Mobile Legends Tigreal Tips and Builds


Mobile Legends Tigreal Tips and Builds?by PolishTamales

There?s always going to be people that will snap pick Moskov and not even bother to look at the screen until the match starts. This also applies towards any character that can carry a rank match, but the thing you will always notice?

?We need a tank?

Let?s be honest. No one ever gives a damn about the tank until they screw up. That?s the sad part of the game where it?s essentially a thankless job. An important job, but still thankless.

In order to avoid a horrible train wreck of a rank game, you need to be flexible with your character choices and that means learning to tank on the side. For those that don?t know there are 3 golden rules for tanks:

1. You need to be the leader of your team.

2. You need to create opportunities for your team.

3. You need to survive long enough to make encounters worth it.

The first rule is almost an unspoken rule since it carries a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, most people don?t want to carry any accountabilities for their actions. Maybe that?s the social climate we live in, but it?s something that needs to be addressed. As a tank, you have to bare the responsibility to lead your team. This means constantly communicating with quick responses and letting them know that your ultimate is ready for a ?Flicker Bomb?.

You need to keep everyone in line and focus on what matters.

Second rule is creating opportunities for engagements that wouldn?t be normally possible. If this means flickering under an enemy turret to push them towards your team; do it. If it means Flicker bombing an entire group of 5 enemies and pushing them towards a desirable position for your team, do it.

Your job is solving stalemates immediately without hesitation.

Finally, do not ever use any of the recommended gear sets the developers created. 9 times out of 10, they are complete garbage. You need to survive long enough for your team to go in and it?s meaningless if you die in 3 seconds or so.

For a Tigreal, I would highly recommend the following:

1st:?Warrior Boots (physical) or Tough Boots (magical)

  • You want to take advantage of the lane phase by abusing your own turrets. With his already impressive natural movement speed, you want to create situations where you can flicker right behind the target and push them into your own turret. To seal the deal, uppercut them or use your ultimate to pin them down.

Rapid boots are also very good, but it depends greatly against your lane phase opposition.


  • You need to create opportunities! It comes with high risk, but high reward. In order to not feed in the process, you need Immortality to as a back-up plan or a form of insurance for yourself. The fact that it gives you magic resist should also buy you time against a Eudora.

3rd:?Heart of Steel

  • Incredibly underrated given the current meta of Moskovs. This will benefit you more than Demon?s Advent could ever have. This will allow you to take more straight hits from ADCs, while moving into your desired position.

4th:?Blade Armor

  • One of the main reasons why Freya or Moskov can penta-kill with ease is their lifesteal items. By effectively treating everyone on your team as a ?blood bank?, they can pound away at any character on your team and gain back any life they lost while being hit by another target (especially ones with no armor). By having this item on Tigreal, you don?t have to worry about indirectly helping the opposing Moskov surviving.

You?d be surprised how often they underestimate tanks and just try to take you out as a second target, which should buy your teammates enough time to take them out.

5th:?Dominance Ice

A combination of everything. With CDR and extra survivability, it provides great tools against ADCs.

6th:?Bloodthirsty King or Cursed Helmet

  • This slot is dedicated for extra survivability and being able to clean up lanes for effectively. If your team is ahead of turrets & kills, but all means get Bloodthirsty King to keep it that way. If your team is struggling with downed inhibitors, you need to clean up minions fast. As bad as it was in the early game, it?s worst clearing minions in the late game. Cursed Helmet will make it much more bearable and can save your base from an overrun of opposing minions.

For whatever reason you face a 5 mage team? Saint?s Refuge and Oracle can be substituted in for Heart of Steel and Blade Armor. This is rare? but it happens. Sometimes.


You know what?s worst than an over fed Moskov? An Estes supporting him? So not only do you have race against a lifesteal Moskov, but you have to do it all over again if Estes? ultimates at the right time.

Seeing how everyone else has a specific role on your team, their item builds are rather strict and can?t deviate without sacrificing damage. Since Tigreal and most tanks aren?t designed that way, you can afford to build Deadly Blade early on, while not sacrificing too much compared to your team.

Against Estes & Moskov, your item build order would look like so: Warrior Boots > Deadly Blade > Immortality > Blade Armor > Heart of Steel > Dominance Ice.

Try not to use Attack Wave right away and save it right before you think Estes needs to Ultimate. While Deadly Blade won?t necessarily stop the life gain, it will make it more manageable.


Tigreal is the easiest character to use, in addition to being one of the cheaper ones at 6,500 BP or 299 Yellow Tickets. His skin is also made accessible through the fragment shop for 65 fragments.

Tigreal is simply put the most flexible tank in Mobile Legends. Combined with the Flicker battle spell, Tigreal can create a lot of opportunities that wouldn?t be possible otherwise. ?Flicker Bomb? or bombing means seizing an opportunity where 3+ opposing characters are close together and Flickering Tigreal into them, followed by his Ultimate. After this, you can choose to push them (Sacred Hammer) towards your team or let your team sort them out, while preserving Sacred Hammer for peeling.

The fact that Sacred Hammer can be used offensively and defensively just gives Tigreal that edge in competitive play.

I hope that more people are open to using Tigreal in the future, rather than snap picking ?OP character of the month?.

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