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I thought I’d try my hand at a Masha guide since I haven’t really seen any. I personally think Masha is underrated. I’ve used her to climb ranks so many times, and I have a roughly 60% winrate with her to boot. So, why choose Masha? If you are always annoyed that your team always focuses on kills and never takes objectives, and you are sick of losing games because your team is not pushing at all, then you might want to give Masha a try. I actually bought Masha because of that. She can take down towers, Turtle, and Lord crazy fast, and she is near unstoppable in 1v1 situations.


Masha is a fighter. She is a push-type hero, that is her specialty. That is what Masha does. She pushes towers, takes objectives, and pressures the enemy team with her pushing. Masha is very good in 1v1 situations as well, so she can hold her own by herself.


Let me say this bluntly: you need a good team to be able to win with Masha. She is not a carry hero. So if you are looking for a hero that can solo carry, then Masha is not for you. She is team reliant. Your team needs to be able to exert pressure on the enemy and gain map control throughout the game so that Masha can do what she does best. If you are not confident that your team cannot do that, then I suggest picking another hero. Because in this meta, Masha is more of a situational pick above all else.

To put it simply, you need a decent team. You need a decent carry at least. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a hard time with her.

If you are solo carrying your team as Masha, you’re not winning. If all your teammates are bad, you’re not gonna win (most of the time at least). However, if you even have an average to decent carry, your chances of winning go up drastically. Masha is there to raise the ceiling and not the floor, if you get what I mean.

Lastly, if you do decide to use Masha, be prepared to get either a silver or a bronze. It happens. A lot. A good Masha can have a poor KDA but do nearly all of the turret damage.



  • Can push fast

  • Can solo the Lord and Turtle extremely fast

  • Quick movement speed

  • Very tanky in the early game

  • Near unstoppable in 1v1s

  • You do not need to recall back to base to regen

  • Can immune (with proper timing) damage and some forms of CC

  • Good sustain

  • Damage output increases in the late game




This one of the things that makes Masha unique among the other heroes in the game. In essence, she has 3 HP bars. Every time one of her HP bars disappear, she becomes immune to damage for a short time. And she gains some buffs relative to how many HP bars she has left.

She increases her lifesteal by 25% when she has two HP bars left, and that lifesteal will increase by another 15% AND she will gain 60% CC reduction when she has 1 HP bar left. Meaning, all CC skills will only last 40% of its original duration. Honestly though, if you get CCed and you’re on your last HP bar, you’re pretty much dead. So don’t think you can get away with this.

You can regen your HP by 1 full bar if you have full energy, but more on this later.

Another thing I will note that isn’t mentioned in her passive description is that every time Masha loses an HP bar she can immune some forms of CC. Knock-ups like Guin’s S2, or stuns like Eudora’s S2. She can also immune Chou’s kick if he manages to empty your 2nd or 3rd HP bar while he does it. I speak this from personal experience. There have been so many times I have been saved because of this.


Think of this as her powered up form. This skill is like a buff, you gain 30% movement speed, and allowing her basic attack to deal an additional 120 + 1% of the target’s max HP as Physical Damage. This skill has only 30% bonus damage against turrets and minions (not sure what they mean with this, do they mean the damage is increased by 30%?) and a maximum of 245 damage for creeps.

It should be a given that you use this skill every time you skirmish or fight an enemy hero. This amplifies her damage, so use it often. At the same time though, this will drain your HP, so use it wisely as well.

This will turn off automatically once you’re on the verge of death, but please don’t put yourself in that position. Manage this skill well.


This is your game changer against Marksmen and other basic attack based heroes. This skill deals 200 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to heroes and slows them down by 40% for 2 seconds.

But that is not its best part. If you do manage to hit an enemy hero with that, you will disarm them for 2 seconds. This is built against basic attack based heroes like Layla, Aldous, etc.

What’s more, Kimmy and Granger aren’t totally immune to this. If I recall correctly, if you do manage to disarm Granger before he casts his S1, you can prevent him from using it. Same with Kimmy and her basic attacks. I haven’t tried it yet with Benedetta, but I assume it works just as well.

Keep in mind that the range of this skill is very short, so you will have horrible luck getting this to hit against high-mobility heroes like Ling, Lancelot, and Benedetta.

When you disarm them though, there will be an icon that will drop to the battlefield near the hero, and if they pick that up it will end the disarm effect.


This is not really an ult, as it is more of a utility skill against enemy heroes. With this skill, Masha charges towards and enemy hero, becoming CC immune in the process. She will deal Physical damage equal to 15% (+100% Total Physical Attack) of the target’s max HP and slows them down by 1 second. Masha also gains 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds after using this skill. In exchange, Masha will lose 30% of her HP in using this skill.

This is either your finisher or initiator skill. This has many uses, from closing the gap from heroes that are escaping to finishing off that hero. It is better as a finishing skill, but since Masha has no dash to dive to enemy heroes, you can use this instead. More often than not, you will use this skill as to start 1v1 fights and skirmishes.

Her ult has a low cooldown, so do not be hesitant to use it. But like with Masha, know when to commit and when to escape.


Now this is her best skill. This is one of her best aspects, her S4.

This skill is works alongside her passive.

Remember what I mentioned before?

You can regen your HP by 1 full bar if you have full energy

Every time you attack an enemy unit, you will fill up your energy bar. Once its filled up, wait for three seconds without attacking or taking damage, then you can use it to regen one full HP bar.

This is a lifesaver (literally). There have been so many teamfights, ganks, and 1v1s where I was on the verge of dying only for me to regen with S4. Masha will also immune damage when she’s casting her S4, making this even better.

This is what makes Masha very good (relatively speaking). This also sets the tone of her playstyle. You engage, run away when you’re low on health, regen, then come back to fight. You also do not need to recall back to base with this skill. Just hit a few creeps or minions, wait for three seconds, then use it.

One tip in using this skill is during the laning phase, when the tower shields are still active. When you are attack the turrets when the shields are still up, her S4 does not recognize it as damage, while her energy bar will keep on filling up, so you do not have to wait for three seconds to regen 1 HP bar. You can do it immediately.


There are many ways to play Masha. She is primarily an offlaner, but there are in some circumstances that she is used as a jungler. Personally I’m not a big fan of jungle Masha, but the option is there, if the team composition comes out weird in draft pick (which does happen).

Even though Masha is listed as a fighter, she is more like an assassin. Why you ask? Because she cannot just go jump in and engage the enemies in their faces whenever.


You must know when to fight, when to commit, and when to back away. One thing I see many Masha players do wrongly is jumping in at the wrong time without any way to disengage, or just fighting stronger heroes head on. Do not do that. She is not an in-your-face hero like a Thamuz or Khaleed.

She might be tanky in the early game, but that is because of the sheer HP + regen her S4 and passive provides. At best, it’s enough to clear minion waves and do some skirmishes against melee heroes in the laning phase.

Also, her HP bar(s) are very deceiving. With three HP bars you might think you’re pretty tanky throughout the game, right? No. You’d be surprised how quickly those three HP bars disappear, especially in the late game. So you have to pick your battles. If needed, run away and spam your 4th skill.

Playing Masha means that you must know when to split-push, when to participate in ganks, cleaning up after fights, and knowing when to take down Lord and Turtle, all the while managing your HP and energy so you won’t get ganked easily. Mastering rotations and knowing where to go next is a must.

Masha is not a teamfight hero. She cannot initiate teamfights. She will only die, and you and your teammates need to know that. She is the type of hero to backdoor while the rest of the time distracts them, so don’t just participate in team skirmishes every time. You can join ganks, but do not go searching for one. You can come out with a great KDA with Masha, but think of it as just icing on the cake. Focus on pushing, clearing lanes, and taking objectives. You’re much better off contributing that way. Let your team pressure the enemy by fighting them head on, while you pressure the enemy by pushing lanes.

However, that does not mean that you can’t join teamfights at all. In the late game, when all the towers are done, I suggest you join the teamfights, but you should know your limits. Approach it like an assassin, be there to clean up and finish off any remaining low-HP enemies.


Masha has a strong early game, believe it or not. She is tanky as hell, and she can regen by way of her S4. Depending on the matchup, you can just ignore the enemy and clear the waves before using S4. Some enemies, like Chou, are not that much of a threat to Masha early on, unless they are sharing the lane with another teammate of theirs.

If you are losing the laning phase, do not worry. Just hug the turret and wait for the minions to come, before using your S4 to regen back some health. Take note, during the laning phase it is not recommended to toggle her S1. You will lose more HP than you will gain, the difference in damage output is minimal, and you will only help the enemy in possibly bursting you down and killing you.


In the mid game, Masha can take objectives, engage in 1v1s & skirmishes, and pick off and out of place squishies. If your team is any good, they can relieve and pressure off you so you can push towers and take Turtle.

By the late game, you can take the Lord and hopefully break their inhibitor turrets. As soon as their base is completely exposed, Masha’s main job is finished. All that’s left for her is to take Lord whenever its available, and pick off any out of position enemies. At this point in the game you will have a hard time making an impact; chances are the enemy has clammed up and won’t leave the base. So it’s up to your entire team to finish the game. Help your carry whenever you can, but don’t dive in to teamfights too much, you might die.



  • Traditionally, Masha takes the Jungle emblem, with the Mage Killer talent. It provides extra 20% damage to the Lord, Turtle, and turrets. It also gives 20% damage reduction against damage from the Lord and Turtle. It’s perfect for an objective focused hero like Masha. I recommend putting points to hybrid attack on the first tier, and battle spell CD or attack speed for the second tier. If you are playing jungler Masha, put points on damage to monsters and damage reduction from monsters.


  • I see this more often nowadays, with the changes to the jungle in the game. You can’t go wrong with either the High and Dry or Killing Spree talent. I personally prefer High and Dry, so I can deal more damage and scare the enemy off if one of them decides to stop my split-push. It gives extra damage on those 1v1s as well. Put points into physical attack or movement speed and physical penetration. Critical chance, spell vamp, and CD reduction aren’t all that useful on her, she relies on attack speed, basic attacks, and all her skills have an extremely low CD.


  • For maximum damage overall, take the Weapon Master talent. It also gives you a better late game. You can also take Electro Flash, as it gives 40% movement speed increase and regens a small amount of health.


I’m not too focused on emblems playing Masha, since any emblem and talent mentioned above can work. If I know I’m gonna need to be more of a presence on teamfights and ganks, I take the Assassin or Marksman emblem. If I know I will have a minimal presence against the enemy team, I take the Jungle emblem for faster pushing.


There are a handful of spells you can use with Masha. Honestly any spell kind of works, it depends on the player’s preference. But I’ll list down the three main spells I’ve used in playing Masha.


  • This is for the beginner looking to practice Masha. This is the spell I used when I first started out playing Masha. It provides a ‘safety net’ of sorts just in case you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Think of it as your training wheels. I recommend this spell for those starting out playing Masha, especially if they are used to heroes that have blink skills.


  • When you play as Jungler Masha you will have to use this. Honestly I don’t recommend this at all, and I think I’ve said that many times here already. Masha is bad at team fights and has no blink, so you’re better off using another jungler. The option is there though.


  • The classic spell for Masha. This is what people mostly expect you to use. With this spell you can rotate faster, clear minion waves far away from you, and protect any turret that might be taken down. A big advantage of this spell is that when you use this on a minion or turret, they will be temporarily invincible as you teleport to them. Use this to strategically push lanes and join skirmishes happening away from you.

One trick I use with this spell is for when the minions are about to take down a tower; since during the casting animation the minions themselves are rendered invincible, I use Arrival whenever I see a minion is almost taking down a tower. It gives your team an advantage in pushing, and you’re not even pushing the towers yourself! I often cancel the spell once I see the minion wave take down the turret, since cancelling the spell will reduce its CD by 30 seconds, and you can go somewhere else where you’re needed. This is a trick I often use when I find myself pushing one lane but the other lane is inching its way closer towards the towers. I use the spell, the minions are invincible, I cancel the spell, and I continue to push the lane I’m in.


I don’t recommend following any ‘set’ build, as each build will differ depending on the enemy composition and what role you’re required from the team. That being said, there are a few items that go well with Masha.


The default boots for Masha has to be Swift Boots. It gives you +15% Attack Speed for faster pushing. There are plenty of other options as well, like Rapid Boots, which give you a big movement speed boost for faster rotations.

If the enemy team is filled with hard hitters I use Warrior or Tough Boots for the extra defense.


  • One of Masha’s core items. It gives you +40% Attack Speed, +20 Movement Speed, and +10% Critical Chance. The passive is what makes this item so spicy on Masha. In essence, the passive allows basic attacks to bounce around to up to 3 enemy units, dealing Magic Damage. This attack can be critical damage, and deals 200% Damage to minions. In addition, each time the passive is cast, your Movement Speed increases by 5% for a short time.

  • This is perfect for pushing lanes, since the 200% bonus damage to minions makes you clear waves very fast. It also gives very huge stats to what Masha needs the most, namely attack speed, movement speed, and wave clear.


  • The second of Masha’s core items. This is item gives +50 Physical ATK, +5% Movement Speed, and +25% Attack Speed. Like with Windtalker, it gives nice stats to Movement Speed and Attack Speed while buffing up your attack, but its passive is what really makes is good on Masha. With this item, each basic attack you do has a 15% probability of slowing enemies by 30%. Since Masha relies on her basic attacks to deal damage, this item is what makes the enemy not be able to just run away from you when you slowly whittle away their health with your basic attacks.

  • Corrosion Scythe also increases the Attack Speed by 8% every time you deal Basic Attack damage, and it stacks up to 5 times, and last 3 seconds.


  • This item gives you 800 HP and 40 Physical Defense, but its passive is what makes it so valuable on Masha. You see, this items pretty much resurrects you when you die, and you gain back some health and a shield when you do so. But, what’s not really mentioned is that for Masha, it regens her energy bar AND resets the cooldown to her S4. Meaning, if you are quick enough that when you resurrect, you can immediately press S4 to immune all damage and regen 1 full HP bar so you can escape. This item has saved me countless times, it is extremely useful. However, with the recent rise of Execute as a battle spell its usefulness has slowly declined. Execute can bypass the shield and kill you straight away, but if you are quick enough you can immune that as well.


  • This is another situational item for Masha. Wind Chant so that you can immune all Physical Damage while you’re engaging the enemy. It is particularly useful against enemy marksmen, fighters, assassins, and Hayabusa. It also increases your attack speed and lifesteal.


  • I’ve heard some say that this is a core item for Masha, but I don’t really agree with that. It only gives you a measly 35 Physical Attack and 25% Attack Speed, which are pretty much covered by Windtalker and Corrosion Scythe, and its passive has a hard cap against minions and creeps, limiting your waveclear. I honestly do not build DHS on Masha, I’d rather use that item slot for Wind Chant, Rose Gold Meteor or another item.


  • Sky Guardian Helmet is what I use whenever I find myself having trouble regenerating her HP bars via her S4. In the late game, the jungle is almost always usually cleared out, and minion waves are your only source of filling up that energy bar to regen that HP. Teamfights, 1v1s, and skirmishes are gonna be more common, and waiting for the energy bar to refill by itself is slow. So I use the Helmet to regen some of that HP automatically.



  • I use this whenever I find myself playing the jungler. The passive works well, every 10 seconds one basic attack will reduce the Physical Defense of a target and slow them by 30%. Each basic attack done will also reduce its cooldown. It pairs great with Corrosion Scythe, and back when anyone could jungle, this is what I usually included in my builds.


  • If the enemy is very, very tanky, use this. The passive gives extra damage to turrets, but considering you have to build your core items first, by then you will not need the extra turret damage if all goes well. This is useful if you are getting pummeled by the enemy team, and they still have most of their towers up.


The combo of Masha is very simple since she is not really reliant on her skills to do direct damage. You can even say that there aren’t any combos for Masha. Basically, there are two main combo options here:

While S1 is toggled on, use Ult + S2, then basic attack them to death. This is the one of the few ways to start a fight with Masha.

The other combo option is for heroes with escape skills. Here, you charge into them use S2, and keep on attack them. Once they use their escape skill, use the Ult.

In prolonged teamfights you can use your ult more than once in initiating and chasing because it has a low cooldown. If you think the teamfight will last long, then Ult +S2, disengage, and then Ult again once it’s available.

Take care not to over-commit and die, since she does not have any escape skill (save for Flicker if you have it as your battle spell)


First and foremost, I must mention that in 1v1 situations Masha is pretty much unstoppable. In a straight up 1 on 1 fight, it is likely she will win. But the actual in-game situation will most likely be different, owing to level and gold differences between heroes. So pick your fights wisely.

If they are a squishy hero, then they are pretty much food if Masha can catch them. Beware of CC like knock-ups, stuns, and suppresses or escape skills like dashes, flicker, Miya’s ult, Chou’s ult, etc. if you do commit to fighting them.

Also know if they have used their skills already; don’t just go in and fight Brody if he still has his S2 unless you know you can close the gap between you and him. Take note of spells like Flameshot that can widen the gap between the enemy hero and you.

Below is a list of some enemy heroes that and my thoughts on their matchups against Masha.


  • Masha can prevent Gatotkaca’s enhanced basic attack with her S2, and if her damage output is enough she can out-sustain him. Chances that happening go down as the game progresses. So take him down as a team. Better yet, take down the squishies likely hiding behind Gatot.


  • Masha can immune Harley’s ult with her S4. If you can get away fast enough and time it correctly, you will be immune from the damage entirely. If not, that 1 extra HP bar you have should be enough to take the damage. This is another example why you should manage your HP and energy bar well.


  • Be careful if you’re up against a Guinevere. Masha can immune her combos if you can manage your HP bars well enough but Guin’s chase can make quick work of you if you do barely escape. And since Masha cannot dash away, chances are you will be hit by her combo if you don’t pay attention to the map. I suggest building Rapid Boots if you’re having trouble against Guin.


  • Her CC + sustain is annoying, and if you have your S1 toggled on you will just drain your HP much much faster. Masha’s S2 won’t do anything either; Ruby is reliant on skills and not basic attacks. I recommend not activating her S1 if you fight against a fully-built Ruby alone, and wait for your team to come and help you out.


  • Masha’s S2 can prevent them from using their enhanced basic attack. It’s easier to aim it on Aldous though, aiming it at Ling can be hard. Also don’t forget that the two of them can rotate very fast, so split-pushing can be hard with them as enemies.



  • In the early game Masha has a huge advantage over Sun, and she can even handle a 1v3 against Sun and his clones at that point of the game. Once Sun gets his core items though, it is a different story. Fighting Sun at that point straight up will only lead to your death, so whittle down his HP, run away when he uses his ult, and re-engage when the time is right. Remember, abuse your S4. You don’t have to fight Sun head on. This goes for every other fight with any hero.


  • This is the hero I hate going up against the most when I play Masha. Hanabi may have a weak early game but as soon as she hits full build, she’s near untouchable. Her bounching attacks from her S1 make it hard to get close, her ult is there to keep you at bay, and she has CC immunity to boot. If you do end up against a Hanabi make sure you end the game ASAP. She will whittle your health away, especially if you are with your teammates or if there are minions she can target.


  • Ok, this is not a hero. But one great counter to Masha is by using the Arrival spell. If used wisely, this spell can ruin Masha’s split pushing. This also forces you to save that precious Arrival spell of yours for a situation more valuable. You might see X.Borgs, Badangs, Suns, and Zhasks use this spell against you.

Remember, that each matchup will differ depending on the situation.


The best way to practice Masha is to just play. The secret to mastering Masha is in mastering your rotations and engagements. Know where to go, when to gank, when to take towers, and when to jump in fights. It is recommended to spend time in practice mode to know the mechanics of playing her, but mastering rotations and engagements is something you can only learn through actual gameplay against actual people.


Masha is a team reliant fighter, whose main job is to take objectives and give a bit of pressure the enemy team that way so that your team has an easier time in fights. At the same time, she needs help from her team in pressuring the enemies so that she has space to pressure them even more. She can tear a hole in your base and end games very quick if you are not careful.

If you have any comments, please leave them down below!

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