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Mobile Legends Synergy part 1 ( 9 & 6 pieces main synergy) By: cerealTofu


Magic Chess is a game that focus on bringing heroes with similar synergy together. After gathering a right number of heroes with similar synergy, a synergy will be activated. A synergy will increase the team’s overall power.

Today I will discuss about the pros and cons of each synergy and some personal opinion on each synergy. Information are given by mobile legend wiki pages. https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_Chess#Roles

” My grandfather’s deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain… the unstoppable Exodia! “


  • Weapon master synergy effect helps ALL the heroes on your team. Life steal for both magical damage or physical damage.

  • A 3 pieces weapon mastery effect can greatly enhance synergy like, Elf, Astro, Light-born, Riverland and even Mage.

  • In the Northern vale synergy, 2/3 of the heroes are from Weapon masters.

  • A 9 pieces full synergy weapon master is said to be the strongest synergy in the game. ( Decent hero ( 2 stars) with Aurora in it. )


  • Weapon master’s heroes are generally weak. They get defeated easily in early and mid games.

  • A 6 pieces weapon master synergy get outclass by all other 6 pieces synergy.

  • Eva’s second skill doesn’t work with a 6 piece weapon mastery synergy.

  • To form the 9 pieces full synergy, One of the hero needs to own a blessing.

  • There is no weapon master crystal in the loot box stage.

“Speed is the heart of battle.”


  • Archer crystal exist. This crystal provides additional damage and additional speed to chosen hero.

  • The highest attack speed of all class. Continuous growth of attack speed. Archer can be 2 times faster as compared to other synergy.

  • Their additional range force enemy melee hero to walk towards them. Traps and hero’s placement can greatly improve their survivability.

  • Their level 2 hero, Irithel is exceptional. She is highly bought in most games. In fact her value is higher than Wanwan and Moskov.

  • If build well, this synergy can counter the over popular Mech- Era


  • Archers have the lowest HP. They are Squishy.

  • Archers are highly dependent on many support Synergy ( Abyss, mech-era, Astro and Elf).

  • Northern vale punish Archers severely because their heroes rarely move much from their original spot.

“Don’t ask me why a mage is carrying a sword. “


  • Mage has a strong early and mid game presence. They usually win with most match-up. Except against Mech Era.

  • It is easy to complete a 6 pieces Mage synergy. They have 7 heroes to assist with the setup.

  • Most of Mage spell can instantly kill or cripple the enemy forces.

  • They receive the greatest benefit from the popular item called enchanted talisman ( mana book).

  • The Mage synergy can punish the Elf synergy easily. Due to their AOE spells.

  • The guardian synergy doesn’t affect them one bit.

  • Mage synergy aura affects all the hero on the field.

  • Only 2 pieces is needed to trigger the effect initially.


  • While Aurora and Odette are really powerful, they are highly sought after in fate box due to their Astro and Northern vale synergy.

  • Mage shows a decline in power nearing the end of the game. While Mech Era keeps getting more and more powerful, mage starts to get weaker after 3rd or 4th loot box.

  • Mage synergy doesn’t benefit hero that uses physical power such as Miya.

  • There is only one hero selection choice for mage. While it is possible to get Alucard with mage. Esmeralda is more beneficial in the initial part of the game.

  • While there are many supporting synergies for mage ( Venom, Riverland, Astro and Elementalist), most mage players are stuck with Northern vale plus mage. This makes mage players predictable.

  • Mage doesn’t have a crystal in the fate box.

” Gunfighting’s tough without a gun, isn’t it? “


  • The gunner synergy have the highest physical damage among all synergy. ( Except the hero enhanced by Astro.)

  • A gunner crystal exist in loot box.

  • Gunner follow the mage synergy. They activate their first effect with just 2 pieces of the synergy.

  • With the critical damage, Gunner can gun down 3 star hero easily.

  • In fate box stage, Clint is one of the least picked 5-star hero.

  • This synergy is approved by Eva’s second skill.

  • Like Archers, Gunners counter melee heroes with their range.


  • Gunner is an expensive synergy. Their cheapest hero starts at 2 gold.

  • Gunners like archers are very squishy. Without proper synergy to support it, Gunner will lose in a battle despite their high damage.

  • It is even harder to pair synergy to support gunner as compared to archers. ( Clint and Claude are from los percados, roger is from elf.)

  • Gunners and Abyss works perfectly. The Problem is, the player needs to pick the Gunner crystal or pray that one of the gunner hero is being blessed.

  • Most gunners team need a Targemen synergy to increase their team’s longevity.

  • Their level 5 hero Clint is more disappointing than their level 4 hero Claude. Claude does a lot of AOE damage as compared to Clint. Despite Clint having a higher damage than Claude. Most players will attach their items on Claude.

  • Their crystal only appear after the third loot box.

” I don’t care how many demons he fought in how many hells. He’s never fought us. Not us United.”

Lolita is not in the nature spirit anymore.


  • If all the heroes manage to survive by the end of the battle, Nature spirit will deal the highest amount of damage to the enemy. This works well with Benny’s skill 2 and Abe’s first and third skill.

  • This synergy benefits greatly from the life steal from weapon master synergy.

  • All of the nature spirit’s health are added and divided equally to all their heroes. Heroes that usually dies earlier will have a better fighting chance.

Cons ( This synergy has more cons than pro. when you truly think about it.)

  • The Venom Synergy punish the Nature spirits badly. Venom synergy deals additional damage after their initial damage.

  • HP item such as Sky guardian helmet does not provide additional HP to the user.

  • Nature spirit doesn’t have a crystal.

  • Heroes with large Aoe skills punish Nature spirits. Such as Aurora, Odette and the venoms.

  • In most synergy, a 3 star hero has high health. They last longer in battle and fight better. If you form a 3 star hero with the nature spirit, Your 3 star hero has to share their HP with other nature spirits hero. This is made worse if the rest of your nature spirit are lower level.

  • Due to health being a big part of Nature spirit, it is crucial for them to form the weapon masters synergy, Which will eventually lead to the Northern vale synergy. Which is predictable.

  • Nature spirit deals a lot of damage to opponent commander. This is dangerous. The player is giving the opponent a chance to take the loot box earlier.

“Fly home, Buddy. I work alone.”


  • The hero that is enhanced by Astro power is really powerful. The enhanced hero is usually as strong as 3 heroes.

  • The Astro power provides many way to increase the survivability of the selected hero.

  • Each individual Astro heroes are powerful.

  • A 3 piece Synergy enhance a hero fairly well. It is cost efficient.

  • A 3 star Astro hero can be overpowered. Even a 3 star Martis can massacre the enemy team easily.

  • Astro power synergy is one of the few synergy that can overpower Mech Era synergy.


  • The Astro power is a popular synergy, during hero selection box, Astro is always the first few to get picked.

  • The rest of the remaining heroes doesn’t receive any Synergy effect.

  • Putting the fate of the team on one hero can be dangerous. Yuki can snipe the main hero with her skill 1. Brown will stop the hero from using their item with skill 1. The item Feline blade always turn the most important hero into a Leonin.

  • This is a really popular synergy, Most players will try to include this synergy into their teams. Making it hard to level up some heroes from the synergy.

  • Mech Era heroes usually counters Astro heroes due to Mech Era heroes all being enhanced with their own synergy.

“You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under”


  • Venom is an under dog synergy. Despite being a really powerful synergy, most players doesn’t try to use Venom.

  • Venom is so powerful, it is able to penetrate the defense of guardian synergy, Light-born synergy, Astro’s strongest hero and even Pao’s first skill.

  • The venom synergy just received a major buff.

  • Only 2 heroes or pieces are required to activate the venom synergy.

  • Venom synergy does well in earlier and mid games.

  • The Venom synergy has a crystal during the loot box stages.


  • Like the gunner synergy, Venom is an expensive synergy. Their cheapest hero cost 2 golds.

  • Their venom crystal only appears after the 3rd loot box stage. It appear lesser than the Light-born synergy.

  • For a 5 star hero, Venom’s Hanabi is very squishy. Most of the time Gusion will be carrying the synergy.

  • Hanabi and Angela appear very late in the game.

  • Since Venom is based on blessing and crystals, if the game is unlucky, players might not be able to activate the 6 pieces synergy effect.


I will stop here for today, I will come back with part two by next week.

I will cover about our favourite, Mech Era, Riverland, Lightborn and supporting Synergy. Do comment and tell me about your experience with each Synergy. Thanks for reading the guide. I hope it is helpful to all of you.


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