Mobile Legends Yi Sun-Shin AP/ADC Hybrid Guide


Mobile Legends Yi Sun-Shin AP/ADC Hybrid Guide?by Divniy

Hey. I?ve already?made a guide a while ago, when I said that SunShin isn?t ADC, he is AP, and you should build 40% CDR. What sucked in that build, is that in lategame you only did damage with pokes, losing damage game to other ADCs.

From that time I did a number of experiments with the aim to build him AP at the beginning (so he is awesome at start and mid), while progressing to ADC at the end (so he is awesome at the end), so as result?he is awesome at all stages throughout the game.

That wasn?t easy to get the right build, tho. Let?s see why:

  • To build him as AP (not magic damage, but damage from skills), you need to get CDR, pure AD and movement speed (to poke and get out).
  • To build him as ADC you need Crit, attack speed, pure AD.

As you can see, those have only ?pure AD? in common. And ?pure AD? doesn?t make you ADC, without crit you damage ~2 times less, without attack speed you damage ~1.5-2 times less.

But if we take ADC crit items, like Thor?s Sting, Scarlet Phantom ? we lose in pure AD, so we lose skill damage. If we take multiple Blade of Destruction ? we lose attack speed.

The only viable solution is Blade of Despair. It combines both pure AD, crit and attack speed.

So, the?build:

  1. (ingame). 2x Magic Necklace ? your mana pool depletes very fast.
  2. Rapid boots ? you need all that speed to poke and never die on ganks.
  3. Hunter Strike ? 20% CDR and pure AD, item that makes you ?AP? in early game.
  4. Blade of Destruction ? pure AD, crit, and best unique ever.
  5. Blade of Despair ? not only stats are 10/10, but unique works with bleeding
  6. Endless Battle (sell necklace) ? you build shittons of pure AD, this item damages 70% of pure AD. Also gives you even more speed. Also gives you lifesteal.
  7. Blade of Despair (sell necklace) ? yeah, doubles of it. There is no item better than that.

We only have 6 item slots in the game. 1 is boots, 2 is lifelink, and you need at least 3 items to build crit values high enough to claim yourself as ADC. That?s why there is no space to 40% CDR in AP/ADC hybrid build, but 20% CDR + blue gives 40% CDR.

Ability?? anything of your choise that allows you to escape. I like Sprint.

When to play:

You can play it as second ADC. Yes, that?s totally legit, since you build yourself as AP and act as AP first half of the game (the only thing is enemies can start stack armor, but that works only for characters that want armor in the first place).

How to play:

Always level second skill, always shot the enemy being out of range(except when groupfight and he is in range, just tap second skill then).

Aim harder. It?s speed is really good, you can?t really evade that if it?s aimed properly. Try to hit them when they regen. Try to hit them when they teleport. Be a pain in the ass. Ult when you know they are gone out to teleport.

Being ADC by the very nature, you are good at jungling. Don?t waste that. Go to the jungle after you clear waves. Don?t use first skill in jungle ? it?s slow and don?t really adds any damage. Use it to jump through the walls to get to creep faster, tho.

You are perfect fit to solomid, but if someone wants it more, don?t argue. Duo top/bot is fine too (top is better, you want blue).

Tap-look at the map if you see enemies fighting with your allies. If you see your allies doing stuns/damage, ult to guarantee them victory.

ULT timing is important. It?s easily evaded, but not if you must evade and fight at the same time. So you should use it when battle already started, and some stuns are landed, or at the very beginning, just before your team jumps in (so any enemy who makes their stand is damaged, and running enemies don?t helping them).

You are worse in raw damage than other ADCs, but that doesn?t mean you can?t kill other ADCs. Every poke is approx 15-20% hp, so after 3 pokes and endless battle proc they die if they tank 2 more hits. And you can ult before engage, so when they stand and attack ? they take heavy damage, and when they run ? they take autoattacks damage and arrow in the back.

Your setup is money-heavy, but that makes your ADC autoattack capabilities be the same as other ADCs when you are fully built.

I easily do 30%+ damage every game(even with second ADC doing good too), 40%+ if everything goes exceptionally well. I play Epic, Legendary+Epic rankeds. In matchup, I did 50%+ a number of times.

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