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Mobile Legends Zilong guide for low ELO soloq players (like me) By: ShadowWitcher


A word of caution: obviously, I’m not the best zilong player around. I’m sure there are a lot of very experience players who will find this guide to be suboptimal but I’ve written this with beginners and low ELO players in mind. Nevertheless, if you have any corrections/suggestions, leave them in the comments. I would love to learn from better zilong players out there. And I hope the newbies can learn something from me as well.

Zilong is one of those heroes that you get when you start playing mlbb. The good news is: he’s free, very easy to learn and he can fulfill very important roles in the beginning of your mlbb journey.


DRAGON FLURRY (Passive): After every 3 basic attacks, Zilong gains Dragon Flurry that enhances his next basic attack, attacking the target multiple times dealing basic attack damage and restoring Zilong’s HP equal to 50% of his attack.

Skill 1 / Spear Flip: Zilong lifts an enemy over his back and at the same time deals physical damage.

Skill 2 / Spear Strike: Zilong dashes to a target, dealing phyiscal damage, reduces the target’s physical defense for 2 seconds, and launching an enhanced attack immediately. The cooldown of this will reset when he eliminates a target.

Skill 3 / Supreme Warrior: When activated, Zilong gains 40% movement speed, slow immunity for 7.5 seconds and debuffs will be cancelled. While this skill is active, Dragon Flurry will trigger every after 2 basic attacks instead of 3.

Item Build:

Rapid Boots: Zilong already has very good mobility but the Rapid Boots will add even more movespeed which will aid him in quickly traversing the map

Windtalker: This item gives the highest attack speed boost with a little bit of critical chance and some more movespeed

Berserker’s Fury: Highest critical chance. You built wind talker so you might as well build BF

Endless Battle: Enhances Zilong’s basic attacks after using a skill. Also gives some lifesteal. You will get a power spike after buying this item

Blade of Despair: Gives the highest additional attack.

Optional items:

Blade of Heptaseas: Will help you get those one-shot kills

Malefic Roar: buy this if you want to put even more focus on destroying those towers

Demon Hunter Sword: I highly recommend buying this since it will help you kill lord faster. Yes. You can solo kill lord using zilong. IF YOU DON’T TRUST YOUR TEAMMATES, BUY THIS ITEM

Note that this build puts a lot of focus on movement speed and attack speed. Zilong is like a melee marksman if that makes sense. He relies more on basic attacks rather than skills. Plus, more attack speed means your passive skill will be triggered more often. Also, notice that I didn’t bother putting defensive items on the build. Zilong is a squishy one-shot killer. He’s almost guaranteed to die when stunned of even slowed down. I feel like it’s almost futile to build defensive items so I just focus on his offence for quick kills.


Use the assassin emblem. Focus on agility for the first talent, physical pen for the second talent. For the third talent, it’s up to you, use what you think is best for your playstyle. I prefer High and Dry though since it gives additional damage when the target is alone.

Battle Spell: Execute

To finish off your targets. Good for getting first blood.

Retribution will work too if you don’t have a jungler.


Always go top or bottom. Don’t go mid, you’re gonna have a very bad time there. For your first item, buy some attack items. Don’t buy boots, not yet. Now, Zilong is not a particularly good sidelaner but this is low ELO so you shouldn’t have much problems. You can try poking or having a feel for your enemy’s skill but for the most part, take it easy. Zilong is weak in the early game. Most enemies, even marksman, can overwhelm you in the early game. If that happens, hug the tower. If the enemy gets too impatient, you can get them inside that tower’s range using your s1. MO POWAH BABY! Btw, max out your s2 first. You can chose to unlock s1 first but make sure to put more importance on s2 afterwards.

Remember, farm in the early game. My build order is usually Windtalker>Rapid Boots>Berserker’s Fury> Endless Battle>Demon Hunter Sword>Blade of Despair.

Now, when do you attack? Easy. When you see a squishy enemy, like a marksman of assassin, all alone, go there and take them down quickly. Sneak up on them and use s2 to engage, finish them and then move to another location. You can use your s3 to chase the enemy, kill them faster or you can save it just in case you need to escape. This is the first of Zilong’s “important functions”.

The second one is split pushing. What’s split pushing, you ask? Let’s say there’s a teamfight happening in the bottom lane, what should you do? Go there and join them? No! Go to the top lane and push the turret there! That’s split pushing. Remember: pushing turrets is more important than kills. Your enemies will respawn, the turrets won’t.

Now you can see why you need to be able to move around the map quickly. Btw, ALWAYS check the map. That’s very important so you can keep track of potential targets, enemies planing to ambush you and potential split push opportunities. Also, you can solo kill the lord when the enemies are distracted.


*High mobility *Strong burst damage *Can solo kill lord


*Too squishy


*Always check the map, it’s an important skill for all players. *Always capitalize on your enemy’s mistakes. See them wandering far from their teammates? Make them pay.

DO NOT’S (?):

  • Never join teamfights. If you feel like that teamfight is gonna turn the tide of the game, you can join but you have to wait until the enemies have used most of their skills. Always go for the squishies.

  • Don’t play too aggressively in the early game

  • Never be the one to start teamfights. You’re not even supposed to be in them.

  • Don’t engage multiple enemies. You can fight 2 enemies max if you’re absolutely sure you can finish them quickly.


  1. Don’t have too many squishy heroes in a team. If you’re really concerned about an enemy Zilong, pick bulky heros.

  2. If you’re a marksman, always stick with the tank.

  3. CC! Use heroes with cc skills. That will do the trick.

  4. Gank him in the early game. Focus on him to hinder his farm.

I hear you saying, “these counters seem to be pretty easy, why should I use Zilong?” Well, remember when I said this guide is for low ELO soloq? That solves most the possible counters for him.

  1. Low ELO is filled with marksmen and Assasins which are squishy. Fighters can be dealt with using sneak attacks. Mages are strong and they can be a problem but most of them are so slow you can just stay away from them.

  2. Tanks are basically non existent in low ELO

  3. This can still be a problem but again, sneak attacks. Kill them before they even get the chance to use those pesky cc skills on you.

  4. What? You expect your enemies to have good coordination in low ELO soloq?

That’s it for my guide. It’s not perfect but I hope it helps beginners out there. I’ve carried my way to epic using zilong since he’s just so effective. I even got a savage with him!

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, feel free to comment.


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