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Mobile Legends Solo Q Guide?by LGRSalt4Dayz

This post is a guide on what is SoloQ, how does SoloQ grab players and many more in this guide that I wrote down.

I am an experienced player, playing on the exact day when Miya and Balmond got their reworks and are the free heroes. Heck, I reached the point when Yun Zhao and Layla costed roughly 2000 BP if I remember correctly.

I am not a Legend player, I just reached Epic and got demoted due to the huge skill gap of my team and the opponent?s team. I am not blaming my team for the unfortunate match up yet I could blame them for not realizing what to do.

Anyways, what is SoloQ?

SoloQ is basically queue-ing in by yourself in the Ranked Mode portion of the game, this mode will be either challenging or easy depending on your role, character and team.

A well-coordinated team is rather uncommon yet they usually come around 10-14 mins in the game to grab a team fight or Lord unless they are lagging, lack of skill or selfish.

An non-coordinated team,however, is when they usually just play yet don?t act accordingly. For example, A Moskov wants a gank on Mid lane to kill the opposing Moskov so he could get a lead yet none of his team acknowleged it or when a Tigreal engages yet his team is very far away from him.

That is when you know you got a non-coordinated team unless these factors are involved.

1) Lagging ? This factor is common despite Moonton updating their server count and fixing the stability of the said servers.

Lag is still common and will be a factor in a team or the game itself when the said person is feeding or did something out of the ordinary.

This factor will be taken as a grain of salt since not all of the players have very good wifi nor great connection to the game?s server.

2) Laning ? If you called for a gank yet no one comes in, it probably means that they are doing laning phase. Laning phase is when players just stay in lane to farm their minions or to poke the opposing laner.

There are three lanes: Top, Mid and Bot. The River extends from Bot to Top, including the Turtle and The Lord and the Jungle is in the middle of both Top and Bot, usually before the said laning phase.

Laning phase is intricate as it could decide the winning team, if an Eudora is fed and constantly destroying the opposing Bot laner?s then she has enough items under her belt to roam and influence the other lanes to the winning point.

To prevent such action from happening, just stay low on your turret and keep farming minions and your jungle on that lane to be on par. If you wanna risk an all in, better make sure your lane partner or a ganker is nearby ready to guranteed kill or compensate on that dive.

3) Skill Level ? Now, it doesn?t mean that you are Epic doesn?t mean you get Epic skill level players. Those players are either got carried by their friends or got lucky in the previous matches.

Soloq?s algorithm is filling up queues with people that are nearby in your division, not checking the MMR, previous match results and win rate in my experience. It?s a literal game of chance if you get a good team or a bad team due to the Soloq?s algorithm.

If you digress or know that this isn?t the algorithm of Soloq, leave a comment down below so I can edit this post to avoid more confusion in the future.

4) Attitude ? Attitude in MOBA games are usually flame heavy and filled with toxicity. This affect the team?s overall performance if one guy is mashing his hands on the keyboard.

We all know that we cannot avoid flaming, heck we do it sometimes for the fun of it. But make sure to keep it at minimal to don?t make a fool of yourself when your team loses?

Salt remembers when a Fanny kept trash talking the opponent?s team due to how well she played the early game yet falls off and went on a feeding spree. Salt shivers at that memory.

Moving on to another factor?.

5) Heroes/Champions ? Now, you will see a lot of Marksman auto-lockers in SoloQ. It is rare to see no one autolock Layla, Miya or any adc in the first few seconds of character selection.

A SoloQ?er must adapt to the team since a bad team composition is a factor in losing. Knowing how to play all roles is a must to atleast know how to use or counter the said hero in the opposing lane if your willing to put the time to it.

For example, Moskov?s Passive deals more basic attack damage when it pierces a target like a minion. On a laning phase against him, you go side to side or in front of your minions to prevent a lot of poke damage happening to you.

This factor also includes the skill level and game knowledge of the player playing. There is a huge difference of a great Fanny player and a newbie Fanny player.

So yeah, spending time practicing other heroes is a must to know their counters, discovering ways to use the said hero or just having fun with different heroes.

And finally the last factor?.

6) Playstyle ? There is numerous playstyles in SoloQ, each having their own pros and cons.

? The Farmer ? This playstyle is when a player just farms through the game, ignoring team fights, grabbing Turtle or jungle creeps to have a huge edge on gold, items and levels to curbstomp the opponent team. This style needs no team work to do and mainly used with Marksmen or numerous Fighters or Assassins. This style is mainly on the player?s skill level to farm, outplay, and carry the team.

? The Aggressor ? This playstyle is when a player is over aggressive, ganking consistensely and tower diving all around the map. This style is basically screams on getting kills to let your team destroy their turrets and leaving the opponent in a disadvantage.

But you are left with little gold to use so better farm a few minutes or make sure the gank you do is successful. The most notable heroes to do this is assassins and some fighters such as Freya or Hilda.This style is based on the player?s skill level, decision making and the opponent?s current state.

? The Pusher ? This playstyle is when a player is focus solely on Turrets. Turrets don?t regenerate so focusing them is a must for a successful win. This style is a mixture of The Aggressor style and The Farmer Style, you get gold when destroying turrets and minions and your aggression to their turrets.

A most notable hero for this style is Bane, since his Ult deals 30% to turrets. This style is based on the player?s skill level, decision making, map awareness and the opponent?s state of the game.

? The Supporter ? This playstyle is when a player makes another player get fed. Fed is a term used to when a player gets a lot of kills under their belt, making a sure focus on the opponent team. The Supporter makes sure to keep their laning partner alive, tanking damage from the opponent team and CC?ing the opponent to let your team mates kill them.

This playstyle will lead you on using the Tanks, Supports or some Fighters such as Ruby. This playstyle is based on the player?s skill, map awareness, decision making and their team.

These playstyles I had thought off doesn?t apply to everyone, it only applies to majority of the players in the game. Some maybe a mix of all these styles and it isn?t necessarily bad.

If you got a playstyle for me to know, leave it to the comments for me to add in the future

Anyways, this guide for everyone to know more what is going in SoloQ in an experienced player knowledge. I am fairly certain that I skipped some stuff such as Heroes in the meta and all that but in my opinion, the player?s skill on using a hero is a huge factor in SoloQ, not using meta heroes.

But nonetheless, have a hero on each role to at least adapt to the game. Besides, there is a Legend player on this reddit had his experiences with SoloQ and has his post pinned so go check that out for more general knowledge.

Any suggestions, reactions, questions or comments will be noticed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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