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Mobile Legends This Is How You Should Play The REVAMPED Alpha (Alpha Hero Guide) By: ItzYaBoiAtlas


Ah crap, here we again

Hello! Remember me? I’m the narcissistic Alpha player of the subreddit, so of course you can’t forget about me of all people! When I first heard that Alpha was going to be revamped, I asked myself one question: Why are they revamping him after all the buffs he recieved? However, I didn’t have the mental capabilities to comprehend why they’re doing it, so I just smiled, expressed my gratitude, and skipped along like a young little girl under the summer sun. Now when I first saw Alpha’s revamped gameplay in the advance server, I felt like a child during Christmas morning. I was filled with energy and joy knowing that I was going to be playing that version of Alpha soon. After a few months of waiting, I went straight to Ranked Mode like a dumbass. Don’t get me wrong, I admit I’m a dumbass, but I did it for you guys and now I can safely say that I’m confident on my ability to play the revamped Alpha consistently. Hey! My name is Ryan and I will be telling you how to optimally play the revamped Alpha, the Blade of Enmity.

Here is my overall matches and winrate on Alpha, and also here is my current season winrate and matches too. To flex my muscles even further, I have reached Top 1 on my local street leaderboard on Beginner, Junior, and Senior, and the highest I climbed on the global leaderboard as Alpha is Top 8. What I’m trying to say is I know what I’m talking about.

This guide was first drafted on August 26, 2021 and was posted on r/MobileLegendsGame at September 23, 2021. The latest hero released was Floryn.


I expect the reader to have background knowledge on the basic acronyms and terminologies used in the game. I suggest learning a handful of the basic acronyms and terminologies because not only will I be using them here on this guide, but also I will not be elaborating or defining any of them. However, you are free to ask on the comment section.

1. Overview

Alpha is a technologically advanced Fighter who just got an upgrade. He is stronger, faster, tougher, and prepared for a rematch against Saber. Alpha also has Beta to not only keep him company, but also aid him during battle. Alpha specializes in leading the charge during teamfights with his ultimate and his sustainability from his AoE skills, which also have very low cooldowns. If you need a strong frontlining Fighter that deals a respectable amount of damage with decent sustainability that could handle the likes of Balmond and Benedetta, then Alpha is the hero for you.

2. Pros and Cons

A. Pros

  • Reliable damage output.

  • Reliable sustainability so that you could stay on your lane.

  • The hero is easy to learn and understand thanks to the simplicity of their kit.

  • Deals True Damage which cannot be reduced.

B. Cons

  • Need to properly aim skills to be effective in battle.

  • Only form of mobility is through his ultimate.

  • Anti-heal completely nullifies his sustainability.

  • Skills have delay which is very off-putting to majority of the playerbase.

3. Skills

Passive – Beta, Advance!

Whenever Alpha’s skills hit an enemy hero or jungle creep, a marker appears above their heads for 5 seconds. Hit them again with any of Alpha’s skills and Beta will come forth and strafe the target 3 times dealing True DMG. Each of Beta’s first two laser strikes deal 50 True Damage and briefly reduces the target’s Movement Speed, and the final one is an AoE attack that deals an additional 50 True Damage. Once Beta finally finishes strafing the enemy, then you are free trigger the passive again. The True Damage from Beta scales with 70% of Alpha’s Extra Physical ATK.

Note: Extra Physical ATK refers to the Physical ATK stats that you are enjoying from your items alone. If I were to say that you have +120 Physical ATK from an item, then Beta's individual True Damage numbers will deal 134

84 (which is the 70% of 120) + 50 (Beta Base Damage) = 134, then multiply that by 3 since Beta strikes thrice and you got yourself a total of 402 True Damage dealt from landing your skills.

Skill 1 – Rotary Impact

Alpha strikes the ground while Beta follows up by strafing dealing Physical DMG on a linear area also slowing them by 40% for 1 second. This skill leaves a marker for Alpha’s passive and activates it if there was previously a marker.

Cooldown 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Mana Cost of Skill 50 50 50 50 50 50
Base Damage 200 220 240 260 280 300
Beta’s Strafe Damage 100 110 120 130 140 150

Skill 2 – Force Swing

After charging up for a short period of time, Alpha strikes forward in a fan-shaped area and Beta instantaneously follows up by scanning the same area both dealing Physical DMG. Each hit restores 100 HP with a scaling of 30% of Alpha’s Total Physical ATK. This skill leaves a marker for Alpha’s passive and activates it if there was previously a marker.

Cooldown 6.0 5.6 5.2 4.8 4.4 4.0
Mana Cost of Skill 45 50 55 60 65 70
Base Damage 250 300 350 400 450 500
HP Regen 100 120 140 160 180 200
Beta’s Strafe Damage 125 135 145 155 165 175

Ultimate – Alpha, Charge!

Alpha commands Beta to smash down the designated location dealing Physical DMG and stunning all enemies. At the same time, Alpha charges forward to all enemies in his path, knocking them airborne and dragging them towards the same area dealing Physical DMG, and briefly reducing their Movement Speed.

After Alpha smashes down, Beta will instantaneously follow up with 5 AoE strikes dealing Physical DMG. This skill leaves a marker for Alpha’s passive and activates it if there was previously a marker.

Cooldown 20.0 18.0 16.0
Mana Cost of Skill 70 80 90
Base Damage 100 150 200
Drag Damage 50 75 100
Smash Damage 200 300 400
Beta’s Strafe Damage 25 30 35

Upgrade Priority of Skills:

Skill 2 > Ultimate (when available) > Skill 1

You should prioritize leveling up your Skill 2, because it is your main source of sustainability and damage.

4. Emblems, Battle Spells, and Items

A. Emblem Page and Talent

You could use Custom Assassin Emblem and invest 3 points on Movement Speed and 3 points on Physical PEN, and acquire the Killing Spree as your Emblem Talent. Killing Spree is just a really good Emblem Talent for Physical Heroes who not only rely on their sustainability to lead the frontline, but also for Physical Heroes who act as Reapers cleaning up whoever is left alive. It restores health based on 15% of your Max HP and increases your Movement Speed by 20% which decays after 5 seconds for every kill you have secured. Assuming your Custom Assassin Emblem page is level 60, you should be enjoying:

  • +19.50 Physical PEN (13.50+6.00)

  • +15.00 Physical ATK

  • +3.50% Critical Chance

  • +8.00% Movement Speed (2.00%+6.00%)

  • +5.00% Cooldown Reduction

This is what your Custom Assassin Emblem should look like

You could also use Custom Fighter Emblem and invest 3 points on Physical ATK and 3 points on Physical PEN, and acquire the Festival of Blood as your Emblem Talent. Have you read the name of the Emblem Page? It says Custom Fighter Emblem, so that should be enough reason to convince you to use it. What?! Still not convinced? If that’s the case, then allow me to inform you that the Custom Fighter Emblem gives you stats suitable for a Frontlining Bruiser like Alpha, and I haven’t even mentioned what Festival of Blood could do. By equipping the Blood of Festival Emblem Talent at the start of the game, you gain a free 8% boost on your Spell Vamp that increases by 1% after every kill. Has a max capacity of 12% though, so don’t expect an ungodly amount of Spell Vamp after 23 kills. Assuming your Custom Fighter Emblem page is level 60, you should be enjoying:

This is what your Custom Fighter Emblem should look like

Custom Assassin vs Custom Fighter

I bet you’re thinking that the two emblem pages I recommended are completely different from each other, and you’re begging to ask when should you use them. Luckily for you, that’s what this paragraph is for. I find myself using Custom Assassin Emblem whenever I am laning against squishy laners like Guinevere. I also use the Custom Assassin Emblem whenever I’m forced to play Jungler, but Jungler Alpha is a whole different discussion that needs its own thread. On the other hand, I use Custom Fighter Emblem whenever I’m laning against bruiser-like laners like Balmond.

B. Battle Spells

I recommend three battle spells that you could use for Alpha.

Execute (CD: 90 seconds)

This is what Execute looks like

Execute deals True Damage acording to the enemy’s lost HP and ignores shields. If the target is slain by this battle spell, then its cooldown will be reduced by 40%. This battle spell unlocks at account level 1.

  • This battle spell is a good battle spell. It is a low HP execute tool that everyone has access to. Use it to secure kills if they attempt to run away from you. A bit of a meta gaming tip, since the emblem talents that I recommended to you depends on your ability to secure kills, then this battle spell should help you do so. Just remember to use this battle spell on low health enemies only otherwise the target might survive, and you’re going to have to wait for the whole 90 seconds. I recommend this battle spell on any game you play.

Flicker (CD: 120 seconds)

This is what Flicker looks like

Flicker teleports the Hero for a certain distance to the specified direction. Flicker also slightly increases your Physical DEF and Magic DEF for 1 second. This battle spell unlocks at account level 19.

Purify (CD: 90 seconds)

This is what Purify looks like

Purify removes all debuffs and crowd control effects from the Hero. Purify also grants CC immunity and Movement for 1.2 seconds. This battle spell unlocks at account level 15.

C. Item Build

What to build with Alpha?

The generally agreed upon stats that Alpha needs is Spell Vamp and CD Reduction. Alpha relies on these stats in order to be played at his best, and Spell Vamp and CD Reduction will greatly benefit his ability to 1vMany when the time comes.

Most of the time, your first item when making builds should always be boots. They offer the smallest benefits during the early game, but those numbers add up later along the line. With that in mind, you have two choices for boots which are:

Warrior Boots (Cost 720 Gold)

This is what Warrior Boots look like

Unique Passive – Valor: Physical DEF will be increased for 25 seconds for each basic attack received, capped at 25

+22 Physical DEF, Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Tough Boots (Cost 700 Gold)

This is what Tough Boots look like

Unique Passive – Fortitude: Reduces time controlled by 30%

+22 Magical DEF, Unique: +40 Movement Speed

After your boots, you need to build your core items for the incoming battle. You literally can’t play Alpha effectively without these items, and you’ll feel underpowered. With that in mind, your core items should be:

Bloodlust Axe (Costs 1970 Gold)

This is what Bloodlust Axe looks like

No Unique Passive

+70 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction, Unique: +20% Spell Vamp

  • You should consider buying this item on any Fighter who deals AoE Physical DMG like Alpha. This item is a must-have for heroes who needs CD Reduction and Sustainability who can spam their skills. Bloodlust Axe also stacks with the regen of Alpha’s Skill 2 which makes looking at the green numbers so satisfying. By the way, True Damage is also considered Spell Vamp for some reason including Beta’s True Damage from Passive.

Oracle (Cost 2060 Gold)

This is what Oracle looks like

Unique Passive – Bless: Increases shield absorption and HP regen effects

+850 HP, +42 Magic DEF, +10% CD Reduction

  • This is my favorite DEF item. Not only does Oracle give you Cooldown Reduction, but also it increases both your Skill 2’s regen and Bloodlust Axe’s Spell Vamp. Let me tell you now, seeing those green numbers with this item is so satisfying.

War Axe (Costs 1980 Gold)

This is what War Axe looks like

Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Dealing damage from any source to enemies increases your Physical ATK and Physical PEN per second for 3 seconds to a maximum capacity of 8 stacks. The hero also gains minor Movement Speed at full stacks.

Marksman. Mages, and Supports only enjoy 33% of these stacked effects.

+550 HP, +45 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction

  • War Axe is one of the recently added items to the game, and it has proven itself as very useful for Fighters in their builds. To be given Movement Speed as a Charge-oriented Fighter is such a great thing because it will help you bust through the enemy line up along with Alpha’s skills much easier. If you add the fact that War Axe gives you Physical PEN where the current PEN logic allows victims to suffer -60 DEF instead of 0, then you got yourself a very good DMG item.

4 out of 6 items slots have been filled already, and you only need two more to complete a build. However, they can always be switched with other items when the situation demands it. It could be either for counter building or any item that would enhance your experience while playing Alpha. With that in mind, I recommend these items to your build:

Hunter Strike (Cost 2010 Gold)

This is what Hunter Strike looks like

Unique Passive – Retribution: After dealing damage to enemies for 5 times in a row, the Hero will receive a huge Movement Speed buff for 3 seconds. This item has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

+80 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction, Unique: +15 Physical PEN

  • Hunter Strike not only provides Physical ATK, but also CD Reduction for heroes in order to cast skills more often. The Movement Speed bonus that activates after dealing damage 5 times consecutively is very useful for heroes like Alpha who can hit multiple targets in order to trigger the passive. You’ll be enjoying that burst of Movement Speed very much. Let me tell you now, it gets pretty addictive.

Queen’s Wings (Cost 2250 Gold)

This is what Queen’s Wings looks like

Unique Passive – Demonize: Grants Damage Reduction and Spell Vamp for 5 seconds when the Hero’s HP is below 40%. This item has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

+900 HP, +25 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction

  • I have to admit that this item is weaker compared to before due to the nerf on its DMG Reduction in my opinion. However, I am thankful for the change from Lifesteal to Spell Vamp because it helps increase Alpha’s sustainability when he is low health.

Immortality (Cost 2120 Gold)

This is what Immortality

Unique Passive – Immortal: After dying, you will be resurrected. The Hero will also receive a small amount of HP and Shield that scales with your level, but it lasts for 3 seconds. This item has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

+800 HP, +40 Physical DEF

Brute Force Breastplate (Costs 1870 Gold)

This is what Brute Force Breastplate looks like

Unique Passive – Brute Force: Basic Attacks and attacking with Skills will increase the Hero’s Movement Speed along with Physical DEF and Magical DEF which lasts for 4 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

+770 HP, +45 Physical DEF

  • I believe in the saying that goes “There’s no such thing as overkill“, so I introduce to you Brute Force Breastplate. If a hero like Alpha who can deal damage multiple times in quick succession uses this item, then you’ll be able to stack Brute Force Breastplate’s unique passive easily.

Note: If you have War Axe, Hunter Strike, Killing Spree from Custom Assassin Emblem, and Brute Force Breastplate, then you will have so much Movement Speed. It's pretty addictive once everything falls into place.

Thunder Belt (Costs 2290 Gold)

This is what Thunder Belt looks like

Unique Passive – Thunderbolt: After using skills, the next Basic Attack deals True DMG scaling with the hero’s HP. The target will be slowed for 1.5 seconds along with any enemy units near by. This item has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

+800 HP, +40 Physical DEF, +30 Mana Regen, +10% CD Reduction

  • This item gives any hero the ability to cause a soft-core CC effect called Slow on the victim through their basic attacks after every skill casted. In my opinion, this item is best built on Physical skill casters like Alpha. Why not Endless Battle? As much as I enjoy the stats that Endless Battle provide, I chose Thunder Belt over Endless Battle because of my build. My build surprisingly gives a lot of HP, and the True DMG of Thunder Belt scales based on the hero’s HP. Besides, the ability to cast slow on a target with your Passive and Skill 1’s slow being stacked isn’t annoying enough for the enemy team, then the addition of Thunder Belt’s slow should be even more annoying to go against.

Dominance Ice (Costs 2010 Gold)

This is what Dominance Ice looks like

Unique Passive – Artic Cold: Reduces the Shield and HP Regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50% (excluding those affected by “Life Drain”) and their Attack Speed by 30%.

+70 Physical DEF, +500 Mana, +5% Movement Speed, Unique: +10% CD Reduction

  • I only use Dominance Ice for counter building against heroes with heavy sustainability. Why not build Sea Halberd Instead? I personally prefer the DEF stats and CD Reduction that this item gives, but which item you use is all up to your preference and not mine. This is a guide and not the gospel after all.

Radiant Armor (Costs 1980 Gold)

This is what Radiant Armor looks like

+950 HP, +12 HP Regen, +52 Magic DEF

Unique Passive – Holy Blessing: Increases the hero’s Magic DMG Reduction which also increases after being hit multiple times. Last up to 6 seconds.

  • I only use Radiant Armor for counter building against Mages with multi-stage/continuous attacks. Why not Athena’s Shield, the other Magic DEF item? You can replace this with Athena’s Shield if you want. I just prefer the HP and Unique Passive of Radiant Armor than Athena’s Shield. However, I acknowledge that both Magic DEF items work best against certain heroes than the other. In the end, it’s all up to preference.

Note: When the situation demands that you need to build either of your Spare Equipment, then I suggest building them on your 5th or 6th item slot due to how flexible they are.

With all of these item recommendations out of the way, your Alpha build should look like this:

5. Tips and Tricks

You could have all the perfect Item Builds, Emblem Pages, and Skins for Alpha, but it takes more than that to even be close to efficient while playing him. Sure, the statement above could be applied to any heroes, but this is an Alpha guide. I present to you some Tips and Tricks to make sure you’re Alpha is worth his salt.

I’m surprised Beta has not pegged you yet after being so dominated in the relationship

  • Have you ever noticed on some situations where your skills clearly whiffed and didn’t deal damage, but they have a marker above their head for some reason? Or in another situation where your skills clearly hit, but there is no passive marker above their head? There is this somewhat frustrating thing with Alpha’s skills in order to trigger the passive. You have to make sure Beta hits the enemies or else you won’t leave or trigger the passive marker. This is especially evident with Alpha’s Skill 1, but I’m confident that you’ll get used to it once you have enough practice.

Alpha’s new ultimate

  • Alpha’s new ultimate is pretty sick, but there is this frustrating thing with it that Moonton has not clarified whether it’s a feature or a bug. Alpha himself is not part of the ultimate’s hit box which has led to many embarrassing moments during battle. If you plan on dragging enemies to a more advantageous position, then I suggest casting your ultimate from behind or in front of the enemy and not on them.

You don’t always have to ult to them

  • If you still do not know, then Alpha can now drag any victims on the path to the initial location of his ultimate. With that in mind, Try your best to drag enemy squishy heroes closer to your team. Imagine dragging an immobile enemy mage to the middle of your team formation without any hopes to escape. Not only did you make your Jungler’s job easier, but also mess up the enemy’s formation.

How to Flicker-ult?

  • If you have been living under a rock, then I will gladly tell you that Alpha can now flicker-ult. Flicker-ulting is where Alpha ults away from the enemy, but times the usage of the battle spell called Flicker to teleport behind them and drag any unsuspecting victims a little bit further from the initial slam location. As cool and satisfying it is to pull of a fat Flicker-ult as Alpha, mastering Flicker-ult will be time consuming, but it will be worth it when you can pull this trick out at any moment for some tide-turning set ups. However, there is this stupid thing that the ultimate does not consider Alpha as part of the hit box. With that in mind, try to Flicker behind the enemy and not on them otherwise it will miss entirely.

Let’s keep talking about his ultimate 🙂

  • If you get hard CCed while holding the ultimate button, or run out of mana while casting his ultimate, then it will follow auto-aim the next time you try cast it. This bug has personally pissed me off several times, and I wished they fix it ASAP. With that in mind, be careful of holding your ultimate during a teamfight.

Auto aim is wack, and so are you if you do so

  • Learn how to aim your skills. This tip actually applies to all heroes, but this is an Alpha guide. As simple as this is, not a lot of people do it. I have seen a lot of players miss their skills during teamfights, because they do not know how to aim. Do yourself a favor and break the habit of auto aiming your skills. For the people who know me, Do as I say and not what I do.

You still have one blink skill even after the revamp.

  • Try your best to engage the enemy without using your ultimate. Heroes these days usually have either more than one BLINK skill or a built-in Purify, and Alpha still only has blink skill after the revamp. Sometimes they have both which is really annoying to deal with. Besides, you do need to activate your passive in order to maximize Alpha’s damage potential. Only use your ultimate when you’re confident they don’t have anymore tricks up their sleeves.

How to 1vMany: For Dummies

  • Even after the revamp, all your skills are still AoE. Try to hit as many people as possible with your skills. It does not really matter if it’s just a bunch of enemy minions, just try to hit as many enemies as you can in order to maximize your skill usage since your skill 2 is how you’re going to be sustaining through teamfights.

The One Man Army has returned even wiser from before

  • There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and I do not want you to be known for the latter. With that in mind, know when to stand your ground or disengage. I am personally guilty of this due to how overconfident I am with my capabilities while playing Alpha. I would engage deep into the enemy formation with my ultimate without considering where my teammates are. It has led me to being flamed in SoloQ, but I’ve been able to control my senses ever since I’ve played with premade teams. It may be difficult for you to gauge Alpha’s capability as a player trying to learn him now, but I’m confident you could do it in due time.

Be a moderated Leeroy Jenkins

  • Alpha is a Charge hero who has the ability to dive through the enemy frontline just to get to their backline. Try your best to target enemy backliners with a plan. Don’t commit sodoku by going in Leeroy Jenkins style. Do as I say and not what I do. The enemy backline usually have the utility skills to support their teammates making your experience in the game a bit difficult. I suggest killing them ASAP for your team’s sake. Hell, you don’t even have to do the diving alone anymore. Your Jungler and Tank/Support can help you rain hellfire.

Activate thy 6th Sense young Padawan

  • We both know there are heroes like Benedetta who just refuse to stand still and keep dashing around thinking they’re untouchable. And then there is Alpha who can barely move around just as quickly. With that in mind, try your best to anticipate where they are going and punish them with your skills. Your skill 2 should work wonders against them if you keep predicting where they’re going to dash. Benedetta dashing here? Wack! Ling dashing there? Bam! Lancelot approaching soon? Wapak! Add the fact that you could be fighting against them while an enemy minion lane is approaching, then your odds of surviving has drastically increased since you can sustain off them too.

Alpha can sometimes be a counter productive member of the team

  • Sometimes, the Roamer player on your team either caught the enemy Jungler who is known to be very difficult to pin down, or made this sick 5-man set that you guys can capitalize on in order to win the game. Unfortunately, Alpha has a tendency to ruin that moment all because you ulted them away from your team. Even if you didn’t mean to ult them away or not, Take in consideration your other teammates when you ult. You have no idea how easy it is to undo your Roamer’s hard work with just your ultimate.

6. Final Thoughts

Moonton may have done Alpha’s skill 2 dirty by nerfing the sustain and its scaling, but they accomplished what they wanted to do in his revamp. Their goal was to increase Alpha’s skill cap without alienating its players from him. I agree with the statement that Alpha’s old mechanics left very little room for players to display their skills on the battlefield, and we can now show those said skills thanks to the change on his ultimate. Despite the numerous bugs on his ultimate, I am grateful for the revamp.


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