less hp enemy has. This means go human form if you?re kiting, wolf form for killing faster. I also recommend going in wolf form for the majority of your jungling phase.

1st skill:?Human form is like clint?s 2nd skill + ult. You can aim this ofc so start your combo with this skill for the most part. Wolf form makes you untargetable for a short duration. It?s slightly slower than Chou?s though so it?s not reliable for evading targeted skills.?Remember your wolf skill deals a truckload of damage and also refreshes a majority of its cooldown on kills, not sure if assists.?It?s probably around 1~2 Seconds but if you ever find yourself in a situation where the enemies die one by one, make sure to spam this skill too.

Also remember your 1st skill in wolf form is a great mobility option. You can time it well so your actual leap distance is greater (i.e versus a fanny mid-cable) or use it to ?dodge? stuff. I prefer manual aiming for this reason. Jumping to minions or jungle monsters has many purposes.

2nd skill:?Human Form increases movespeed (again, use it to kite/chase/flee), and also the slow effect of your autos. Wolf form gives an attack speed boost. It also increases movespeed greatly if you?re in the vicinity of an enemy with low health. IF you manage to get in range of targets in wolf form, you?ll be doing a lot of damage in a short span of time.

Ultimate:?Dashes forward and transforms you into wolf/human. 6 second cooldown WHICH isn?t affected by cdr (Sad puppy!). Turning into a wolf has a noticeable delay (but very slight, not gamebreaking like lapulapu ult). Remember the human version grants you a shield for 1.5 sec too. Remember that if you?re running away and an auto attack projectile might kill you. The wolf transformation also deals a small amount of damage in an aoe, which is pretty useful in early jungling/trades. Also, you can use these dashes to pass through walls. ALSO THIS THING HAS NO MANA COST LULZ. HOPPPITY HOP HOP. If you get tower dove by melee heroes, you can use your transform skill to hop through towers. kek. Level up ultimate whenever you can cause it increases your armor/magic armor in wolf form a bit.

The actual guide

Nothing really complicated here, but make sure to utilize your skills as much as you can. Mana may be an issue if you spam so get 1 or 2 mana necklaces at some point.

CDR isn?t too efficient on him. He really works best with a marksman build, transitioning into an assassin whenever he can spot an opening.

Haas Claws is non-negotiable since you really have to use his wolf form if you want to do damage. You need all your mobility options (2 on-demand dashes, 1 gap closer, 1 movespeed booster) to dance like a butterfly in the battlefield and pick targets.

I tend to go swift shoes, haas claws, typical blade of destruction (berserker?s fury?) + blade of despair + scarlet phantom. Sometimes I?ll transform one of those magic necklaces into enchanted talisman (1800 for 20% cdr and infinite mana on roger isn?t too bad, but I?ll still sell it if item locked)

You can splitpush in wolf form very easily, remember wolf form attacks give you some aoe cleave so you can clear minion waves really fast. Your 2nd skill in wolf form lets you destroy towers fast too.

In team fights or sieges, use your first skill in human form. The skill description doesn?t lie when it says the 2nd projectile does heavy damage. Use your 2nd skill in human form to slow down enemies (don?t be afraid to slow down that tigreal or johnson if it prevents them from stunning one of your allies).

When the fight breaks out, immediately transform into wolf and head to the most vulnerable target you can see. Wolf into 1st skill allows roger to cover distance very fast. Though sometimes, if you see the target has an escape skill, you might want to save your wolf form?s first skill to counter that.

When you go into wolf form, use 2nd skill asap. The attackspeed boost synergizes well with your wolf form?s damage passive so that will allow roger to rip a target to shreds.

Once you?ve killed someone, 9/10 you?ll be in wolf form and very vulnerable. Your first escape option would be to look for the nearest jungle camp,minion or hero that you can leap to with your first skill. The next one would be your ?transform back into human? skill. Remember it takes 6 secs to be available again though.

From my experience, having enchanted talisman on allows me to do the same but also have my 2nd skill human form back up for more escape/chase options.

For elixir, go for the one that gives resilience or additional lifesteal.

It sounds ironic this guide is very boring but the champion itself isn?t. LULZ.

Have fun.

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