Mobile Legends Mythical Glory RUBY 1-Trick Full In-Depth Guide! (OC) By: JoelC2


Short Introduction


Hi everyone, I’m JoelC from the SEA server, with an over 70% Win Rate in Mythical Glory (MG) as of season 17. I peaked at Global top 55, and top 8 Ruby in SG.

I noticed that there weren’t many in-depth guides to those looking to master Ruby, and this guide is my way of giving to the community! For global Ruby players and Ruby lovers around the world, please let me know what you think! Let’s make this an awesome guide together! 😀

This whole guide is basically a book about Ruby, and is a homage to a hero that has taught me both maturity in-game and in real life. If you’ve come to master Ruby, you’ve come to the right place 🙂

Side note: This actually my first Reddit post (ever!), so I apologise if I miss replies to comments or have boomer moments when understanding the context of questions and memes! Feel free to teach me!

Short Introduction:

Hi everyone, I’m JoelC from the SEA server, with an over 70% Win Rate in Mythical Glory (MG) as of season 17. I peaked at Global top 55, and top 8 Ruby in SG.

I noticed that there weren’t many in-depth guides to those looking to master Ruby, and this guide is my way of giving to the community! For global Ruby players and Ruby lovers around the world, please let me know what you think! Let’s make this an awesome guide together! 😀

This whole guide is basically a book about Ruby, and is a homage to a hero that has taught me both maturity in-game and in real life. If you’ve come to master Ruby, you’ve come to the right place 🙂

No matter what chapter you’re on, feel free to discuss, debate, and suggest improvements.

Side note: This actually my first Reddit post (ever!), so I apologise if I miss replies to comments or have boomer moments when understanding the context of questions and memes! Feel free to teach me!


Love At First Sight <3

I fell in love with Ruby in season 4/5, after I had climbed to Glorious Legend as a previous fanny 1 trick in season 3, I wanted to search for the heroes that had the LOWEST PLAY RATE. Back then Ruby was ranked 48 out of the 52 characters available with, get this, 0.2% play rate. That’s right, math nerds, that’s 2 games out of every 1000 games someone plays or bans Ruby amongst the 10 players.

Something shocking however, was that she actually had one of the highest win rate out of almost all the heroes!!! Clearly either the Ruby community is like really pro, or there’s just something I’m missing…

Years and Seasons later, after learning her ins and outs, I can fearlessly say that she’s is an easy champion to pick up, but an IMPOSSIBLE HERO TO MASTER, but the reward for mastery is worth it!


r/mobilelegends - How To Play & Counter Ruby?! Mythical Glory RUBY 1-Trick Full In-Depth Guide! (OC)


Today I’m going to share with you why Ruby is a powerful pick to any roster, and with practice, become an absolute hassle for enemies, and a life-saver for all your allies! Without further ado, let’s get into the guide:



Those looking for a new main!!!



What You Can Expect!


Ruby is a hero that loves to dodge in and out of fights, she has many skills that can have huge AOE effects, which means that if used well can disrupt everything that happens in the fight. In the hands of a normal player, it doesn’t seem very useful… Her CC is short, can’t help, etc… But in the hands of a great player, it’s an ABSOLUTE terror to behold.

Ruby excels in creating chaos on the battlefield, her skills have extremely short cooldowns (4-6 second rotations) and she is an excellent choice when teams are not organised (tanks not protecting carries, mage alone and caught out, fighters looking to teamfight without team)

Even when enemies are grouped up, Ruby’s play style changes to a ‘CC picker’, Ruby has a hard time being a frontline due to her lack of shields or innate regen as a fighter/tank, but she can look for over-extended mages, carries and fighters, and force them to fight her team with her CC lockdown. She can also follow up on picks from other teammates CC, especially if the enemies tries to group together to help a teammate escape.


Why Consider Ruby?


When she has all her lifesteal items, enemies will have no way to kill her because of her annoying regen. When they expect her to be dead, she sustains heavy beatings with her lifesteal, bringing the ally team over to kill you now that you have low HP.

She can zone fighters, mages, marksmen and assassins from doing their job, which will definitely help your carries and mages win the teamfight without the risk of getting 1 shot-ed. If Ruby is fed however, she becomes a 1v5 carry machine that dances around her enemies till they die!

Did I mention that she can restore to FULL HP with a single skill, even after a long teamfight? Or that she can single-handedly end the game with one combo of her skills? If you are looking for a hero with infinite skill expression and skill ceiling, then Ruby is a must pick-up for you!

A good Ruby will make enemies feel like she cannot be countered, cannot die, cannot be locked down, and they cannot run away from her and her team! This is the beauty of comboing your CC together to make it almost seem like a dance!

Trust me, getting better at Ruby will directly lead to getting better at the game, and at making decisions in real-life, because Ruby’s playstyle allows you to calculate, think deeply and react quickly! All of which are good skills to learn today!



Why should you pick her and what should you be wary of!!!



Her Best Advantages:

– Scales like a tank (HP, Magic Resist, Armor, faster movement speed at lvl 1-18!)

– Can build full damage and still tank a lot of dmg! (Due to regen from lifesteal and from other items!)

– Has skills with flashy effects and insane utility (If used right can turn a game around completely!)

– She has short CDs on all her skills, making it very hard for those with long CDs to keep up with her!

– Good into any team (She can build more dmg, more tank, or more CD, whatever the team needs)

– Her mobility is deceiving and many people misjudge her {Jump} follow up, allowing her to escape and engage with an element of surprise.

– She can carry games single-handedly if no one pay’s attention to her (which they usually don’t – BEST CASE SCENARIO FOR RUBY IN RANKED)

– She can shock enemies with her sustain and survivability, making the best Ruby players always survive on 1HP. If ahead she can easily 1v3 or 1v5 without losing health, causing her enemies to spend key resources trying to lock her down. If they fail to do so, Ruby has already won for the team.

– People are still unfamiliar with how she works and her ranges, making it a 99% easy surprise pick that never gets banned or picked! Note: Maybe the new First Pick/Ban XD

– She has an infinite skill ceiling due to her skill expression, which means that you’ll never run out of things to improve!

Note : With Ruby rising in popularity after her changes (which I think makes her less OP), Ruby might have to be first or second picked in draft, which means you’ll probably have to get another pocket pick in case the enemy picks her first!


Her Greatest Weaknesses:

– She isn’t a full tank, neither is she a full bruiser. She can get out-cleared and out-battled by a number of the meta off-laners today (Hilda, Khaleed, Uranus) early into the laning phase if not played correctly.

– Her kit is not online at level 1 and 3. (Level 1 When only {Fan} or {Pull} is leveled) (Level 3 Before {Hook} is available) Take her down if she doesn’t have her ultimate up or when she’s weak! NOTE : This is where she cannot chain her passive yet (more on this later!)

– She needs a minimum set of items to really take over games, usually life-steal items NOTE : This is approx 7300G (Endless Battle + Boots + Haas-Claws / Bloodlust Axe + Queen’s Wings) This is her power spike, most impt [Queen’s Wings] later on and [Endless Battle]. SHE CAN CARRY GAMES AFTER THIS. More on this in the builds chapter!

– Hard CC, burst and poke is her greatest weakness! She cannot be a full tank or a front line, because she has no way to regen health if she builds tank items or she is the target of CC, if the opponent is playing Ruby tank, punish her hard by poking her over and over and look to 100-0 her ASAP, if not you’re right where she wants you, to CC and lifesteal off everyone (This is where people get shocked :P) NOTE : Consider bringing [Flameshot] or [Execute] to counter the chances of her surviving.

– Ruby tends to have more armor and less health due to the nature of her passive and her kit, pick heroes that deal true damage or have innate penetration to kill her quickly, particularly paired with Red Buff and from items.

– She wants you to be as close to her as possible when she’s attacking and defending, MMs, Squishy Fighters, and Mages should keep distance from her no matter what! Unless you are baiting for the team. Close range is when she gets deadly. Keep your distance and poke!

– She doesn’t always have the burst she needs, and once her combos are down, she needs a second or two to regain the ability to jump around again! Use this as an assassin or mage to CC/Silence/Catch her if she does not have [Flicker] to escape!


All in all, I think she’s not totally broken, but there is a good balance of strengths and weaknesses! Making those who fully understand her kit very very very very scary to all fools her foes who disrespect her!

r/mobilelegends - [Chapter 3] Mythical Glory RUBY 1-Trick Full In-Depth Guide! (OC) - Advantages and Disadvantages


What are the numbers?



For the most part, her kit is fairly simple:


[First Skill]

Cooldown: 4.0 seconds

Ruby slashes forward, dealing 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 (+65% / 70% / 75% / 80% / 85% / 90% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and casts a shockwave forward, dealing 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 (+65% / 70% / 75% / 80% / 85% / 90% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds

Ruby’s {Fan} serves 4 purposes, 1) As a wide range slow and poke, 2) a close range 2x damage, 3) allows Ruby to reposition and finally 4) The main skill for her lifesteal. Ruby relies on this skill a lot to be able to dodge and move around the battle, so learning how to spread the love(slows) around is such a fun thing to do! Many combos work well with this, which will be explained in more detail in the Combos chapter!

Note: With the new meta, this skill cooldown got reduced and {Jump+} animations shorted as well, making this skill a very powerful tool if used correctly!


[Second Skill]

Cooldown: 7.0 seconds

Ruby wields her giant scythe to attack twice around her and deals 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 / 185 (+55% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage, stunning enemies for 0.5 second and slowly pulls them towards her.

This is one of MLBBs most broken skills, and it will counter almost every hero in some way, especially mobility based heroes! The AOE stun and displacement and all very unique attributes to a skill, so unique that I have a whole chapter dedicated to this skill!



Cooldown: 26.0 / 23.0 / 20.0 seconds

Ruby uses the scythe to hook in a cone, dealing 200 / 340 / 480 (+200% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies hit, pulling them to her and stunning them for 0.5 second.

This is a powerful skill that can turn the tide of battle, and when used to great effect it can end the game in an instant. Plus, your {Hook} has a 200% Physical Damage Scaling! That means that this can be your lifesteal turning point, giving you just enough sustain to keep fighting! Don’t be afraid to use it when you are low on HP, as staying alive is always better than being dead! Ruby’s Ultimate has many beautiful interactions with [Flicker], which will be fully covered in the Combos chapter!

On top of that, this skill with 20% – 40% CDR at max level is really going to impact fights harder than others, just because she is able to use it extremely often!



After casting a skill, Ruby can dash to the direction of the joystick and gains 9 (+2.4 per level) Physical Defense and Magic Defense for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times and scales with level. (11.4 – 45 Armor & MR X 3)

The stats don’t lie, this gives you almost 2.5 items worth of defensive stats into the late game, allowing you to build tanky and be more tanky, or build lifesteal and have defensive sustain, maintaining the 3 stacks is not easy with just {Fan}, but it will pay its dues when you get engaged upon!



Ruby has 10% Physical Lifesteal of her own and inherits 115% Physical Lifesteal from Equipments. Ruby then converts 100% Physical Lifesteal as Spell Vamp on her abilities; but her Basic Attack doesn’t benefit from Physical Lifesteal.

Now this is the Core of Ruby’s kit, base lifesteal and scaling lifesteal, which is really good paired with most bruiser items like [Endless Battle] [Haas’ Claws] [Queen’s Wings] and many others, which I will explain later in the builds chapter!


There are many tricks to these 5 skills, each with its own combos and things to note.

Skill Max Order: [First Skill] > [Ultimate] > [Second Skill]

Note: FLICKER IS 90% OF THE TIME A MUST. Many of Ruby’s combos rely on [Flicker] to be able to work effectively, as you will see in the combos chapter! However there’s also a defensive aspect.

Reason being that Ruby’s [Passive] needs to be paired with a skill casted, which requires an animation time, and sometimes enemy CC and damage don’t allow you to cast a skill to dodge, like Cecilion’s [1st Skill], or Layla [Ultimate] or Khaleed [Ultimate], therefore you need [Flicker] for that added safety.

Mythic Tip: Not everyone notices, but [Flicker] also gives you Armor and Magic Resist, which will help add to the many things that allows you to survive!


This is where it gets good <3



For simplicity’s sake, we are going to give code names to Ruby’s skills.

[First Skill] = {Fan}

[Second Skill] = {Pull}

[Ultimate] = {Hook}

[Passive] forward = {Jump+}

[Passive] backward = {Jump-}

[Melee] = {AA}


Combos Content Page

  1. Master Ruby’s Movement

  2. Ruby’s Farming Style

  3. Ruby’s Fighting Dance

  4. Ruby’s Standard Engage/Disengage

  5. Ruby’s Surprise Engage

  6. Ruby’s Signature Move

  7. Ruby’s Aggressive Catch

  8. Ruby’s Secret Techniques


1 – Master Ruby’s Movement {Fan} / {Pull} / {Hook} > {Jump+/-}


Very Intricate Skill to Learn!

This is your ABSOLUTE BREAD AND BUTTER skill, and doing it right is the key that separates you from other Ruby players!

Ruby’s [Passive] will make her leap a huge distance if it’s in front of her {Jump+} (180 degree angle), and will only hop a shorter distance if you hop behind {Jump-} DEPENDING ON WHERE SHE IS FACING, keep this in mind! I’ll talk more about it later!




Your {Passive} cannot be stopped once casted, meaning that YOU CAN DODGE CC in 4 ways:

When you are SLOWED, your {Jump+} can act like you were not even slowed!

Even though you may take the initial dmg, don’t under-estimate this jump, it will save your life!

You can use it also for Dodging, which can be used to avoid many different skills!

Some really good examples:

  1. Valir dodgeball fun – you can basically avoid all of his fireballs if you play dodgeball with him, make your jump pattern and walking pattern unpredictable, you won’t get hit!

  2. Gusion swords – After he hits you with the tracker, you’ll want to watch when he comes in. If timed right, you can dodge all the damage from the swords!

  3. X’Borg and Vale circle of deaths – this is insane, you can actually jump out of X’Borg and Vale’s ultimate range if you time it right and if you’ve practiced! Your {Jump+} is not affected by slows!

  4. Khufra / Lolita ultimate – both of these heroes have wind up time before their CC, allowing you to hop right past them before they use their ultimate!

  5. Pharsa airstrike – you can dodge the AOE of her ultimate damage by planning where you wish to jump, it’s not always successful, but doing it well will really help you greatly!

Other normal encounters:

Kagura fan, Franco hook, Johnson car, Hanzo circle of death, Atlas stun, Harley 2nd skill, Chang’e ultimate, Dyrroth 1st and ultimate, etc etc etc!

This also applies to BUFFERING after you get hit by CC (Flying while stunned!)

Some of stuns you can buffer:

  1. Yu Zhong knock-up – you can {Jump+} even while being knocked up, however the {Jump+} must be casted before the stun

  2. Guinevere knock-up + ultimate – you can jump away even after knocked up, making her miss her ultimate on you! Ruby is actually a super counter to Guinevere, more on that in matchups.

  3. Kadita knock-up / Chou knock-up / Grock knock-up etc!

  4. Gord stun – You can still jump buffer if you time it when the stun hits, giving you distance.

  5. Odette stun / Baxia knockdown / Selena stun / Basically any other stun you predict!

Note : THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DISPLACEMENTS (Zi long {flip} / Chou {Ult})

Finally this applies to REDIRECTION, before you get hit by CC!

The important ones:

  1. Chou kick – By using {Pull} and {Jump+}, you can get yourself behind Chou, so he can’t kick you into the enemy team!

  2. Moskov knockback – If you know the knockback is coming, you can use {Jump+} to redirect it so you don’t hit a wall and get stunned! This can be used to knock you away from him as well!



This is a hidden gem that people often don’t know, and something that you can absolutely abuse!

For example, after Valir knocks you back, if you’ve casted a skill just before, you can still {Jump+/-}. Other examples are Moskov knockback, Hilda ultimate, Minotaur ultimate, Minsitthar knockback, Bane ultimate, Badang knockback, Diggie pullback, and Luo Yi pullback, just to name a few!


You get the picture, learning this jump is a must, no matter what you do, and mastering it is the key to playing Ruby well! NOT TO MENTION IT GIVES YOU ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST TOO!!!


Ruby’s {Jump+} allows her to pass Thin Terrain

Here’s a short video of most of the terrain you need to know! I would recommend [Imperial Sanctuary Map] for the closest representation of the size of the wall!

(Map button is beside chat of game lobby)


Mythic Tip: Sometimes you don’t always have to throw the {Fan} towards the enemy. If you know the enemy does not have movement skills, you can throw a {Fan} backwards or sideward, because it changes the way Ruby faces, allowing her to {Jump+} across key terrain, buffers slows on you, dodge key skills like Flameshot and Moskov Ultimate, and escaping when it matters.

Mythic Tip 2: When you are trying to dodge enemy poke, it’s important to {Jump+} in front (180 degrees), because the extra distance allows you to dodge better than {Jump-} backwards!

Mythic Tip 3: Before you {Pull}, change the direction Ruby is facing, that way when you {Pull} > {Jump}, you can stun, and have a {Jump+} wherever you wish to go! This takes a lot of practice, but all these small distances count, like when you’re running away, or when you need that extra distance to {hook} the carry. Many of my videos showcase this!


2 – Ruby’s Farming Style {Fan} > {AA} > {Jump} > {AA} > {Pull} > {AA} > {Jump} > {AA}


Ruby’s [Melee] can happen immediately after a skill, after which, you can still {Jump+} or {Jump-}!

Ruby’s melee attacks add a lot of damage, especially after [Endless Battle]. It’s a good habit to always use {AA} after a skill. Ruby’s [Melee] can hit multiple creeps, and makes farming both the jungle and lane a lot faster!

Also, If your timing is right, your {AA} > {Fan} or {AA} > {Pull} can happen almost instantly after the {AA} animation has been started, giving you the fastest farming speed.


For those who are lost, [Melee] animation can be cancelled by a skill if cast before the animation finishes, speeding up your combo’s and making your attacks faster!

It’s good also to note that {Pull} size in the new meta is now the same size as the whole wave (From melee to tank minion, just the right fit), so you’ll want to practice using {Fan} > {AA} > {Pull} > {AA} on the whole wave, speeding up your clear!


Mythic Tip: Don’t be afraid to use your {Hook} to kill the wave/jungle faster or to 1v1, Ruby’s cooldowns are very short, and with 25sec on {Hook} at level 4 and 12-14sec {Hook} at level 12-15 with CDR, it’s okay to use it often in lane as well as to clear minions for lifesteal, just make sure that if a fight breaks out you have it ready!

Mythic Tip 2: If you think the enemy is roaming to your lane, you want to hold on to your {Hook} and/or {Pull} when farming until you see them on your map again, this is so that you can do the {Pull} > {Jump+} Combo we talked about earlier, giving you a free escape, and also a chance for a {Hook} > {Flicker} Combo or {Hook} enemies into turret, which we will talk about later!

Mythic Tip 3: {Fan} does double dmg to those close to her, so use that as often as you can to poke both the enemy and farm minions at the same time! But remember that if you’re in a rush for time, the {Fan} > {Jump+} to slow enemies and to cross terrain will do just fine.


This is where it gets good <3


For simplicity’s sake, we are going to give code names to Ruby’s skills.

[First Skill] = {Fan}

[Second Skill] = {Pull}

[Ultimate] = {Hook}

[Passive] forward = {Jump+}

[Passive] backward = {Jump-}

[Melee] = {AA}


Combos Content Page

  1. Master Ruby’s Movement

  2. Ruby’s Farming Style

  3. Ruby’s Fighting Dance

  4. Ruby’s Standard Engage/Disengage

  5. Ruby’s Surprise Engage

  6. Ruby’s Signature Move

  7. Ruby’s Aggressive Catch

  8. Ruby’s Secret Techniques


5 – Ruby’s Surprise Engage/Disengage

{Fan} > {Jump+/-} > {Hook} > {Jump+/-} > {Pull} > {Jump+/-} > {Fan} > ……


This is Ruby’s hottest combo, and you’ll probably be using this a lot. It takes practice to aim the {Hook}, and I still make mistakes, but the better you get at combos and picking off enemies, the better it is for everyone! (Except the enemy team getting hooked) 😮

This is also the second most common combo to keep in mind, and allows you to catch people who don’t respect the range you can reach with {Jump+} > {Hook}. This can turn the game completely if you catch out enemies one by one!

Note: With Ruby rising in popularity, it’s important for both Ruby players and enemies to give credit to her catch power, which means that with more attention on Ruby, more people will pay attention to her in-game and this guide, raising the skill level for everyone!


Don’t be rash with using combos!

Notice how you can keep them stunned long enough for your teammates to follow up, but YOU MUST NEVER DO IT WITHOUT THINKING. Like I said just now, Ruby needs skills to continue her jumping and lifesteal, and this combo will use everything except {Fan} / [Flicker], which will be your only escape if things go very wrong!

This is sometimes useless against certain sustain tanks, such as Uranus, Atlas or Esmeralda, and might actually help them get on top of your team! Remember to stay away from them, if not you will put your team in danger!



You can also use this to hook away important enemy carries, So that they cannot reach your team. This is also to stun and bring away enemies so they can’t be effective!

Alice [Ult], Fed Hilda, Helcurt, or Cecilion are some dangerous examples which you can stun!

In this case, the combo is :

{Hook} > {Pull} > {Jump+} away > {Fan} > {Jump+/-}


Mythic Tip: It’s important to acknowledge that you’ve fked up as Ruby. If you have all your skills on CD, health is low, you’ve missed your {Hook}, or your [Flicker] is down, it’s okay to give up the fight. Oftentimes you’ll feel tempted to go back into the battle because of the flashiness of Ruby’s skills, but make sure those stuns and slows help win the game, not boost your ego!

Mythic Tip 2: Sometimes staying alive is better than sacrificing it, being alive allows you another chance to come back and make another key play! As the saying goes:

“The Worst Form of CC is Death”

Mythic Tip 3: If the enemy is extremely mobile, like Ling or Roger, you’d want to combo {Hook} into {Pull} straight away, leaving them no time to escape. This applies to everyone with a timer on certain skills, I.e. Chou [2nd Ultimate], Hanzo [Ultimate], Alice [1st Skill], Tigreal Combos etc!


6 – Ruby’s Signature Move {Hook} > [Flicker] > {Pull} > {Fan} > {Jump+/-}



Oh you love love LOVE to see it! This is the secret sauce to Ruby’s OP-ness, a 1-5 man hook that starts the end of the game! This combo can be used anywhere, as long as your team can follow up, you should be looking for every opportunity to make this play (UNLESS YOU KNOW IT’S A TRAP!)

Note: There is a small time lag between when you {Hook} and when you {Flicker}, for easy reference, [Flicker] when you see the enemy stunned or pulled in. If you do it too fast, you would be doing a failed Combo 7 instead.


This combo should be saved for multiple purposes, and each of them for different reasons:

  1. Killing the Frontline – This one might be kinda weird, but if their front line is really annoying, like a Gatotkaca, Esmeralda or Franco who refuses to die, it’s worth it to kill them so that the team will not have any tanks left to defend the carries. Letting you have your way freely.

  2. Catching Randoms – Balmond or Hyper Lancelot in a bush? Hilda wanting to 1 shot your carry? Random Karrie hanging out too close to you? HAHA! Take them out by starting off with a {Pull} or lock them straight away with a {Hook} > [Flicker]. MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM IS THERE!

  3. Killing Carries – This is kinda the “No shit Sherlock”, but hear me out, your {Hook} CD is around 18 Seconds on average, but [Flicker] is 120 Seconds (102 sec with Support Emblem), and that’s a long time in a team fight and a game. Make sure that your [Flicker] was not in vain, and your {Hook} is put to good use.

  4. Saving Yourself – You can use this defensively to bring enemies to your team/turret with your dying breath, in hopes that they can save you and you live to fight another day!


Mythic Tip: Whenever you can, try not to use [Flicker] at all unless you’re making a play. Most players go in too deep and waste [Flicker] trying to get out to safety. Every time you have [Flicker] up, you become more dangerous to the carries and to the enemy team. Knowing HOW to use it, and knowing WHEN to use it, is what makes you a powerful Ruby player.

Mythic Tip 2: Use this as soon as you hit lvl 4, and look to punish people who stay too close to your turret in the early game, they will get mega tilted after they die in this way, I guarantee it :3

Mythic Tip 3: The {Hook} > [Flicker] works in any direction, and does not have to be in a straight line. meaning you can {Hook} sideways and still flash towards your tower!


7 – Ruby’s Aggressive Catch {Hook} > [Flicker] > {Pull} > {Fan}


Now this is one of the special ones, the 400IQ play that will blow people’s brains out. Their mind will tell them that they didn’t get hooked, but their eyes will say something else, as you can clearly see from this play!


The logic is that Ruby’s stun only actually activates a moment after using {Hook} , giving you the chance to [Flicker] before that happens, but somehow the animation doesn’t move when your character uses [Flicker], popping both you and your foes eyes out!!!

This is exceptionally powerful to stationary carries that don’t expect a {Hook} to hit them from so far, as you can see from the white particles where Ruby once was. They also don’t expect the {Hook} because they already see the animation of you ‘missing’ the {Hook}, giving them a big shock when they see themselves getting stunned.

This is a change from the expected [Flicker] first, then {Hook} combo most Ruby players are familiar with! Except this time there is no time to react, and there is almost no counter play! It gets more effective the higher you climb, as more skilled players will immediately use [Purify], [Flicker] or {Dash} reactively when they see you use [Flicker]


NOTE : By comparison, a good COMBO 7 is as good as a COMBO 6. If you can catch the Hyper or the Mage, it’s well worth the [Flicker] and {Hook}! MOST OFTEN USED IN THE LATE GAME (15Mins+) TO CATCH PLAYERS.


Situations where you can use this is when enemies think they’re safe inside their tower range, when they are beside a tank they think can protect them, or especially if they are hitting your tower without moving. Use this secretly because if people see you walking towards them, they’ll panic by moving away, So make sure you’ve got the element of surprise.

Mythic Tip: [Flicker] is immediately cast after the {Hook}, unlike Combo 6 where you’ll have a short pause. Thus it’s important to aim your hook first. Because you have predict the range and angle of your {Hook} before the target, some level of prediction is required (I’m still learning this)

Mythic Tip 2: As long as you [Flicker] before the {Hook}’s stun, your final position will determine where the hook goes out! This means that it can be cast from any angle, and still catch people as long as they are in the final range of Ruby’s hook (Advantage is that they can’t see the animation!)

Mythic Tip 3: As you climb higher, people expect Ruby to [Flicker] first followed by hook! So they can easily [Purify] early or use their dash skills, like Karrie or YSS, making this combo a replacement for those who use the combo [Flicker] > {Hook}


8 – Ruby’s Secret Techniques


Finally we have a few good ones for everyone to keep in their pockets, and though not all easily executed, it will keep you alive one day when you need it!


1st : Self Peeling Technique

{Pull} > [Flicker] > {Jump+/-}

This is good when you are using [Flicker] to escape, and want to interrupt them before they interrupt you! This will ensure your escape is smooth and clean.


2nd : Stun Locking Enemies

{Pull} > {Hook}

This is easy, just use {Hook} while {Pull} is happening to combo it into each other, stun locking the enemy in place!


3rd : Bring Em’ In

{Pull} > {Hook} > [Flicker] back

This one is closer to Combo 6, and should only be used if the enemy is low and you need the turret’s help, or you have teammates that can follow up on your CC, remember that everything will be on cooldown, so use it wisely!


4th : Reposition

{Pull} > {Hook} > [Flicker] Reposition

{Pull} > [Flicker] > {Hook} Instead

This final one is an interesting one, and it’s specifically for tower diving, in order to get away from the turret range, use this to bring enemies to you. It’s risky, but has big rewards!


As we come to the end of the Combos Section : Here’s the key Take-away


Ruby’s Savior Plays ( HER STRONGEST SKILL )

Ultimate in-depth guide to her skill >>>> [Don’t Run, Wolf King!]


For simplicity’s sake, we are going to give code names to Ruby’s skills.

[First Skill] = {Fan}

[Second Skill] = {Pull}

[Ultimate] = {Hook}

[Passive] forward = {Jump+}

[Passive] backward = {Jump-}

[Melee] = {AA}


If you’ve reached so far into the guide, I deeply thank you for taking such deep interest into Ruby, she’s an amazing hero and as a reward for sticking around, I’m going to share with you the secret skill that makes Ruby so powerful.


[Second Skill] Ruby spins, dmg all heroes and pulls all enemies in a circle towards herself

This segment is dedicated to Ruby’s {Pull}, and with good reason.


Reason being is that there’s no counter for it as long as you are not CC immune, & IT WILL STOP ALL SKILLS IF TIMED PERFECTLY. It’s almost like putting the world on pause for a second for enemies!

This is very important for everyone; enemies, allies and Ruby players alike, to understand more about how this beautifully simple skill can cause so much damage (both physical and psychological) to your enemies! :3


First we need to understand what {Pull} is, and what it is not.


{Pull} is a [displacement] (Moves the enemy) skill, not just a [stun], it’s similar to Khufra’s Ultimate, Franco’s Hook, Vale [2nd skill] and Badang [Kick]. This means that any skill in animation/charging:

MOST OBVIOUS: Khufra Jump Charge, Harith / Karrie / Alucard / Dyrroth / Guinevere / Gusion / Balmond mid-dash, Odette / Pharsa / Lolita / Esmeralda mid-ultimate, FANNY CABLE





It basically guarantees a 0.5s DISPLACEMENT or a 1s STUN to any target near you!


How {Pull} can be executed in any combo:

Engaging Enemies

You can either walk up to {Pull} or use [Flicker] > {Pull} to save your other cooldowns and if you need the instant CC! You can also use the standard {Fan} > {Jump+} > {Pull}, which is actually the perfect range to catch them if they get hit by the edge of {Fan}! (Assuming they do not have a Dash ability) 😀

Peeling for Yourself

You can prevent enemies from chasing you by pointing Ruby away from enemies with your joystick (usually done after {Fan} > {AA}), then use {Pull} to stun all surrounding enemies, followed by a great {Jump+} away!

This can be done when you want to separate enemy carries from the fight as well! What you do is, you use {Hook} to bring them to you, look away, then use {Pull} > {Jump+}! This will stun them long enough that your team can get away safely, and you have {Fan} still up to peel for yourself!

If you use it at the perfect time, you put a skill that has a long cooldown on wait, in exchange for Ruby’s {Pull}, which is only 5-7 Seconds on average. That is extremely scary!


Note 2: However, enemy’s will not see the animation AT ALL! So it will confuse them big time! Watch the video’s throughout this guide to see if you can spot some of these moments!


What makes Ruby’s {Pull} so unique from any other skill or [stun]/[Displacement] is that it is INSTANT. Most [Stun]/[Displacement] skills in ML have a charge up time before the stun, however short (Bruno {Dash}, Hilda [Ultimate], Hylos {Stun}) And only a few are instant (Aurora {2nd}{Freeze}, Franco [Ultimate]) AND EVEN FEWER ARE [Displacements] AND INSTANT (Chou’s [Ultimate], Zilong’s {Flip})


This deadly combination allows you to stop people from engaging on your carries when they are at 1hp, and also to prevent people from using their abilities or while dashing!


And it’s important to remember that this skill has Low CD, AOE [Displacement], and AOE [Stun]. When this is combined with the ability to {Jump+/-}, You can get away with murder by being out of range of many things.


Let’s Take a Look at some Examples, Saving your Teammates:


Badang has caught your teammate and is about to use his [Ultimate], but during the brief pause you {Pull} > {Hook}, allowing your teammates to escape behind him and the wall!

Hayabusa is about to use his ultimate to one-shot your team, but he has a pause before he disappears. At that moment, {Pull} interrupts him and {Hook} keeps him CC-ed long enough for your team to kill him.

Khaleed is low and is using his {Heal} to restore health, {Pull} interrupts his healing, causing him to heal 0 HP. It can also stop him in the middle of his 3 spins, preventing him from chasing down your teammates! (However this exposes yourself to the dmg)

Ling is in the wall and your Hyper is nearby, {Pull} / {Hook} brings him out of the wall, and with {Fan}, you chase him down with your team. Also use it to counter when he’s using Ult.

Balmond is about to use [Ultimate] on your team, and he’s charging it up, {Pull} interrupts him and your team has escaped the range.

Esmeralda [Ultimate] / Gatotkaca [Ultimate] or [Taunt] / Khufra [Ultimate] or [Jump] are charging up, {Pull} interrupts the charge and puts the skill on cooldown.

Guinevere lands underneath your team and is about to [Knock-up] > [Ultimate] your team! {Pull} Interrupts her, and now her [Knock-up] is cancelled. (Note that the circle is invisible in bushes, turn on your sound to hear the audio cue! More on that in match-ups :D)

Tigreal just landed a good {Charge}, and will [Ultimate] / {Knock-up} your team, while he’s charging / before his knock up, Ruby can {Pull} to stop him from executing his [Ultimate] or [Knock-up]. Allowing the team to get away. (You also get to {Jump+} out!)

Kadita is about to use her [Ultimate] to kill your carry! Using {Pull} before she disappears brings her out of her ult form, activates her passive, and also places the skill on cooldown!


As you can see, learning more and more how to counter heroes with {Pull} makes you a masterful Ruby player, and with each experience your win rate will increase as well! Because the more key skills that you stop, THE LESS RESOURCES AND SKILLS the enemy can use to come back! Look at the Match-up chapter to see all the possible ways!


Mythic Tip: When used after an enemy dies and [Immortality] resurrects them, it is practically instant, and gives them no time to even escape! This applies to {Hook} as well, but take note that TIMING IS KEY!

Mythic Tip 2: Ruby’s {Pull} and {Hook} stun are only 0.5 seconds long, therefore it is important to combo it with your teammates, and not use all your CC at the same time! This prevents the enemy team a chance to escape after being CC-ed, especially relevant for enemy tanks or key heroes that can escape easily!


Special insights to take note of!


  1. Wind Charm Interaction – By using {Pull} on enemies, it causes them to face you! so if their wind charm is about to activate, a good {Pull} or [Flicker] > {Pull} will get them to fly in your direction instead, haha!

  2. Wind Charm Interaction 2 – Your {Pull} can be casted just before the charm completes, allowing you to do a Combo 8 (1st) interaction the same way without [Flicker]! This can also be combined with {Fan} > {Jump+} for extra extra distance!

  3. {Jump+} Strength – Ruby’s {Jump+} has many many beautiful interactions, most of the interactions are noted in the Match-ups chapter!

  4. Chain CC – You should note that you can channel the {Hook} even before {Pull} ends! This can work both in your favor and to your detriment. Because if you get stunned before you cast {Hook}, Ruby will cast it straight after, even if there’s no target in front of you. This applies to a missed {Pull} as well! However if you land CC, it can be a great 1 second CC-chain moment with damage!!

  5. {Hook} Interactions – Sometimes if {hook} is timed correctly, it will cancel out other heroes’ [Flicker] and [Dashes]. This can be quite funny to see them bounce backwards to you! Don’t know how this works, just don’t get surprised!

  6. {Hook} Over Walls – Ruby’s {Hook} range is long enough to hook people over walls, so when you are trying to catch someone out, you can look to {Hook} then over the wall to your team. This can include if enemies are chasing your allies from the other side, and you wish to disrupt them by bringing them over to you! (Common walls: Home and Enemy Base walls, Blue and Red Buff walls, Turtle and lord walls, Mid Lane walls) – Take note : If you are right in front of the wall when using {Hook}, the enemy will glitch through the wall XD making it look like a Zi Long {Flip} instead, and they will end up behind you!

  7. Patience with {Fan} – If you are at Full HP, and not slowed, consider not using {Fan} just to {Jump+} forward, as walking takes the same amount of time! This will allow you to use {Fan} immediately after you {Pull} / {Hook}, doing 2x Dmg! This is also because you can save it for when you need the lifesteal.

  8. {Fan}’s Annoying Range – It’s important to get familiar with the range of {Fan}, because it’s range is so damn big! Enemy’s that are running away think they are safe, until they get 40% slowed for 2 seconds! Many of my games have me casting {Fan} and touching the enemies on the edge of the range, causing them to get caught in the end!

  9. {Pull} Off Cooldown – With {Pull} being your strongest skill, you’ll want to save it for vital CC denial, like an important Gatot S2 or Roger dashing away. Using {Hook} first might be a better option!

  10. Ruby’s Favorite Places – These are the areas with the best lifesteal, because of the creeps you have as an advantage! Enemy Base (When minions spawn), Home base (When enemy waves crash), Fights at Purple Buff (2 creeps to lifesteal from), and big enemy stacked waves (Especially with Big Crossbow creep)

  11. Have a Plan – This final tip is super important, and it’s extremely vital to max out what you can get away with, and how you get away with it. For those still on the way to Mythic, it’s harder to notice when you’ve stayed too long or made a bad play, but my friend’s in Mythic and MG, you know that missing a key skill can mean life/death, win/lose. Not all the time, but some key moments. Make sure you practice your combos in practice mode, and keep your cool in a team fight. All The Best 🙂


My recommended build paths that cover most, if not all games!


Now I’m not here to bore you with stats, you can read up on them at your own time, but what you need to know is that RUBY SCALES LIKE A TANK.

Edit : With the recent nerfs to Ruby, I am sad to announce that Tank Ruby is no longer viable, nonetheless I will leave this build here in case they give her some love again. Read up on the Patch Notes to know what happened.


Even if you build dmg, she’s going to be beefier than most Bruisers in the meta due to her [Passive]. However, do keep in mind that her damage and survivability does not come from burst, but from sustain. Let’s get to the juicy stuff!

Like I said at the start, Ruby is not built for engaging a team head on, she much prefers to dance in and out of a fight, disrupting and turning the tide into her team’s favor. So her build is usually meant to soften enemies, not just to assassinate them. (Unless you’re fed)

ALL OF RUBY’S BUILD DEPENDS ON LIFESTEAL (Less Tank Ruby, Which prefers health regen instead)

Usually Ruby builds will revolve around these components, consider playing around with them!




MR = Magic Resist

MS = Movement Speed

Hyb = Hybrid

Dmg = Damage

CDR = Cooldown Reduction

AOE = Area of Effect

Pen’ = Penetration





Tier 1 : 1 x Armor 2 x Magic Resist (MR)

Tier 2 : 3 x CDR

Tier 3 : Tenacity – More Tanky below 40% HP


Tier 1 : 3 x Physical Atk (Can opt for mix w/ Armor and MR too!)

Tier 2 : 3 x Physical Pen’ (Can mix w/ Health)

Tier 3 : Taste of Blood – 8-12% Spell Vamp


Tier 1 : 3 x CDR

Tier 2 : 3 x Spell Vamp / 3 x Physical Pen’

Tier 3 : High and Dry – More dmg to single target /Killing Spree – Health and MS on kill


Tier 1 : 3 x CDR

Tier 2 : 3 x Hyb Regen (Can mix w/ Hyb Pen’)

Tier 3 : Pull Yourself Together – Spells and Death Timer Reduction

Note : You can also consider [Focusing Mark – +6% ally dmg] for support/tank Ruby


My Personal Favorite Go-To Emblem Set-Up





Magic Shoes (CDR), Tough Boots (MR), Warrior Boots (Armor)

Haas’ Claws (lifesteal++), Bloodlust Axe (CDR/SpellVamp), Endless Battle (Passive dmg)

Queen’s Wings (Lifesteal + Dmg mitigation)

Blade of Despair (+Dmg Low health Enemy) , Rose Gold Meteor (Shield when low)



Antique Cuirass (Enemy less dmg), Brute Force Breastplate (You take less dmg)

Immortality (Revive), Dominant Ice (Decrease atk speed), Athena’s Shield (Dmg Block)

Oracle (MR&Spellvamp++), Thunder Belt (Slows), Guardian Helm (HP Regen)

Twilight armor (Anti-Burst) Cursed Helm (AOE burn)




[Endless Battle]

It basically has everything you ever want! Lifesteal for sustain, MS for chasing and dodging, Mana sustain (basically never base!), CoolDownReduction!!!!, Health, Damage, Most importantly, TRUE DAMAGE AUTO ATTACKS that combo well with your skills! For the components choice in the early game, see the note in [Go-To Builds].

[Queen’s Wings]

Another item that was built (in my opinion) just for Ruby. It gives you Damage, Health, CDR!!!!, and most importantly, INCREASE LIFESTEAL AND DAMAGE MITIGATION, whenever you are low on HP. Combo this with more Lifesteal and maybe Rose Gold Meteor, LET THEM COME!

[Haas’ Claws]

This item is a preference of mine, some prefer not to build it due to its lack of CDR compared to [Bloodlust Axe]. However! [Bloodlust Axe] gives you 20% Spell Vamp, not Lifesteal! I know I know, now with only 115% scaling it’s not much, but a 20% flat versus a 34.5% SPELL VAMP WHEN LOW will make the difference, and the higher elo you go, the less rotations of skills you need to make a play, and the more likely you’ll get burst down. So I find that Haas’ is stronger as you go up, and cheaper too, which is important to gain a power spike advantage!

[Magic Boots]

Now this one is PERSONAL PREFERENCE, but I think the extra CDR is so worth it in the earlier game and skirmishes, but not enough for me to delay my item with [Bloodlust Axe]. This is a trade off for almost your only early game tankiness, such as [Tough Boots] or [Warrior Boots], but how I explain this is with my playstyle difference, 20% CDR from [Endless] + [Magic Shoes] early means that 4 second {Fan} becomes 3.2 seconds, which allows me to maintain 3 stacks all the time! This keep the armor and MR stack (Note: Which is now nerfed quite a bit)

Note 2: I now counter this nerf by building [Queen’s Wings] as a third item, giving me basically 30% CDR w/o Emblems at around 5,440G – [Endless] > [Magic] > [Queen’s], and also giving me the mid-game sustain until my Armor and MR stacks to max level, by then [Haas’ Claws] will fit the build well. Then I prepare for late game by starting on full defensive items! You’ll have an early disadvantage of 12.5% spellvamp when above 50% HP, which I would recommend [Festival of Blood] to make it 20% spellvamp, but you can get 40% CDR if you go Tank/Support Emblem, it’s your choice.

[Brute Force Breastplate] / [Antique Cuirass]

With the new changes to [Antique] (enemy 10% x 3 physical dmg reduction), [Brute Force] (armor stack on skill cast) might be a good option for compositions with both high physical and magic damage profiles. However [Antique] is now an amazing option to enemies who are fed and deal physical damage! It doesn’t just help you, but also the team in general!




My Personal Set-Up for Easy Item Purchase In-Game




Tank Ruby! – X NOT VIABLE

Core Items :

Mask > Magic Shoes > Courage Mask > Guardian Helm -or-

Mask > MR Shoes > Haas’/Bloodlust > Queen’s


New Beefy Ruby :

With the new nerfs to Ruby’s health, this is a cheaper utility build 🙂

Core Items :

Mask > MR/Armor Shoes > Vamp Mallet > Thunder Belt > Haas’

Complete the Build :

Magic Enemy : Athena Shield > Oracle / Cursed Helm

Physical Enemy : Immortality > Dominant Ice / Brute Force Breastplate / Antique Cuirass

Consider Last Item : Queen’s Wings or Rose Gold Meteor

Emblem :

[Tank] or [Support] , Both = 10% CDR


Bruiser Ruby!

Normal build for off-lane Ruby carry

Core Items :

Azure Blade (+Mana/CDR Component) > Shoes (choose) > Endless Battle

Note : Build your first component of [Endless Battle] according to what you lack early, if you need more damage and move speed because your team wants to invade? Go [Ogre’s Tomahawk]. Need more mana sustain in the lane? Go [Azure’s Blade]. Don’t know what you want to start with? Go [MR/Armor/CDR Shoes] and [Vampire Mallet – Early lifesteal]. You should complete your [Shoes] before you finish [Endless Battle].

If you are ahead :

Haas’ Claws > Queen’s Wings

If you are behind :

Queen’s Wings > Haas’ Claws

Note: If you choose the Queen’s > Haas’ route, you can go for a [Vampire’s Mallet] before Queen’s for a 9.2% Spell vamp boost for cheap <3

Complete the Build :

Team fighter : Brute Force Breastplate > Immortality (If you are fighting a lot)

Kill the Carries : Bloodlust Axe / Blade of Despair (100% dmg + 40% CDR w/ Emblems)

Against Magic : Oracle / Athena’s Shield / Rose Gold Meteor

Against Physical : Antique Cuirass / Brute Force Breastplate / Twilight Armor

Mobile Enemies : Thunder Belt / Dominant Ice

Full CDR (MOST Expensive) :

Endless Battle > Magic Shoes > Bloodlust Axe > Queen’s Wings = 40% CDR w/o Emblems -OR-

Bloodlust Axe > Magic Shoes > Endless Battle > Queen’s Wings

Early Lifesteal Power Spike : (Risky)

Haas’ Claws > (choose) Shoes > Endless Battle > Queen’s Wings

Emblem :

[Assassin] = 10% CDR or

[Fighter] = Lifesteal + Defence

Note : I have tried [shoes] first, and it helps in the match up and in the roam!

Please don’t cut and paste and try them out for yourself!




[Assassin] – [Killing Spree / High and Dry]

Azure > MR Boots > Endless > Haas’ > Queen’s > Despair > Bloodlust

Spell : [Flicker] / [Vengeance] / [Execute]


[Tank] / [Support] – TANK NOT VIABLE

Mask > CDR Shoes > Guardian > Courage > Athena’s > Immortality > Queen’s -Or-

Mask > MR Shoes > Haas’ > Queen’s / Guardian > Courage Mask > Dom Ice / Oracle

!! NEW !! Beefy Support Ruby

Vamp Mallet > Armor Boots > Thunder > Haas’ > Queen’s > Oracle > Brute Force.

Spell : [Revitalize] / [Flicker] / [Vengeance] / [Arrival]



Magic Shoes > Azure Blade > Endless > Queen’s > Haas’ > Antique > Immortality

Spell : [Flicker]

^ This one is my personal favorite!


As a general rule of thumb, you should be great in most fights once your get 3-4 Items

Bruiser Ruby

[Endless Battle] + [Any Shoes] + [Haas’ Claws]/[Bloodlust Axe] + [Queen’s Wings]


[Mask] + [Any Shoes] + [Courage Mask] + [Guardian Helm]/[Athena’s Shield]




[Flicker] – 120s

Teleports the Hero for a certain distance to specified direction. Increases Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 6 (+1 per level) for 1 second.

The higher the level, the more Armor and MR you get when you use it, meaning that you can use it aggressively and defensively with the safety of some damage mitigation!

For the most part, you’d want to use [Flicker] for all the amazing things you’ve seen you can do in the combo’s chapter, but I want to highlight other options that you can consider.

Why? Because [Flicker] has the longest CD of 120 seconds!


In order of my ranking XD

[Vengeance] – 75s

For the next 3 seconds, the Hero reduces the damage taken by 35%. Additionally deals 50 + 25% of the damage received (pre-damage reduction) Magic Damage back to the attacker.

I highly recommend this as another option to [Flicker], as it goes so damn well with her kit. However, timing is crucial when using this. When used right and with [Queen’s Wings], you could have 85% Damage mitigation for 3 seconds, and 50% for another 2! That is absolutely insane, but needs skill to be able to use effectively.

[Arrival] – 75s

Teleports to an allied turret (including destroyed turrets) or allied minion after chanting for 3 seconds. Increases the movement speed by 60% decaying within 3 seconds. Additionally enhances the next Basic Attack to deal 110 (+10 per level) True Damage and slow the target by 45% for 1 second. If chanting is interrupted, the cooldown will be reduced by 30 seconds.

This one is an interesting one I haven’t considered yet, but given it’s uniquely short cooldown, and the new meta being more fast paced, I might consider this in the near future, I will give it a try and update accordingly here!

[Revitalize] – 100s

Summons a healing spring which heals allies within the area 2.8% Max HP every 0.5 second for 5 seconds, for a total maximum heal of 28% Max HP. Additionally enhances the shields and heals allies receive by 25%.

This one is a small cheat that you may not know, but having 2 sources of healing is really OP, particularly on Tank Ruby (When you’re fighting and [Guardian Helm] cannot be activated). I’m not sure about whether the 25% extra heals applies to lifesteal, but it would be mega broken if it did.

[Purify] – 90s

Removes all negative effects and crowd control effects from Hero. Grants immunity to crowd control effects and 30% increased movement speed for 1.2 seconds.

Exception: Suppression can neither be removed nor blocked by the immunity duration.

This skill is good into heavy CC Compositions, where Ruby is unable to do anything if she gets CC-ed to death, I would recommend this the higher you go if the enemy has 3+ heavy CC heroes like Vale, Pharsa, Franco, Khaleed or Khufra.

[Petrify] – 90s

Deal 115 (+15 per level) Magic Damage and petrify surrounding enemies for 0.8 seconds.

This one is pretty good for Tank Ruby, but it’s also great for those players who focus on team-orientated AOE stuns that pairs extremely well with Ruby’s other skills.

[Execute] – 90s

Deal 200 (+20 per level) (+10% Missing HP) True Damage that ignores all Shield Effects to an enemy hero. If Execute kills the target, its cooldown is reduced by 40%.

It has a shorter CD (54s) when you kill an enemy, and can be used anytime to give you more burst, especially when trying to lock down mobile enemy carries! Good to also combo with allies, or if you’re feeling like a bad teammate, or if you’re playing Hyper Ruby <3


That’s All For Builds!


As you can see, Ruby requires situational awareness both with her skills and with her builds, the right build may just save your team by allowing you to get access to the enemy carry! If you want to go deeper into this, start reading the stats and numbers!



So soon 🙁


If there’s any part of the guide you want to discuss with me, feel free to let me know here!

With that, I want to thank everyone for reading deeply into this guide. And if you’ve taken the time to read till this point, you probably deserve to play and experience the power of Ruby to Mythic! In the end I’m still learning more and more, and there’s so much more to improve, even more so now that I’m in Mythical Glory!


If you would like to know more about the intricacies of Ruby gameplay, consider following my profile on MLBB and tune in when I stream! You get to see all the knowledge applied, both from when she’s ahead, and when she’s behind.

Thank you for reading this segment, to reward your interest, here are some of my favourite plays!!

With that, I wish everyone well! It means the world to me that you are reading this, and I’ve just got to say I’ve deeply enjoyed writing this because it’s just my way of giving back.




We’ve weakened her ability to take damage in the early game.

Attributes (↑):

Base HP: 2659 → 2509

Base Physical Defense: 23 → 18

Base Magic Defence: 10 → 5

This is just sad, Ruby is extremely weak now against most meta lanes, to the point that they have immense priority over roam early game. This also means that Tank Ruby will no longer be viable 🙁



Unknowingly made Ruby OP 😛

Ruby’s Animation update increased her {Jump+} & [Melee] speed, great for combos! Her {Jump+} is further, {Jump-} is closer, take note!

Her new animations now look almost invisible, making your CC hard to anticipate! MUAHAHAHA!!! Note: Ruby’s [Cat Girl] skin has the most invisible animations, for those looking for free wins 🙂

Changed Antique Cuirass – Swap Brute Force Breastplate / Immortality (Unless Strong Physical Team) Buffed Athena’s Shield – Good for Ruby Bruiser / Tank now



Mana Regen per second increased from 2.8 to 5.8.

Skill 1 (↑):

Cooldown adjusted from 6-4 to 4s at all levels.

Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 90% at all levels to 65%-90%.

Skill 2 (↑):

The area of effect increased by 10%.

Passive (↓):

Optimized the distance and speed of her leaps

The Physical & Magic Defense gain adjusted from 23-40 to 12-45

The inherited Physical Lifesteal: 125% → 115%

NERF TO HER SUSTAINABILITY EARLY-MID GAME, SOCIAL DISTANCING UNTIL MID-LATE GAME. {Pull} Range increase means wider stuns, and more skills you can out-range!


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