Mobile Legends The new and more detailed tips, tricks and item guide for Alice By: Sankcitadelguy


You know for last one year whenever a revamped hero or a new hero comes into the land of dawn, it would be too powerful to be let free in rank matches as I have seen. But there comes Alice who got the MOST BALANCED REVAMP ever seen since some time. She is no way OP, is trash if you don’t know how to play , but too good if you learned her new ways. Now firstly I will share you with some tips of her

TIPS —————————————–

  1. Your very sole purpose in early game is to collect orbs. Nothing else. Nothing else, I repeat.

  2. Now her first and second skill consume lesser mana than before. Have you figured out why moonton did that ? First, to help minion waves. Second, to help rotate faster between lanes. Why ?? To check as well as collect more blood orbs so that she can be tankier at an early state.

  3. Alice’ s item list needs to be semi- mage tank. That’s the essence of her new persona.

  4. The vision you get via first skill’s new feature not only helps you, but even your entire team gets to take a glimpse. Make use of it.

  5. Tower diving should be avoided in early stages.

  6. Keep your energy reserved mostly when she stacks up. Because that is when you will see the monster in her. Stacks – from 60 above she starts getting tankier.

ITEMS ———————————————————-

  1. Mana boots

  2. Enchanted Talisman or Clock Of Destiny –

Use what you feel like. Well I am more comfortable with enchanted . Cod helps in late game

3. Winter Truncheon –

Yeah she actually still needs it.

4. Lightning Truncheon –

Her core magical item along with second number items. She is low at damage.

5. Queen’s wings –

Have you guys ever tried it with her ? Mind my words, this one of the best defensive items for her right now.

6. Athena ‘ shield –

Works very well with her passive as well as oracle. Reason ? On stacking 25 orbs , whenever there is a shield around her it will be 15% more.

7. Antique Curiasss –

A very useful item for her if there is a high one shot burst damage her in enemy team.

8 Oracle or Necklace Of Durance –

NOD if there is a regen enemy in enemy team. If not, then go for Oracle. The combo of oracle and Athena shield make her super tanky. Reason ? Athena brings her shield, oracle increases if you have one and Alice’s passive on collecting 25 orbs which I explained above. Holy lord !!

NOTE :. just do not use Dominance Ice. Its not really that helpful. She needs items that help during her ult attack.

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