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Not all Marksman heroes are the same, but there is one thing they have in common. That is how you should play them In this Mobile Legends Guide. You will know how to use Marksman Before we start hit subscribe first to be updated on more guides. That i will make ok lets, go let’s check first, what is the role of a Marksman in a team? Marksman is the most important role. They are also the most important hero on the team. They are the heroes who are so focus in farm and the fastest to take objectives, especially taking turrets, but the downside of a Marksman is that they are item dependent.

It means that if they don’t have items, they are not that strong lets start with Spells. If you are a Marksman. Most of the time you will choose spells, depending on your enemies. Mostly defensive spells is what you need, Like aegis, purify, flicker or sprint, because you are the main target of the enemies. But there are cases when you teammates doesn’t have retribution, you can go for retribution or if you are going to jungle, pick retribution. If you are a offensive marksman, you can also choose inspire when it comes to laning marksman can lane anywhere they can go mid lane jungle or solo, but for me its better to have tank/support in the early game and if he can already survive alone.

The tank and support can leave him, but it depends on the line up and team plan when it comes to farming. Marksman should be the fastest to farm. To make your farm faster. You must last hit the minions, don’t just hit the creeps and not last hit. Remember, if you last hit the minions, they will give more gold, and you should also farm jungle creeps, but before you take, the jungle creeps, make sure it’s safe to farm there and you wont die because our next tip is. You should never die play safe as much as possible if you think the enemy can kill you or the enemy in lane. Just stay on your tower and wait for the minions. If you are going to jungle, just check your minimap to know where the enemies are next, you must stay away from teamfights during early game, just wait for atleast 2 or 3 items before joining the teamfight. But if you can’t avoid a teamfight example, your teammates ganked or the enemies ganked your lane and your teammates back you up, you can help them, but remember you should not die. If there is a low hp enemy, don’t chase them, it’s better to be alive than to kill them but die.

Also, next take all the Space you teammates gives you if they are going for clash from time to time, just let them it’s better for you to take objectives like pushing turret, because you can push fast or just take the crab or turtle whatever space they gave. You take it, you should be the one farming, not them in order for you to do this, you must have Map awareness, it’s very important in a marksman, because it will be hard for you to take the space that your team gives you and take objective of You don’t know where the enemies are when it comes to item build, it depends on which hero you are using.

Just remember, you should be the fastest to have items in your team. If you want to learn how to build items or proper item build, i made a video about it. Just click above to learn how to item build when it comes to teamfights positioning is so imporatant remember to only target the enemy you can reach, don’t chase for dying enemies, just focus on yourself. You should not die when it comes to getting back when you are losing a teamfight. Don’T ever sacrifice yourself for your teammate.

You are the most important on your team. They should be the one to sacrifice for you. Next always remember that you are the priority of the enemy. It means everyone will target you specially assassins as much as possible. Don’T initiate a teamfight wait for them to use their skill. There are enemies who will reserve their skill for you next most of the Marksman user, when they have a huge advantage. They become over confident because they know they can kill the enemies easily. When they see an enemy they will rush immediately. But even if you can kill them, you are still not a tank, they can still kill you easily. Remember that if a marksman dies, you can lose a game so avoid being too greedy, especially if you have a huge advantage.

What you should do is just focus on the objectives. These are the things that I think a marksman should be doing to remember it easily. Let’S make a recap. First, Farming Play safe Objectives. Map awareness always stay behind. Your team item build and, most importantly, Don’t die. I hope that you learn something about this guide if there is a hero that you want me to make a guide just comment: it below also hit the like button. If you like this video and also subscribe, because if we already reach 1000 subscribers, i will be giving giveaways Please support this channel, so we can teach more people just always remember if you want to improve just MASTER THE BASICS im out Click the subscribe Button to Have a winning streak, If you don’t want, you might lose your next game.

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