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Mobile Legends The Utimate Guide To Pharsa By: iraragorri


Revenging flying girl, two-winged meta and literally one the most mobile legends out there, Pharsa allows you to do dirty things on the field, easily rotate, escape, kill, peel, def and carry your teammate veggies. Let’s look closer at her advantages and abilities.

Let’s start with Pharsa’s skills.

  • Passive – every 10 seconds Pharsa deals an enhanced attack which also slows down the enemy by 60% for 1 second.

  • S1 – Pharsa pokes an enemy, leaving a mark. If you hit a marked enemy one more time with skills, the enemy will be stunned.

  • S2 – Pharsa pokes again. The best skill to clear waves.

  • S3 – Being a bird warewolf (warebird?), Pharsa airstrikes the field 4 times during 8 seconds, dealing enormous damage.

  • S4 – Pharsa flies with Verri, enhacing her speed movement to 80% for 5 seconds.

Based on the information provided above, that’s why you should try Pharsa.

  • Enormous mobility. Using her beloved man Verri, she can be here, there and everywhere, terrifying and humiliating enemies;

  • Just like said above, her rotation potential is extraordinary. Pharsa can easily save ganked teammates on the top, then kill escaping enemies on the bot, then gank mid, and all of this within a minute;

  • She is strong at all stages of the game, from level 1 to level 15. If positioned and fed well, free savage.

  • Pharsa is one of the best mages in defense due to her abilities to clear waves fast and kill aggresive enemies near your base by her AOE ultimate skill. Pharsa can carry any desperate-looking game if given some time;

  • Pharsa is simple once you learn aiming her ult.

Pharsa has some flaws though:

  • The bird girl is enormously squishy;

  • CC counters Pharsa even in the bird form. If you didn’t manage to escape before getting CC-ed, you return to the field only in a minute;

  • Positioning is vital, a poorly positioned Pharsa is a dead Pharsa. If you’re at the def stage of the game, a dead Pharsa means GG to the team;

  • A good tank is needed;

  • Pharsa is auto aiming players’ nightmare;

  • If you never played other heroes with four active skills, you may find it challenging at first to press Pharsa’s skills.

Let’s concentrate on counterpicks and the best team composition:

  • Pharsa can be a couterpick to any hero if she has a tank and her positioning is correct;

  • Pharsa is countered by Yu Zhong, Tigreal, Natalia, Chou, Saber, Harley, Jawhead or other heroes who counter any squishy hero, with enormous CC, who can easily dive into the backline unnoticed. While killing Yu Zhong on the line, in teamfights his dragon form becomes Pharsa’s nightmare.

  • The best team for Pharsa is a good tank (I personally prefer Gatot or Tigreal, as the first distracts enemies and the second makes ult aiming easier), high-CC heroes and tanky offlaners, so mostly anyone who can shield Pharsa from the enemies’ aggression while she destroys them with her enormous AOE skills.

Pharsa’s build:

  • Core items: CD boots, Clock of destiny, Lightning truncheon. These items give her some sutain, mana and power to destroy everything she sees;

  • Situational damage items: Fleeting time, Fire truncheon, Holy Crystal, Divine glave, Ice Queen wand, Necklace of durance. Divine glave if enemies go mage-def build, NoD if enemies have lifesteal, Fleeting time if you need to be constantly engaged in teamfights. From my point of view, Fleeting time is a core item for Pharsa, but not many players build it, so it’s just my little piece of advise.

  • Situational defense items: Winter truncheon, Immortality or any necessary def item. I find Winter truncheon useless, cause enemies tend to just wait for its’ effect to vanish, but it may suit your needs. I tend to not build defensive items for mages, cause if you’re out of position, you’re dead anyway, but sometimes they may be useful.

  • My basic build: CD boots – CoD – Fleeting time – Lightning truncheon – Holy Crystal – Divine glave. I may change items depending on the situation. If the game goes late, I may sell boots and buy an aditional damage item or Immortality. Don’t worry about losing movement speed and not being able to escape: Pharsa still flies fast.

Battle spell: Flameshot.

Emblems: two ways here. Either go for 20 lvl mage emblem and faster snowball or for 40 lvl mage emblem and mana regen + additional damage. I go for 2 points in movement speed, 1 in CD reduction and 3 in penetration.

Pharsa playstyle:

  • If you dominate: farm and get your S3 ASAP and start rotating to the lines were needed the most. Catch escaping enemies. Play aggressively, fly around, dominate, don’t forget to look at the map for enemies’ junglers, try stealing blue buffs. Remind your teammates to push. 🙂 You can make your enemies trashtalking tilted garbage, give your team a huge advantage in kills and gold, turn the tide of any battle, so just go for it.

  • If you are defending your base: farm, don’t go fighting without full team, play passively and safely. If soloq, don’t rely on your teammates and your tank too much, try to stay at base, don’t be afraid to leave your team if you’re behind in gold and clearly losing another unnecessary teamfight, it’s better to escape. If you’re losing, most likely you’re the only one who can effectively defend your base. Remember: you can and you will carry your team to victory no matter what, and try hard to get this tasty farm and not to die.

Pharsa’s DOs and DON’Ts:

  • Do: find balanse between aggresiveness and safety, constantly rotate, help your team, look at the map all the time to know about potential ganks or escaping low HP enemies nearby. If you have vision, try to save your teammates if they’re ganked somewhere in the jungle: often the enemies just escape when they see Pharsa, leaving your low HP teammate alone. Always remember about positioning, always hide behind your teammates’ backs, always save your s4 in case you need to escape.

  • Don’t: be engaged into a teamfight without a tank, go 1v1, forget about positioning or fight where you can be ambushed by enemies’ assassins.

So, I do recommend you Pharsa, no matter what role you stick to and what class you main. Pharsa is a simple yet effective hero whose only difficulty is right positioning and right ult aiming, who can easily solo carry any game at any its’ stage. If i can be trashtalked night and day for killing recalling enemies and successfully hunting this sweet low HP walking farm xD, then you can do it too. Good luck guys, I love you all, feel free to ask or critisize.


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