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Why Roger is a good funnel hero in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about how to use Roger specially during Funnel, also included here the right and wrong decisions that I did to everyone who wants to join our giveaway Hit Like Share and Subscribe. Then comment your ID # and In Game Name, then skin or hero, that’s worth 500 Diamonds, and, most importantly, you must finish every video. I will randomly select 4 winners and announce it every 1st week of the month.

So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell – ok, let’s go in this game. This is the emblem that I used. Assassin Emblem with movement, speed, Physical Pen and Killing Spree Killing Spree is so good on Roger. You will know later why, when it comes to spell Retribution is good, but if there are too many crowd control, you can still go for purify in this game. We have Selena support. It. Would’Ve been nice if we started on buff if she put on her traps, but because she didn’t, we don’t have a choice but to start on mid lane, the enemy hero is much stronger than our.

That means we should stay away from them. First, we are just going to do the basic, funnel rotation, clear, mid, Litho, Blue buff, clear, mid Red Buff, then Crab. You will also see that our Masha is already taking the enemy blue buff. He sacrificed his lane to take the enemy blue buff when it comes to Roger. You need to remember his skills differ when he’s in human form or wolf form. The first thing you need to know is his passive. When he’s in human form, his basic attack has slow, and in wolf form, he will be given additional damage. That damage depends on how low the enemy hp is the lower the enemy hp, the higher the additional damage. That’S why it’s better to be in wolf form when the enemy has low hp. Aside from that, he also receives additional physical and magic defense and movement, speed in wolf form and whenever you upgrade the Ultimate, the higher the defense you will receive when it comes to this game, the tank or support didn’t help me.

That’S why I farmed slower. I could’ve taken the Crab on bottom lane if the tank or support helped me, but because they didn’t help me that’s why I was delayed on going to Crab, but the advantage of Roger he can solo farm. The jungle creeps because he can kill jungle fast. You must abuse hit as much as possible. You must take all the jungle creeps. I wasn’t able to take the bottom lane crab because I rotated slower, but that’s ok. We just need to get our farm back. You need to remember as a funnel. You must be able to farm faster than the enemy when it comes to his 1st skill in human form. He releases 2 bullets. The first bullet has slow and the 2nd has additional physical pen and in wolf form, he will jump on the enemy and the 2 near enemy will also receive damage. Aside from that, you can also use that to dodge the enemy skills, because you won’t be affected when you click your 1st skill at the right time and when Roger gets a Kill or assist the cooldown of his 1st skill in wolf form will be reduced. That’S why it’s better to use the 1st skill on Wolf form before the enemy dies.

When it comes to his 2nd skill in human form, he will received additional movement speed when you use 2nd skill and in wolf form, he will gain additional attack speed. You will also notice the range of his 2nd skill on wolf form. If there’s a hero with less than 40 % hp within that range, Roger will receive additional movement speed. That means you’ll be able to catch the enemies faster when they have low hp. When it comes to Roger’s ultimate, when you are shifting from Human form to Wolf form, the enemy will receive damage and will be slow, and when you change from Wolf form to Human form, Roger will receive a shield if you notice on Roger’s skills. If the enemy has low HP, he will deal more damage and movement speed. That means when you are using Roger when the enemy HP is still full, don’t just go in just wait for your teammates to deal damage before going in to be able to burst easily another thing you need to remember when you are using Roger as much as Possible, if you think you can’t just don’t go in you need to remember Roger, is still a marksman.

That’S why it will be easy for the enemy to burst him down. Just wait for your allies to deal damage before going in in this situation. I was expecting that the enemy will take the turtle because they have the lead, but because Kimmy took his red buff. First, that’s why we can still contest them. Don’T forget that Roger is so fast in taking jungle. That’S why you’ll be able to take objectives faster. You will see later the advantage when a hero is too fast in taking objectives. If you notice there, because they don’t have skills anymore, then almost all of them is low hp. That’S why I can go in and because we have killing spree, that’s why we’re able to last longer on that teamfight we are able to get their lead back now. We need to take their tower.

We are also going to fast forward on the boring parts. I think our Aldous is DC and because we’re able to kill them and the Turtle is already open, it means we can take it when it comes to item build. This is the item, build that I think suits Roger Endless Battle and Windtalker is good on him for Burst and movement speed, and when it comes to the last 2 items, you can change it depending on the situation before we continue the video I want to shoutout Jhana and Ivhan Family, Jonathan Jabile and Soma Yukihara before we continue the video I want to shoutout. So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell, if you notice there another thing you need to remember when using Roger you can use his 2nd skill before changing form to be able to use both 2nd skill.

At the same time, I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it and because you finished the video I want the winner of our Giveaways are the ones watching until the end. For me to know, if you really watched until the end, you need to look for the Keyword comment. The Keyword along with the ID # In game name and Skin, the more Keyword you have, the more chances of winning. So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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