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Alrighty bois lemme give you a summary for our vampire best waifu Carmilla. She’s a support/tank that relies on SUCKING the enemy dry to heal herself up. She’s similar to Uranus, but unlike that asshole she’s actually useful and not unfair to play against. You actually need to you know stick to them to get that sweet sweet lifesteal. As well as a great team fight support she’s has one of the best set ups in the game with her ult + s2 combo. But her s2 stun alone can be considered one of the best and most reliable stuns in the game, they get stunned for a lot while on a low CD, it’s right up there with Molina, Selena snot, and Eudora’s s2 and Lolita’s s1. I’ll explain all of these later so just so you know, Carmilla is a support/tank that deals a surprising amount of damage while being one of the best team fight heroes, a great stun bot and an amazing set up maker.

Here is some general tips. Mage Carmilla…. BLEUGH! Absolutely fucking disgusting. People who build this should be ashamed of themselves, the only thing this should be played at is at classic as a meme build, other than that get it out of my way. The only mage items that are acceptable for Carmilla is NoD and CE. Tank Carmilla is the only acceptable build for her, why? Choosing mage Carmilla takes out the best thing about her, that natural tankiness. She should be a tank but I digress, her main shtick is to go next to an enemy team and SUCK the life out of them, stun them and provide your team your unique ult to kill the enemy for them. So for the whole duration she is right next to the enemy team trying to get her out like an annoying bug, so you would be taking a lot of damage. So why the fuck would you do something stupid like being a squishy mage and get blown off. So yeah tank Carmilla for the win.

Before I discuss any specifics I’ll ask this general question, why do you need a Carmilla? How about a Diggie or an Estes. Well let me tell you why, Carmilla is the most unique support in the game. Sure she can set up and stun like a regular support, but she doesn’t really provide healing like many others, so why her? Well folks, her main job is not to support the team but to annoy the fuck out of the enemy team. Diggie has got nothing on how annoying a Carmilla is. Late game she has a quick and reliable stun that also acts as movement speed, so you can never catch up to her while your constantly being spammed by her stuns. She’s tanky so even a fed assassin or mm could not kill her. Her ult makes it difficult for you to stay close and if you do split up, haha no biggie Carmilla loves seeing a lone carry to stun them and even kill them solo if they don’t run if you got Courage and Vengeance on. This is why I love Carmilla and despise Uranus even though their similar drain tanks. Uranus is a faint piece of asshole walking around, he doesn’t provide anything beside being a giant meant wall and he’s infuriating to play against with that regen of his and I hate teaming up with him because he doesn’t help the team, so he’s like a giant fly, annoying but you can ignore. Carmilla is a swarm of bees, she stuns you little by little until the rest of the bees, her team comes and kills you. So yeah if you want an excellent stunner and set up support than Carmilla is for you.

This will be for the other mains out there just curiously reading this. What will you do if you got a Carmilla in your team? Simple, be fucking greedy. A passive Carmilla is another thing I want to puke on. Like cmon dude her s1 is literally designed to hit multiple enemies to heal her faster, so why aren’t you taking advantage of it? For the games I win you would see quite a few deaths, and the games I lost in its almost like I’m feeding. That’s normal, you SHOULD always charge to the enemy if the team follows up, always. This is one of the things I HATE about my team, they don’t know how to take advantage of my fucking ulti. My ult is a carry’s playmaker and wet dream, and they don’t know how to take advantage of it. I see 3 enemies and my carry nearby, I go in immediately and ult and stun them. Then that dumbass carry instead of going to me goes to take the buff instead, and yeah I died, he doesn’t know that my ult allows you to do 2v3s while I annoy the fuck out of them, and with vengeance and mask on we would definitely win. So yeah if you are that greedy carry then you should BEG to have a Carmilla with you, she’s not designed for passive play but rather allows you to do those risky plays more often. So don’t be a pussy and join in when the Carmilla hits her ult.

Alrighty then her actual builds. Build tank, that’s it. Well to elaborate on that pretty much all tank items are viable on her and she’s really fluid and there are no same item builds on her every game. So here’s the builds you generally do. If your the main tank of the team, build like a regular tank and buy the regular tank items like AC, BFB, QW, stuff like that. If your like a secondary tank then I suggest building tank items that have a effect on them like CH, DI and TB. Oracle is a must item that you build in most of your games, it enhances your regen so that’s always good. But I don’t build it if like the enemy team is all physical lol. DI and BA if there’s like two mm on the enemy team. Immortal of course is a must item every game, or more recently I’ve been taking GH, which is really good when the game gets drag out. Build physical and magical defense if the enemy has all of one type of damage, mix if there’s both, regular stuff like that. Necklace I would take if there’s a lot of life steal and the mage is a dumbass and didn’t buy it but that’s the only magic item I would buy, I’ll experiment on CE in classic soon. But yeah among all of that there’s one item I always buy, Courage Mask. I’ll buy mask lvl2 and complete it if boots or first item is completed. But yeah that’s it I guess :

Always choose Vengeance since that will make you hard to kill on team fights. The only other spell I would choose is purify, that’s if there’s a lot of cc mages in the enemy team.

Now her strength and weaknesses. She’s really good against fighters, specifically AA fighters like Masha, Thamuz, and Zilong, but any fighter is good for Carmilla. She’s also good against carries like assassins and mm since they can’t kill you immediately in late game but also since you have vengeance a lot of the time you can make them think twice about attacking you. Her weaknesses are tanks, mages, and some assassins like Lancelot. She isn’t really good against those that likes fighting in a far away area and don’t use auto attacks as their main damage, so mages. Tanks even if you use your ult is still hard to kill so that’s a counter, and those like Lancelot that get zoom their character a lot. So really magic spells and cc are Carmilla’s bane…. So she hates Cecillion lol.

But yeah well above all else this is my personal reason why I love playing her so much. She’s the equivalent to a gap moe, something that at first glance looks like one thing (loli looks like a child) and realize it was the opposite thing all along, (that loli being thousands of years old) Carmilla is like that, you think she’s squishy because she looks small compared to like a Uranus but then fighting her she’s one of the most difficult heroes to kill. She’s so misleading about her design but why I love it xD

So yeah, long post and I hope there aren’t any increase of Carmilla mains so that Moontoon won’t nerf her lol.

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