Mobile Legends Team Composition and Set Up Guide


Mobile Legends Team Composition and Set Up Guide?by Soapiewater

I Figured I make this to explain to people what a proper team is made of. Too many games do I see people go triple marksman, zero tank, or five melee.

To maximize your potential to win you need to fill every role. Those roles include

Tank ? Marksman ? Mage ? Assassin ? Support ? Initiator ? Bruiser

There are many hero?s all of which can fill multiple roles. Depending on what your team already has, you need to be able to fill in where your team is lacking. It is up to you to obtain at least 1 hero who can fulfil each job. When that jerk auto locks in Moskov it sucks but you need to suck it up and fill in as what?s needed. If you don?t your chances of losing go up before the 1st minion wave even spawns. If you Solo queue you won?t be able to play your main every single time so work with them.

Fighters are not Tanks with the exception of ruby. They are best used as off tanks, initiators, and bruisers. YES you can build all the defense items you want but not even Chou or Hilda are tanks. Fighters are bruisers and initiators. A Chou cannot protect a Moskov while he is busy kicking mages and assassins. however what he can do is bruise the enemy up and keep their health low without risking his own death. giving your assassins and mages the chance for a easy kill. So when you see a fighter on your team you still need a tank. Tanks are very important they soak all the damage and CC that will otherwise vaporize your whole team.

Support is debatable if you need with every single team being there are so many idiots out there, however in a good game their kit is irreplaceable. A hero like Nana completely shuts down any hero with insanely hard CC. with proper backup the hard CC a support provides nullifies anything the enemy can do. Creating the window a Moskov needs who can dish out damage like soup to the homeless.

Marksman?s Provide you with the potential to consistently deal high amounts of damage with basic attacks alone at a distance. The tradeoff is that every marksman is very squishy. They all are kill fast and die fast. So having one is a must in every single game however once they are 2 or 3 on the same team, your team is engaging into team fights with heroes who can be vaporized in seconds for miss-stepping. Late game respawn timers are really long. So being picked off quickly by an assassin or fighter will cost your team the whole game.

Mages are needed for multiple reasons however the best reason for me is for diversifying your teams Damage type. The majority of damage dealers are physical based. Having at least 1 or 2 magic dealers on your team insures that the enemy team?s tank has to diversify his choice in defensive items. When you full team is all physical you make it real easy for your team to be countered by just building some armor. You might even notice that the marksman?s and mages will also build armor because your whole team is dealing 1 type of damage. Gold they spend to counter 1 hero is not spent on more damage items or more HP/armor. They can also fill the role of assassin in a way with nukes like Eudora, supports like Kagura stuns, and AOE bruisers/initiator like Alice. Very Versatile

Tanks keep the team alive. You can?t do nothing if you?re dead. I don?t care if you have 5 blade of despairs you will still get shut down by Eudora. When your team does not have a tank you open up the door for the enemy to get fed. Your only chance of success is to continually catch the enemy in a bad position. If you have to depend on the enemy team to mess up. Things are going very bad for your team.

Lastly Assassins deal massive single target damage that I would consider very helpful to the team. Most assassins don?t pull it off however when you?re able to play correctly and vaporize the enemy marksman at the start of a team fight your team gains a major advantage. They can turn a losing game into a win quickly with a single kill. Most of them have a kit which allows them to have high mobility. This mobility allows them to get around the enemy tank and fighters and pick off those glass cannons. No other hero class can accomplish this so swiftly.

Thanks for reading this and hope it helps someone

P.S This applies mainly to the vast majority who don?t go into 5 man premade. In a 5 man team as long as you work as a team you can be very experimental

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