Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the mage hero, Odette. Odette has a good set of area-of-effect, crowd control, and burst skills. Our Swan Princess, Odette, is a mage hero. I consider Odette as a good mage for team fights, since her skills deal massive area-of-effect damage. Not only that, her ultimate skill slows down the enemies really really bad. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Odette based on my experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques on the latter part of this boot camp.

But before that, let me explain her skills one by one for further understanding. Odette’s passive, Lakeshore Ambience, lets Odette’s next basic attack or skill cast a sound wave the deals Magic Damage to enemies. Everytime Odette casts a skill, a charge is added for her Lakeshore Ambience. Meaning, if she has 3 charges, then her next 3 basic attacks or skills will cast a sound wave along with it. The sound wave bounces from one enemy to another. A sound wave can bounce up to 4 times excluding the casting of the sound wave.

If casted to a single target, that target will only receive the magic damage once since the sound wave has no one to bounce to next. Odette’s first skill, Avian Authority, lets Odette shoot a Swan Energy towards a specified direction. This Swan Energy will deal Magic Damage to enemies hit along the way. Enemies hit will also have their movement speed reduced. Odette’s second skill, Blue Nova, lets Odette fire a magic energy ball forward. If it reaches its max range, or if it hits a target, two extra Energy Balls will strike out perpendicularly on both sides. The two extra Energy Balls will only hit the first target it encounters along its way. Enemies hit by an energy ball will receive Magic Damage and will be immobilized for a short period. We will discuss this skill further on the tips and tricks section. Odette’s ultimate skill, Swan Song, lets Odette release energy in a dome-shaped area that deals Magic Damage to enemies. Enemies inside the area-of-effect will receive a certain amount of Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Not only that, enemies inside the dome will have their movement speed reduced by 90%. The slowing effect decays over time. As mentioned earlier, her passive skill casts a sound wave for every skill casts or basic attack dealt. So, when inside the Swan Song, the Sound Wave is enhanced, making its speed faster and its number of rebounds more. While Odette is casting the Swan Song, the damage she takes are reduced by 50%. There are so many items that you can buy for Odette. You can focus on items that grants Magic Power, Magic Penetration, and items that gives you additional Health Points.

For me, I choose to buy items that grants Magic Power, Magic Penetration, additional Health Points, and Movement Speed reduction to enemies for Odette. As for starting item, you can consider buying Demon Shoes. Demon shoes grants mana regeneration and movement speed. Its unique passive regenerates your mana upon eliminating minions. It also regenerates your mana upon killing an enemy hero or assisting an ally. You can consider buying Ice Queen Wand. This item gives additional magic power, magical life steal, mana, and movement speed. Its unique passive lets you slow down an enemy, when your skill hits them. The slowing effect lasts for a few seconds, and stacks up to 2 times.

You might want to consider Genius Wand. This item grants Magic Power and Movement Speed. Its unique attribute grants 15 Magic Penetration. Its unique passive reduces target’s Magic Defense when you deal damage to them. The reduced Magic Defense scales with your level. This effect lasts for 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times. An alternative for the Genius Wand is the Divine Glaive. You can use this as an alternative just in case Moonton decides to remove Genius Wand in the future. This item grants magic power. Its unique effect grants a certain percentage of magic penetration on your skills. In addition, its unique passive grants extra magic penetration when your HP is above a certain amount. Another item to keep in your tab is Blood Wings. This grants you Magic Power and Health Points. Its unique passive adds health points, for every points of magic power added to your hero. The additional health points can help you survive in team fights. Given that Odette has reduces the damage she receives while using her ultimate, having higher health is a great advantage. You might also want to consider Concentrated Energy.

It provides additional Health Points, magic power, and magical life steal. Magical Life Steal can greatly increase your survivability, since this also lets you life steal with your magical skills. This is pretty helpful since Odette’s ultimate skill deals burst damage to enemies. This can help her sustain even more while using her ultimate. Lastly, you can consider Holy Crystal. This item grants a huge amount of Magic Power. Its unique passive increases your Magic Attack by a percentage. The percentage scales with your level. The item build for Odette really depends on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spells to be used on Odette is Flicker. You can use it to escape danger, even death. I use Flicker a lot for mage heroes, since mage heroes must always keep their distance. Also, you can use this while using your ultimate.

We will discuss about that in the Tips and Tricks section. You can also consider Purify. This will help you to be immune to crowd-control skills for a short period. This will let you use your skills without worrying being disabled. You can use this spell before skills like Abyssal Arrow of Selena, or other crowd-controlskills hit you. Using this before a disabling skill hit you will make you not affected by it. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used is the Custom Mage Emblem set. Custom Mage Emblem could provide extra stats according to your needs as a magic damager. Set Agility to its Max level because it can give you additional Movement Speed. Higher Movement Speed means higher chance to chase enemies or escape death. Setting Observation to max level will provide additional magic penetration on your skills.

Higher magic penetration deals more magic damage to enemies. That means, your skills will be more explosive. Get Magic Worship to deal more magic damage to the enemies. When dealing damage that is more than a certain percentage of target?s max hp, for 3 times in 5 seconds, the target will receive a burning effect. This burning effect burns the target for 3 times. This effect has a cool down of 12 seconds. Set first skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the base damage of this skill higher. That means, your enemy will feel your wrath more than ever. Prioritize second skill less since first skill is what you need for damage dealing.

Always upgrade your ultimate skill when available for upgrading. Odette’s passive is what you need to harass enemies. With the ability to cast a Sound Wave that can bounce to the enemies after using a skill, this can deal more magic damage to the enemies in the early game. If you are using Magic Worship in your emblem, the Sound Wave can easily trigger and cast Magic Worship to the target, making the enemy’s life more miserable. Odette’s first skill is what you need to slow down enemies and support your team mates. With the ability to slow enemies for your team, this could really inflict a slow painful death to enemies. Also, the range of this skill is kinda far, so you can slow down enemies that are trying to escape, even if they are far away.

Odette’s second skill is what you need to immobilize enemies. As promised, we will further discuss this skill more on this section. So, for beginners, you can cast this skill just directly to your target. You can use this to immobilize enemies that are trying to escape, or you can use this to immobilize enemies trying to chase you. That’s just for starters. Now here comes the fun part. On this part, we are going to show you on how to extend your reach with this skill. As you can see, Odette’s second skill couldn’t reach the target.

As mentioned earlier, when this skill haven’t hit a target and is already reached its max range, it will shoot 2 extra energy balls perpendicularly. So, we are going to use that information to extend the reach of this skill. In the geometrical aspect, we can try to imagine where the perpendicular energy balls will shoot and end. On this scenario, we can say that the Energy Ball is going to be shot on this direction. So, knowing well the reach of the extra Energy Balls, we can say that we can finally hit this target. You can also use this to fool the enemies that you missed them, but you intentionally did this instead, making them immobilized because of their foolishness and because of your wits.

So, humans, stay in school! Geometry is also important in playing games, okay? Odette’s ultimate skill is what you need to burst down enemies. With its really large radius, your ultimate skill can really slow and deal pain to the enemies. The movement speed reduction to enemies is a big thing, because they won’t be able to escape your Swan Song easily, unless they blink out of it. If ever your enemies is at the verge of escaping from your Swan Song, you can use Flicker while the Swan Song is still ongoing.

Using flicker will relocate Odette, and will still continue the Swan Song. That’s why Flicker is one of the best spells for Odette. The obvious weakness of Odette is the channeling of the Swan Song. While channeling the Swan Song, Odette just stands there defenseless. Even if she has 50% damage reduction, enemies could easily aim their crowd-control skills to Odette. Let’s take Franco’s hook for example. Our squad mate, Rackatan, will be our punching bag for this boot camp. Anyway, Franco can easily hook Odette accurately since Odette is not a moving target. When Franco pulls Odette, her Swan Song is automatically stopped. Now, let’s take another example. On this scenario, we now have Selena. With Selena’s Abyssal Arrow, Odette’s Swan Song can be easily stopped because of its stunning effect. But, always remember that you have Flicker. So, you can also use Flicker to relocate yourself when the Abyssal Arrow is about to hit you.

You can also use Purify before the arrow hits you, but it is really advisable to have Flicker as spell, because Flicker can be both offensive and defensive. Whereas Purify can only be used defensively. The best hero that goes with Odette is Johnson. This is a classic combo for a very long time now. We tackled Johnson in our Boot Camp from the past, and as we know Johnson’s ultimate, he can let an ally ride with him along the way. So basically, when Johnson hits enemies, Odette can easily activate her Swan Song, making them suffer both Swan Song’s damage and Johnson’s area-of-effect damage from his ultimate skill. Even if enemies try to blink out, you still have your handy-dandy Flicker with you.

In terms of her combo, we usually follow a simple combo. Let’s tackle first on a combo when riding with Johnson. First, be patient and wait for Johnson to hit a target. Then, when Johnson hits a target, just use your ultimate skill. Then, just watch the enemies drown and die in agony. If they are trying to escape, you can use Flicker while casting your ultimate. Then, if ever they are still alive, just use your second and first skill. In terms of combo without riding Johnson, here is what we usually execute. First, you can opt to use your first and second skill. It depends on the situation, because if you cast both, then the enemy will have an ample time to react to your actions. So, on this scenario, we just opt to use our 2nd skill to immobilize the target. Then, use your ultimate skill. If you have Flicker, you can use Flicker to move the Swan Song coverage to even more enemies, or if the target is trying to escape.

Then, use your first skill to slow the target down, and use your second skill afterwards. Additional Tip: When teaming up with a Johnson user, it’s an advantage if you know how that player uses Johnson. We have HuskerXCherry Tree gaming with us as our Johnson. Beforehand, we know that he haven’t used Johnson for a very long time. So, we just let it go if he hits the wall and miss the target. Never blame the Johnson user, but learn how to adapt in the situation. Just like what happened here, we adapted with the situation given to us, and were able to still pull the situation to our advantage. Always believe in your teammates, even if the game is not going to your team’s favor. If you won’t believe your teammates, then who else will? Right? The tips I mentioned are just some of the ways you can use Odette. This video just guides you on how to use Odette, the Kurumi way. We would like to thanks HuskerXCherry Tree gaming and Mienation for being with us. You can search for them on Facebook and like their page.

Also, we also thank our squad mate, Rackatan, for being our lab rat for this boot camp. You can search for him in-game and tell him how much you appreciate him, willing to sacrifice his pride and honor to be a test subject. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Odette. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the Community Tab for the giveaway event post. We have our ko-fi account just in case you want to donate us some coffee funds.

Check our ko-fi link on the description of this video. Please, only trust Boot Camp videos from our official accounts. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!.

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