Mobile Legends The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide By: raelianaxxx


Harith is a tiny little cat mage that zooms across the battlefield, watch as he goes “meow” while annihilating the enemy, and is uncatchable himself!


Class: Mage

Roles: Jungler, Goldlane

Emblem: Custom mage, CDR +3, PEN +3, Mystery Shop

Spell: Retribution, Purify


Skill 1: Synchro Fission

What it does

Skill 2: Chrono Dash

  • NOD, IQW and Glow? [no]

  • Use? [mobility, dmg, engage, disengage, chase, pushing]

What is does

  • Dash + buffed basic atk

  • Refunds 3 sec on cd if you hit with the buffed basic atk

  • Dashing near the enemy will grant a shield (must be revealed)

  • The shield increases based on the number of enemies near

  • Does not stack on itself like Esme’s shield

  • Lv2 pick this skill, focus making this skill second

Skill 3/ Ultimate: Zaman Force

What it does

  • AOE slow + cooldown refund

  • Grants -4cd on S2 upon cast

  • Lasts 10sec

  • Refunds cd if Harith touches the area while using s2

  • -1 sec cd for s1

  • -3 sec cd for s2

  • Sword-shaped

  • Lv4 pick this, max this first first

Passive: Key Insight

  • Grants CC time reduction depending on the number of enemies around him (must be revealed)

  • Scales up to a maximum 45%

  • Only applies to low tier CC (stun, immobilize, slows etc)

  • Airborne (Guin s2, Zilong s1), displacement (Silv s2, Ruby s2, and flameshot), and suppress (Franco and Kaja ult) do not get reduced

  • If he is not near an enemy, CC time does not get reduced (getting hit by Selena arrow from far)


Harith does not have a set combo, rather what skills to use are based on intuition, playstyle, and the situation. The most common combo is:

S1 S2 ULT (S2 S2 S1)x until ult ends

s1→ you have a pause when you cast this skill, so use it when:

S2 → Your main skill

  • Dodge skills

  • To chase/ engage

  • To run away/ disengage

  • Gain shield

  • S1 is on CD


(f means flexible slot with personal build underneath)


Mid game focus build

r/MobileLegendsGame - The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide

Late game focus build

r/MobileLegendsGame - The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide


Mid game focus build

r/MobileLegendsGame - The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide

Late game focus build

r/MobileLegendsGame - The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide

Flexible item options

Most common


For overall sustain (does not make you much tankier but boosts shield and lifesteal)

-Winter Truncheon

Use passive to immune dangerous burst/cc (Aurora, Atlas ult etc)

-Blood wings

Build if want overall survivability and dmg and do not need more sustain or anti-burst; grants the best late-game scaling when paired with holy crystal

-Courage Mask

Super late-game boots replacement; offers HP, CDR and movespeed.

Second most common

-Queens wings

Helps to survive fights via dmg reduction, lifesteal passive does not work on Harith since he is a magic hero

-Athena’s shield

To tank mages that might be a struggle for Harith (Aurora, Eudora, Chang’e etc)

-Divine glaive

Enemy all stacking Magic resist and you don’t have much of an issue with surviving

Very situational items

-Antique Cuirass

Enemy physical dmg hero that relies on raw atk keeps killing you (crit mm, Chou, Freya etc)

-Dominance ice

Wanwan or Claude (any atkspeed heavy hero basically) keeps killing you


Do or die



  • Close to no CC (weak slow)

  • Requires gold

  • Very slow roaming ability

  • Is very weak if behind in gold and the player is not good

  • Slow farming ability

  • Dies very easily to CC and burst

  • Short ranged mage


Type A: CC + burst

Heroes: Eudora, Aurora, Zilong, Saber, Brody, Jawhead, Chou, Kaja

How to outplay:

For this type, they usually have some sort of CC skill followed by a strong burst dmg. First step is to identify what the CC skill and the burst skill is. For example, Eudora s2 is the CC skill while s1+ult is the burst, while Chou ult is the CC+burst skill. If you are able to avoid the CC skill, these heroes usually can not kill you. So always watch for when these heroes use their CC skills then go in. Most of these are autolock CC skills so kiting/dodging is hard due to Harith’s short range, but you can s2 right before you get CCed to reduce the dmg taken via your shield.

Type B: CC

Heroes: Ruby, Tigreal, Belerick, Akai, Popol

How to outplay:

These heroes themself can not kill you since they lack the dmg to do so, but they have incredibly strong consistent CC. Their CC will chain you and allow their team to kill you. This type is much more dangerous than type A since their CC is much harder to avoid but means death all the same if caught. Their CC also is not a one time use like Type A, rather have it constantly. You must kite and dodge for the whole teamfight with these heroes since their CC usually is not auto-lock. It is important to understand the CC skills of these heroes, such as the cast animation, and the hitbox of the skill to dodge them.

Type C: Anti-dash

Heroes: Khufra, Minsitthar

How to outplay: Both of these heroes can not solo kill you however, it is inescapable death if you are caught. The most important thing when playing against these 2 is to not put yourself in the position to allow them to anti-dash you. This means, you must rely more heavily on team to bait out almost all of the skills of these two and play extra safe. Once their skills have been used, you can go in but still be very careful. You must kite around both Khufra s2 and Minsi Ult or you will die. Using winter truncheon to freeze once you are caught is also a good option.

Type D: Annoying heroes to be careful of but not a counter

Heroes: Zhask, Late game Miya and Layla, Cyclops, Odette, Gusion, Sun, Valir, Nana, Franco

How to outplay: Most of these heroes just have massive dmg to kill you if you are not careful, or have some sort of skill that can be very troublesome if you are not careful. They are easily managed if you are aware these heroes will kill you via raw dmg if you forget they exist. You must identify the main dmg source (Gus s2/ult, cyc s2, miya s1) or what is annoying (Valir s2, nana s2) and play around not tanking them like normal heroes.

Special Heroes:

Esme: Her skills can not stop you in any way, the issue is Esme passive. All of her dmg will ignore your shield and she also takes your shield as her own. Avoid picking Harith vs Esme since you are a free shield source. You can outplay her by always kiting around Esme and staying far from her. If you are fed, you can also burst Esme before she is able to regen from her shield or kill you.

Claude: Wait for Claude to ult then go in, his ult will melt you since he is a strong DHS user. His basic atks will also hurt a lot but the main threat is his ult.

Baxia: His passive + antiheal will reduce your healing by 80% so you will be very squishy, be mindful of this.

Sun: Do not 1v1 Sun, and try not to tank him since he melts anyone in a 1v1. His clones take benefits of DHS so you will die.


Harith does not counter anyone in the way heroes normally are countered. His kit itself is very versatile and does not shut down any other (ex. Rafaela shuts down Natalia) but he does really well against certain picks due to his mobility, sustain, and dmg granted the player is good.

Type A: Slow sustain fighters
Heroes: Yu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu, Guin, Paquito (late game)

Type B: Immobile mages
Heroes: Chang’e, Gord, Pharsa, Cecilion, Kadita,

Type C: Immobile marksmen
Heroes: Lesley, Hanabi, Granger

Type D: Assassins that get outscaled
Heroes: Lancelot, Benedetta

*Harith has the tools to outplay almost everyone so if the player is good, he will have an upper hand against almost every hero that is not in the counters list. This concept is similar to how a good Fanny is almost uncounterable under normal games*


  • Enemy does not have a lot of CC

  • Team has a solid frontline/ someone to share the dmg and take the CC over Harith such as Yu Zhong or Uranus (preferable 2 excluding Harith such as tank + fighter)

  • Late game insurance (as sidelaner but as jungle he scales well too)

  • Looking for strong magic DPS

  • Strong teamfight composition


  • No one can carry anti-heal

  • Enemy lots of lock on or AOE CC

  • Enemy lots of Anti-dive

  • Weak frontline

  • Team lacks CC

  • Rest of the team is all late game and lacks early game pressure

  • Split push focused team composition

  • Team lacks Physical dmg


Get s1 lv1 and do not buy anything yet. Clear the first wave, then buy the first tier jungle item. Prioritize CD boots immediately. You can either go kill litho, or get your blue buff. After blue, kill the red buff, then the small creep above red. Then rotate bot and kill the creeps and try to contest gold crab if still available. Around this time you should have CD boots; try to gank bot lane. If you make a successful gank, push bot tower. If you don’t, quickly rotate back to mid; do not waste time at bot lane. Prioritize tier 2 jungle item and after you buy that, go for Calamity reaper.

Harith jungle is very strict and tight on time for rotations, so never stay if there is nothing to gain. After you rotate mid, get your blue buff. However, turtle spawns before your blue spawns so as of S20 ask your tank or support to protect the first turtle. Do not use Retri on this blue; save it for turtle. At this point, the rotation is freer and not set. Base it on your own judgment and where you need to be. However, before you get calamity, always be on time for your Blue and avoid fighting without it so time your rotation to do this.

As Harith jungle, you must always beware of invades. Depending on your rank and other factors, the enemy may or not invade and the number of people they send. If you are getting invaded, immediately ping for your tank and supp to come defend. Avoid dying even if it means your buff will be taken.

If the enemy makes a successful invade, settle for just red and powerfarm until the next blue. Play safe to avoid being behind in gold and exp.

If you think the enemy has a high chance of invading, you might want to start blue and skip the first wave. (heroes like Jawhead, Tigreal, Nat, Valir etc)

r/MobileLegendsGame - The Cutest Cat in the Land of Dawn; Harith guide


Get S1 level 1 and use it to clear the wave. Your level 1 isn’t too strong so play extra safe. Once you get level 2, make sure to get S2 and now you can play a bit more aggressively. However, use your S2 wisely; don’t spam it to clear waves. S2 allows you to run and poke the enemy laner so make sure to save it to dodge skills and trade in lane. You can use the shield from s2 to reduce the dmg taken in lane.

Once you reach lv4, only ult if the enemy laner is a guaranteed kill since you are not able to infi-dash yet. You mainly want to farm and push until you get calamity while joining clashes near you. Another thing to always keep in mind is; you might need to recall after every ult cast since it eats most of your mana at all stages of the game (unless you build Enchanted Talisman but that item makes your dmg much lower so I don’t like it). Using your skills wisely while out of combat is important to give you enough mana during ult. If your jungler is not a blue dependent, you can try to ask for blue late game or steal enemy blue.

Once you get Calamity or you manage to snowball as a sidelaner, you can look to roam to further snowball and push mid.

Goldlane Harith does not have Beast killer so you are very squishy. His shield was nerfed in S19 so it is very small now. You want to play safe at all times and avoid diving as deep and tanking as much as Jungle Harith.


  • In season 20 Harith is a terrible jungler that is unsuited for the meta

  • Do not engage first

  • Aim for the squishies in teamfight

  • Use s2 to dodge skills and kite the enemy to minimize dmg taken

  • S2 is Harith’s main skill

  • Try to stack your s2 as much as you can while staying in a safe distance; sub melee range is something you will have to get comfortable with


Avoid first picking Harith, enemy will counter-pick you. It is also important to see if Harith will be a good pick for your team comp and a good pick to fight against the enemy (ex. picking Harith jungle vs Jawhead is a bad idea since he will easily invade you). It is best to pick him in the later stages of draft to minimize counter-picking. Most of Harith’s counters are not ban list heroes as of Season 20 so banning them usually is not a good idea (why would you ban Eudora over Paquito). Esmeralda is a reasonable ban if you are planning on picking Harith.

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