Mobile Legends Simple Tips for Beginner Tank Players in Solo Queue By: pinkpugita


Yes I know Roam Tanks are not necessary for a line-up/conditional for the draft but they still work splendidly in casual games. Just a few pointers to those who are lost. I will be formatting this like a FAQ guide.

I’d like newbie tank mains to realize they are not defined by landing that AoE Ultimate and giving the perfect “set” for your team. Failing to do that big thing doesn’t make you a bad tank. Being a good Roamer Tank is all about smart engagements, disengagement, and trading of objectives/resources/advantages.

Q1: At the start of the game, whom should I go with? Jungler, midlaner or marksman?

I have no idea what the tutorial teaches anymore but as someone from Mythic you go mid-lane first. Your job is to help your Jungler gets to Level 4 asap by guarding their resources, and also to help your midlaner get to Level 2-3 first without dying, if possible, even get them to Level 4 too.

Q2: Should I help the Jungler in taking down the buffs?

If Jungler Assassin/Fighter, you don’t follow them like a puppy, you don’t hit their creeps or hug them close. Leave them alone but guard the paths that the enemy may use to invade their creeps.

If Jungler Marksman, wait for them to ask for help, because they sometimes take too long to kill the creeps, unlike assassins. But if they prefer to do it alone then just do your normal thing.

Q3: Should I invade and reset the enemy buff?

You don’t have to, and there are cases you shouldn’t at all. Not only does the enemy Jungler have retribution, your mage/midlaner may be clearing minions to get to lvl 4 as soon as possible. Why kill yourself in enemy jungle than help your Pharsa/Kagura/Yve get her levels?

Not to mention, it’s asking to kill yourself if the opponent has strong level 1 zoners/pokers like Selena, Valir, Jawhead, Diggie, Rafaela, Angela etc.

Q4: Turtle appeared, the Jungler doesn’t want to take it, should I force them to?

Don’t. It’s worth pinging help but if the Jungler doesn’t want to, it’s their call. Their retribution might be in the cooldown. You may guard it or scare opponents but don’t fight for it with your life. If your Jungler is an idiot who can’t read respawn times, then it’s useless to die over it too.

Q5: Where and when should I gank? Should I go Exp or Gold?

It depends on the speed of your tank, available skills, and your Jungler’s path but in a nutshell, you should be there in the area when the Turtle pops out. Ideally, both your midlaner and Jungler are within your arms’ reach unless they are super mobile like say, Pharsa in her bird form. Some tanks are able to gank Gold first and return to Exp to gank it too. The Roamer tank is level 1 for the longest time.

It also depends on matchups, some sidelaners need help. Anyone against X.Borg or Paquito will have a terrible time, so if you can help them 2v1, even by allowing them to take a little advantage in HP, then it’s okay to help. You don’t have to take the enemy down while ganking, but as long as you give your sidelaner more room to breath or push, then the mission is accomplished.

Q6: Should I step on the bush or not, to check it?

If most of the enemy team is visible on the map (say 3/5), then yes, step on that bush and give vision to your mage and jungler. Better you first than them.

Be sure your bush checking has a purpose because why check a bush when no ally nearby can help you?

But if the whole enemy team is missing on the map, then there’s the Lord over there or Turtle waiting, then it’s a perfect ambush. It’s really a concept of trade and there’s no straight answer. If stepping on a bush costs your life but wasted enemy skills that your teams get an advantage to strike back, then it’s worth it. But if it causes your entire team to be in danger then it’s wrong judgment. Tough life!

Q7: Should I dive into the enemy backline or not? Their mage and marksman are killing my team!

Not necessarily, check the conditions of your team and your overall offensive capabilities. How about your backline? Do they have enough range to fire against enemy backlines too? What kills your backline? What if they’re being dived too and need you?

It’s the Fighters and Assassins that are equipped with better tools to take down ranged units once the gaps are closed. Let them do the chasing. However, to help them achieve their goal it’s necessary that you soak the enemy skills and attacks to run them dry before your allies reap kills.

However, if the enemy team doesn’t have a solid front line, doesn’t have punishing anti-dive heroes (like Valir) and your backline is safe, then just go and dive them, wreck their weak defenses, give your teammates opportunity.

Q8: My teammates are not clearing waves then they bash me for not sticking with them because I clear waves, what should I do?

The answer on clearing waves or not as the tank is YESN’T. Yes, defending is super important but it also drags down your team if you spent all time clearing when you have very low damage. The simple solution is just to damage the minions with a few hits or one skill. In a simple wave vs wave, your minions will always win against enemy minions with lower health.

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