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Mobile Legends Synergy part 2 ( 6 pieces main synergy and support synergy) By: cerealTofu


Magic Chess is a game that focus on bringing heroes with similar synergy together. After gathering a right number of heroes with similar synergy, a synergy will be activated. A synergy will increase the team’s overall power.

Today I will discuss about the pros and cons of each synergy and some personal opinion on each synergy. Information are given by mobile legend wiki pages. https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_Chess#Roles

Mech Era is my least favorite synergy. Not because it is terrible but because it always win. There is no synergy that directly counters Mech Era. I will discuss “why Mech Era is overpowered” next week.

“Is it better to be feared or to be respected? I say, Is it too much to ask for both!”


  • The second strongest synergy in the game with no hard counters.

  • Best synergy to counter mage synergy.

  • Easy to complete the 6 pieces Mech Era synergy ( There are 7 heroes available in the synergy.)

  • There are many synergy that supports the Mech Era ( Targeman, Archer, Gunner, Support, Elementalist, Swordsman and lightborn).

  • Mech Era’s early game heroes are cheap. ( Saber and Nana 1 gold) and Hayabusa ( 2gold).

  • With just 29 gold, Mech Era can easily take down most synergy at round 6 ( 2 star nana, 2 star saber, 2 star Hayabusa, 2 stay Lesley, 1 star Karrie and 1 star Johnson.)

  • Hayabusa is worth more than his gold value. A 2 star Hyabusa defeats some of the toughest 3 gold, 4 gold and 5 gold hero. In fact Hyabusa is picked more than Gord.

  • Most players that activated the 3 pieces Mech Era synergy will automatically activate the swordsman’s synergy. ( Which is why Mech Era win commonly in early game.)


  • Mech Era is a popular synergy. 2-3 players will try to complete the Mech Era synergy. It can be quite difficult to complete 3 star Saber, Hyabusa and Nana. The copying device might need to be used.

  • Mech Era players usually get the last few loot in a loot box stage.

  • No Mech Era Crystal exist.

  • Gord is a weak ( 5 gold) hero but his Elementalist synergy will greatly help the Mech Era.

  • Forming a 3 star Hayabusa can be difficult. This is due to how popular he is in the game.

“Now All of China Know’s You’re Here”

Cadia Riverland was previously known as Dragon Alter. At the peak of Dragon Alter, there are no hard counters against them. They ravage all synergy easily.

Today, Cadia Riverland is a hollow shell of the Dragon Alter Synergy. It cannot perform its proper purpose and easily one of the weaker synergy in the game.


  • In the hero picking stage, nobody would pick Wan Wan. Anybody that wants to form the Cadia Riverland synergy can go for Wan Wan.

  • A Cadia Riverland crystal exist in the loot box stage.

  • It can be played as a 3 piece support synergy for (Archer, Weapon master and Mage.)

  • After a full 6 pieces synergy is formed. All the Cadia Riverland hero receive attack speed boast and a shield.


  • Except for Chang’e, most of the Cadia Riverland hero are weak. This includes Zi Long.

  • The synergy effect only happens after a hero dies in battle. There is a need to plan for a sacrificial lamb.

  • Despite Zi Long being a 5 star hero, he is relatively weak. In unlucky scenarios, he appears very late in the game.

  • At level 3 synergy, the effect happens randomly. Only one random hero receive it’s benefit. The buff is inferior as compared to Astro.

“In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side.”


  • Lightborn heroes are relatively tanky. Combining Lightborn and Targeman will make them stronger.

  • Lightborn crystal exist in the lootbox stages. It is very common. More common than Venom Crystal.

  • Except for Alucard, Most of Lightborn heroes only need another hero to activate a support synergy. ( Gunner, Targeman, Mage and Assassin)

  • Lightborn has a strong early game presence.

  • Lightborn is a good support for mage, Mech Era and gunner.


  • Lightborn gets weaker in the late game. It takes close to 10 hit before their shield will activate. In late game, Some hero can one shot Lightborn hero even before their shield can develop.

  • The removal of the old nature spirit team makes Lightborn weaker in early game. One of the common strategy is ( Lolita + Tigreal + Miya + Harith)

  • Lightborn is not a terrible synergy like Cadia Riverland but is is not a late game material like Astro or Mech Era.

  • One of Lightborn worse match up is against the Venom synergy.

  • All in all, Light born is pretty balanced.

“It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out ‘shield.’ It means we’re the line between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from news they aren’t ready to hear. And when we can’t do that, we keep them safe.”


  • Targeman provides additional health to nearby heroes. 1500 health is equal to additional 1/4 more heath in early game heroes.

  • Targeman works well with item that need heroes to circulate around 8 grids. For example Monastery of light vestments. ( Increase magic defense)

  • Targeman Hero are very tanky. They are the best initiator. Johnson will drive himself towards the enemy.


  • Placing all your heroes in a 9X9 grid will allow enemies like Aurora to deals maximum damage.

  • without Lolita, Targeman only revolves around Mech Era and Lightborn hero.

  • Targeman hero has High Hp but low attack damage. High damage hero will usually kill them. After a long period of time.

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


  • Synergies really well with Mech Era hero.

  • The 2 piece synergy is sufficient. It is cost efficient.

  • The individual hero does high damage in early game.

  • Team uses spell earlier.


  • While the 2 piece synergy effect is decent. The 4 piece synergy or max synergy is pretty underwhelming.

  • Northern vale is more superior to Elementalist because their spells are instant and it fits into most synergy.

  • Even with the 6 Mage 4 Elementalist build, the Mage team lose to the 6 Mage 3 Northernvale 3 weapon master build.

  • Elementalist is one of the few synergy that decrease its usefulness in the late game.

“There may be many earths, but there is only one Earthshaker”


  • This synergy only need 3 pieces to complete.

  • Highest defense in the game.

  • The guardian heroes act as a shield for their team. They soak up most of the damage for the team.

  • The guardian’s shield stack with Pao’s first skill. Up to 200 physical defense!

  • Strong early to mid game presence.


  • The shield doesn’t block Mage magic damage.

  • Venom hero melt the shield down.

  • This synergy doesn’t do well in late game.

  • It can be quite difficult to find Akai and Belerick.

  • This synergy only work well with 3 synergy : Venom, Nature spirit, Cadia riverland.

  • This synergy is inferior compared to the Northern vale.

“Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”


  • The wrestlers are the best counter against swordsman, Abyss, weapon masters and assassin.

  • Chou can push away strong hero from the crowd. Forcing them to move from desirable location to corner of the map. Chou can kick an enemy into Benny skill 1 and skill 3.

  • Multiple wrestler can cause chain stun to a single hero if all of them approach the hero together. The Chain stun allow them to kill heroes stronger than them.

  • Wrestler are very powerful in early game. It is a way to win in early game.


  • Once in a while, Chou will kick an enemy away from a dangerous location to a desirable location. ( For example. If You had an Aurora in your team. The Aurora decides to use her skill. Chou kick one of her enemy away from the Skill zone.

  • While wrestler are really powerful, they are being countered by range hero like, archer, mage and gunner.

  • Mage with AOE spell destroy wrestler easily

  • Wrestler starts to become weaker in the late game.

  • Wrestler doesn’t have a crystal.

‘You’ve Failed This City’


  • One of the best counter against the northern vale and mages.

  • Assassin crystal exist and it helps many synergy. It is a fairly common synergy.

  • Assassin draw close to range hero without using any item.

  • It is easy to form a 3 star hero with Helcurt.

  • It has a higher attack speed than Swordsmen.


  • Helcurt is the weakest Hero.

  • Despite their fast attack speed and synergy effect, wrestlers counter them badly.

  • For a melee hero, they are pretty squishy. ( This can be solved by making karina use the Astro power or complete the Lightborn synergy with fanny.)

  • Except for helcurt, most of the Assassin heroes can be quite expensive. Most are above 2 gold.

“This is Katana. She’s got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of its victims.”


  • Saber and Hyabusa has 2 similar synergy. ( Mech Era and Swordsmen)

  • Hyabusa is overpowered. With the right item he can defeat 3 and 4 star hero easily.

  • Like the Assassin synergy, Swordsmen can avoid the Northern vale early game attack. It is the best counter against them.

  • All of the swordsmen has a slight chance to dodge major attack damage and spells when they use their spells. ( They will disappear from the chess board and return after using their spell.)

  • The best way to use Swordsmen is by sending them to danger zone. While it might seem dangerous, whenever swordsmen uses their spell, their enemy will change their target.

  • Swordsmen do well in the WHOLE game. Early, mid and late game.

  • Swordsmen counter Northern Vale, Mage, Gunner and even Archers.


  • Swordsman is a popular synergy. It is the first few synergy to be bought by players.

  • It can be difficult to build a 3 star Hyabusa and saber. This is due to their popularity.

  • Lancelot is underpowered as compared to Hyabusa. ( Astro powered Lancelot is still stronger though.)

  • While Ling is a really powerful hero, he appears late in the game. Most players have to wait near the end of the game before they can buy him.

  • 1 star Ling is very squishy.

  • One of Swordsmen’s worse enemies are the wrestler. Wrestler will stun them and stop them from using their skills .

Well, whatever! I wouldn’t! Three hundred years, and I’m the first Viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon.



  • Despite being a support synergy, Most of WyrmSlayer’s hero are not connected to a 6 pieces synergy. ( Except Kimmy.)

  • Wyrmslayer’s hero are expensive. Their cheapest hero cost 2 gold.

  • Ling appear too late in the game and he is squishy when he is a 1 star hero.


This is it for my guide. I will continue the last part by next week. Take care. All the best in the new season of Magic Chess.


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