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Mobile Legends Saber Guide?by ShinmenTakezo0403

Hello everyone. My name is ShinmenTakezo ingame and i play on the asia server. I?m currently Epic III in ranked and used saber to get from grandmaster rank to where i am right now.

I?d like to share my experience spamming saber in rank with very high success. This guide certainly works in Epic level but i?m not sure how it will go in Legends. I will keep using him till I hit a dead-end in ranked. Will let you know how it works out.

Saber: is a physical damage poker, an assassin, burster, disabler, ganker, counter jungler. He is very mobile and escapes easily if cornered. He?s pretty easy to use but you need to know when to use his skills to avoid dying after getting a kill. He?s squishy as well so disables would do you in if caught.

Lets start with the gears (in order of purchase):

  1. Hunter Strike: +100 ad, +20% cdr, +30% ms for 2secs after killing an enemy hero. -Why: the additional attack damage and cooldown reduction synchronizes with all your skills especially as you want all your skills to be up all the time. We?ll discuss that more later.
  2. Rapid Boots: +50ms. -Why: personal preference. But as Saber, you?d want to move faster than your enemies so you can; chase them with your first skill, get them in range with your third skill, and visit lanes, creep camps faster.
  3. Wind Chaser: +60 ad, +40% armor penetration -Why: makes your pokes with your first skill hurt squishies and do decent damage to tanks. It also stacks with Saber?s passive that reduces armor EVERY TIME THAT FREAKIN FLYING BLADE HITS THEM. You?d want this item at this point because enemy tanks would now have 2-3 tank items.
  4. Blade of Despair: +130 ad, +25% aspd, +10% crit rate. +15% damage to disabled enemy. -Why: very straightforward. Its the item with the highest damage to compliment your armor penetration, your pokes, and ultimate. Any marksman or mage whos hp is less that 50% will die with your 3-1-2 combo at this point. The best thing about this item is the +15% damage to disabled enemy passive, as Saber?s 3rd skill is a disable/stun/knockup.
  5. Defensive item, either Immortality(+800hp, +40mresist, resurrect) or Bloodthirsty King(+1550hp, +75 hp regen, regen 20%hp per kill/assist within 5secs) -Why: if you think you?ll die after you go in and ult, then go for immortality. If the enemy team cant burst you or if you?re careful enough when ulting, use Bloodthirsty King as you?ll regain the hp they took from you if your ult killed/assisted on killing an enemy. Remember, you can sell one of them and replace with the other if you need to at the late game.
  6. Another Blade of Despair. -Why: it has damage worth of two other damage items in the shop. Attack damage is what you want, not crit not attack speed, not lifesteal.

Skill section: Im going to assume that you?re familiar with Saber?s skills and just want to get better at using him so im not going to list their descriptions here as you can just find them on the web or in game. What im going to say is how and when to use them. I?ll refer to them as 1, 2, 3 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd skills. Lets begin.

Skill level up order: max 1, get 3 when available, max 2 last.

Passive: Lower target?s armor by 5 up to 10 stacks every time your basic attack or skills hit them. Lasts 5 secs.

Skill 1: use this to harass opponents in lane, help clear creep wave, when dueling, after ult, when chasing. One thing to remember about this is all four flying blades come out of Saber when you cast it before they spin in an orbit. So anyone standing right next to you will get hit by all of them as they go out. Same thing applies when they go back to him. Keep this in mind when dueling as it reduces armor per hit and does damage. Another tip would be to stay inside bushes and use this skill when an enemy is in maximum range. Then chase them with the orbiting blades as they run. They will see you as soon as they get hit so be careful in case they fight back. You can also steal creeps from enemies doing jungle using this.

Skill 2: his dash and escape. The best use of this skill is to use it after you use 3. It allows you to escape if you killed the enemy, or chase in case they lived with low hp. Another thing to remember is that your flying blades go back to you immediately when you cast 2. They come back in a straight line, meeting where you dashed from, then following you where you dashed to. Keeping this in mind, if you have the blades out and you dash past through an enemy, all the blades follow you in a line that hits that enemy as well. Also use this skill to move around if you?re not dueling. Gets you around faster and goes through walls for faster jungling and ganks.

Skill 3: Saber?s ultimate. Immediately flies you to an enemy and knocks them up dealing 3 hits in mid air. Kinda like Yasuo?s ult from LoL. This is your bread and butter. You use this when; an enemy is low on hp, to disable an enemy you?re chasing or chasing your teammate, to disable/kill marskmen and mages hiding behind tanks. Every time this skill is up, check the map if any enemy is low on hp, then gank. If an enemy is around 20%hp or lower and is hiding under tower, use 3 then 2 out. You can also do this during teamfights. Do not initiate with this skill in teamfights as the enemy team will burst you before you can 2 out. Wait for them to use up some skills and go around their tanks. Let your teammates soften up the enemies first then use 3. You can also use this on tanks to disable them a bit but don?t linger.

Battle Spell and Emblem set: Personally, i use Retribution. It lets you secure blue buff, steal creep camps from enemy jungle, secure turtle and lord, and level up/ gain gold faster. But other spells that would be useful are, stun, weaken, disruption if you?d like to tower dive. For the emblem set, i use the physical one because ive no points to buy the assassin set yet. So i cant really know which one works best.

Walkthrough: i?ll talk about how I go through each game as how its been working for me. Please let me know if anything is unclear or missing.

Early game: get skill 1, go top lane, clear 1st wave, then get blue camp and the other one across it. While laning, try to hide in the bush by the river and come out using your skill 1 to hit enemy heroes and creeps. Spam this skill as much as possible. If they try to get close and disable you, use skill 2 to get away. If the enemies are missing from the lane, see if they?re killing jungle creeps and steal it with skill one or Retribution if its up. Once you hit level 4, its time to check the map if the midlane enemy is low on hp. Gank if yes. If your teammate in the top lane has a stun or knockup, dont hesitate to use 3 to start a fight as long as its not near the enemies? tower. Just skill 2 out if your getting focused and use skill 1 whenever its up.

Midgame: when you got your 3rd or 4th item and a tower or two are down, roam and jungle. Check the map for isolated enemies low on hp and use 3, 1, basic attack, then use skill 2 to follow them as they?ll be running, or 2 to get away if they?re not. If they don?t run then it means backup is coming and you need to get away fast. This is if you did not kill them with the combo. Do not do turtles on your own. It takes a lot of time as this build does not have a lot of attackspeed and lifesteal. Let your teammates do it and help them with your Retribution. Try to destroy the closest tower after a successful kill/gank. Then skill 2 out if you see the enemies closing in on the map.

Lategame: for this phase where most likely inhibitor turrets are left, and you have your 5th or 6th item, always stick with your team as its the time for team fights. You wont be doing 100 to 0 damage in one combos to enemies anymore so you need damage from your teammates as well. Make sure you spam your skill 1 to poke enemies and lower their armor. Just use it at max range so you wont get caught by a stun. Once an engage happens, go around the enemies? tanks and use skill 3 on their marksmen and mages. If it does not kill them, it will at least distract them and shift their attention to you. Use skill 2 as soon as skill 3 is over to get away then spam skill 1 again. Keep doing skill 1 especially on tanks while your teammates are hitting them to reduce armor. Just hide inside bushes if you find all your skills on cooldown. Be extra careful of stunners and disablers as these are your greatest counter. Dont feel bad about letting your teammates take the stuns, just make sure you so the same with skill 3 to their damage dealers when their focus is not on you. Also, turning on the hero lock option in the control settings helps with casting your ult in a teamfight as you?ll know when the ememies? squishies are in range and lock on to them before you press 3.

There you have it. I hope this helps anyone trying to play successfully with Saber. If i missed anything or if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and i?ll reply as soon as possible.

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